The Bahamas: Day 2-4

The next couple of days were spent in complete relaxation.  Over the years, I have found that I rarely take vacations anymore, rather I take trips, and they are so full of adventures from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, that I return from the trip needing yet another trip to recover.  Thus, my mission on this trip was to actually have a vacation — where all I did was sleep, sunbathe, eat, drink and repeat!  When we were not at the beach, we were at the glamorous pool at the Cove.

Paradise Island, the Bahamas

And when we were not in the water, we were drinking tropical drinks with about five different liquors in them.

Paradise Island, the Bahamas

At night we would get all dolled up for dinner at a new restaurant.

Paradise Island, the Bahamas

And after dinner, we would stroll around the marina arguing over who gets which yacht and where we would sail it to next.

Paradise Island, the Bahamas

Whenever we would pass a Steel Drum Band playing we would stop to listen for a moment.  Is there anything more Bahamian?

While I thoroughly enjoyed my life of luxury for these few days, as it definitely afforded me the time to the reflect on everything that had happened over the year and to thoughtfully select my 2011 resolutions, I was eager for the main event to arrive: New Year’s Eve.

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The Bahamas: Day 2-4 — 34 Comments

  1. I like the way you make that distinction-I take trips but my husband takes vacations. He likes to just relax while I plan out the trip with all kinds of excursions and adventures. We usually find a compromise but its hard for me to just sit and do nothing but drink and lay in the sun all day. Two days tops of that and I’m anxious to start DOING!

  2. I know the feeling, sometimes traveling is such hard work I wish I could take a couple of weeks on the beach just to recover from a trip! The Bahamas sound like a good place to do it…

    • It truly is hard work haha, but trust me you’ll never ever hear me complain! I just think on this trip I had the realization that I need a true vacation from time to time to recharge myself completely and yes the Bahamas was the perfect place!!!

  3. I know what you mean about needing a break from your vacation. It is exhausting to spend a day in airports then arrive and go full steam ahead for a week and then spend another day in airports on the way home. Definitely nice just to kick back and relax sometimes.

  4. “where all I did was sleep, sunbathe, eat, drink and repeat!” This sounds wonderful and it sounds like you were successful too!

    We all need “vacations” from time to time and it is important to realize this. Glad you had a wonderful time. Made me want to get on a plane today.

    • The Cove is definitely stunning! I love that it feels like it is set apart from the rest of the Atlantis, even though it isn’t. I wish I would have recorded the band longer, they were so good!!!

  5. What an amazing time! I agree, I usually am all full of non-stop activity when I travel. I never want to miss anything!

    We have allowed ourselves some ‘naps’ or rests at the hostel in our recent travels but I think that I could use a real vacation like this!

    You and your bro are adorable :)

    • Since I only do short term travel, I always feel like I have to go full force, so I never give myself time to just relax. This was the PERFECT true vacation. Awww thanks for your sweet words re: me and my bro. I adore the kid!

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