My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 2

Lucas and I slept splendidly in our California king bed and to further indulge ourselves we took advantage of our private butler at Algodon Mansion by requesting room service.  Is there anything more glamorous than breakfast in bed with your loved one?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Then it was time to check out of our little oasis in Recoleta and head to another barrio for our next hotel adventure.  For the following two days we would be staying at Hotel Moreno, located in the bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo.  Of all of the barrios, San Telmo is the one that I have spent the least amount of time in.  Surprisingly, in the six years that I have been visiting Buenos Aires, I have stepped foot in San Telmo once and that was on my last trip in October and it was only for dinner.  Thus, I was excited to become more intimate with the popular barrio.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hotel Moreno might lack certain luxuries of other boutique hotels, however for the price you pay you will be absolutely amazed with what you receive.  See the gigantic room with a king size bed (kitchen not shown) pictured below?  The rate for that room was $90/night!  Also included in that price was a buffet breakfast.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

After Lucas and I dropped off our stuff in the room, we decided to get lost in San Telmo.  In my opinion, that is the best way to really get acquainted with a new place (well, new for me, not for Lucas).  One of the things that I love most about Buenos Aires is that it offers photographic opportunities in every direction you look.  And during our walk I encountered one after another after another. . .

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

While I thoroughly enjoyed my time in San Telmo, I do not think it will become my favorite barrio any time soon.  I still have such a soft spot for both Puerto Madero and Palermo Soho.  What is your favorite barrio in Buenos Aires?

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My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 2 — 61 Comments

    • I still have yet to experience the ST flea market. Now that I’ve married an Argentine though, I’m sure it will happen soon. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about it! Did you buy anything there?

  1. $90/night for a hotel room almost anywhere is a deal, but seems even better for a place like Hotel Moreno – it looks gorgeous. Beautiful photos, too, Andi!

    • It’s so gorgeous and such a bargain! I hope that once they become more popular they still keep their rates as low as they have them now! Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my photos!!!

  2. I’m going to have to say Recoleta is my favorite, but I do love how new Puerto Madero feels!

    And I totally agree with the statement “One of the things that I love most about Buenos Aires is that it offers photographic opportunities in every direction you look.” SO TRUE!

    • I’ve probably spent most of my time in Puerto Madero. When I was first traveling to BsAs I was living in the Financial District in NYC and it reminded me so much of Puerto Madero. Of course Puerto Madero will always have a special place in my heart since that’s the barrio I was married in. There is something so special about Recoleta, si?

    • Awww, I was going to make this post live over the weekend, but decided to wait until Monday! I promise to not make you wait that long again haha!!! Thanks for your kind words and yes Hotel Moreno is such a great deal.

  3. It’s hard to choose a favorite barrio en BA there are so many great spots! I have to agree Palermo is one of my favorites with so many green areas. The city has a very European feel I thought, do you agree? What part of Europe would you compare it to?

    • It totally has a European feel to it, but yet it still remains so Latin and I just love the combination of both!!! I see influences around the city from France, Italy, and Spain. What about yourself? And yes I love the greeness of Palermo!

  4. The breakfast in bed looked awesome! My wife simply loves having breakfast in bed where ever we stay. To have a butler must have been wonderful. Oh to just relax in a California king with nothing to do.

  5. I’m also a huge fan of the San Telmo flea market – I have many vintage leather satchels I treasure from San Telmo. Hope you are having fun in BA x

  6. The lighting over the bed is fabulous, Andi. :-) I love your pics of the barrio. Having never even been to Buenos Aires, I can’t pick a favorite barrio, but if your photos are any indication of how interesting they are, I can’t wait to visit them one day. :-)

    • Isn’t that lighting fabulous? I have never seen lighting like that before! Thanks for your kind words regarding my photos. I could have taken a 1000, but I decided to put my camera down. Fingers crossed you get to visit BsAs SOON! XOXO

    • Thank you so much Jeremias for your kind offer to my friends! I will pass along the information and I have no doubt that some people will contact you. I loved your hotel and I look forward to staying with you again in the future. Besos!!!

  7. I feel the same way about San Telmo. It is such a cool barrio that I don’t really spend enough time in, but I don’t think it could take over Palermo for me.

  8. I agree, there is absolutely nothing better than having breakfast in bed. To me it is like the most symbolic of super luxury and super relaxed state of mind!

  9. The hotel looks splendid. Nice work on the photos! I’d really like to spend sometime just wandering San Telmo as well as Recoleta and Palermo Soho.

  10. I LOVE hotel pictures, and now I’m so sad I wasn’t able to visit Buenos Aires. How awesome was that photo of the Malbec? Great shots with your new camera!

  11. Breakfast in bed – that’s my idea of heaven!

    I prefer San Telmo to Recoleta and Palermo. But that’s what makes Buenos Aires so special – there’s something for everyone! Next time, make sure you hit the Feria de San Telmo (on Sunday) and the Mercado de San Telmo.

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