My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 18 (Part 1)

My husband and I awoke with a difficult decision to make: do we spend the day enjoying everything that Pousada Picinguaba had to offer its guests or do we explore the nearby village?  Over breakfast we decided we would do both and then set off to see what lied beyond the gates of the hotel before returning to its grounds later.

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba is a grand swath of land that is kissed by the sun and blessed with natural beauty.  Expect a tropical paradise of calm, aquamarine waters that are surrounded by hills of jungle striping the earth green as far as the eye can see.

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

A curious thing happens when you disconnect from technology for a couple of days.  Your mind is filled with thousands of thoughts that  would have never materialized due to the lack of mental space that daily life consumes.  I highly recommend carrying a notebook and pen around with you if you should choose to try this, so that you can capture these thoughts as they occur.

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

When I confess to someone that I have just met that I am a travel writer/photographer and that I have a blog, usually their first question posed to me is, “How did you get into that?”  I explain to them that it happened completely by accident, that I simply wanted to capture the thing that most excited me in life: travel.  When we pour our energy into the thing that excites us the most, our wildest dreams do come true.  As we wandered around Picinguaba I could literally feel my heart beat faster from the thrill of discovery and I wished in that moment that everyone had something in their life that excited them.

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

Life has the potential to be awe-inspiring if you let it.  Our lives are ours to design and create.  Every single day we have the opportunity to make decisions that influence our experiences.  Thus, our choices determine whether our paths are exhausting or exciting, mediocre or breathtaking.  I believe you can achieve your dream life by simply doing what excites you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

Picinguaba, Brasil

Remember that your passions may come and go, and what excites you in one moment might not necessarily excite you in the next, however when you make excitement a constant in your existence, life not only becomes more fulfilling, it also becomes more extraordinary as well.  Making travel a priority in my life requires me to make certain sacrifices, although it is a small price to pay to have a life saturated with pleasure, exhilaration, and optimistic anticipation.

Picinguaba, Brasil

Life is way too short to not be excited, so do something today that makes your heart smile.  What excites you in your life?


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My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 18 (Part 1) — 104 Comments

  1. Passionate about… travel, food (eating it, not cooking it. ha!), meeting new people!
    Can we be passionate about following our passions? About breaking out of the usual life? Seems like that’s my passion these days…
    Great post!

  2. What an absolutely GORGEOUS place to honeymoon! Your pictures are just breathtaking.

    I’m passionate about sustainability and action on climate change. :)

    • It truly was extraordinary! I knew it would be pretty, but not THAT pretty!!! I love your passions. It’s so important to have people passionate about those 2 things right now. Lucas just wrote his class speech about it. I drive a Hybrid! :)

  3. “When we pour our energy into the thing that excites us the most, our wildest dreams do come true. ” – Andi, it is for sentences like these that I love you and respect you.

    • I did have it with me, but I didn’t bring it with me to the beach on this day. I didn’t want to worry about it, so I brought my point & shoot. SO happy you enjoyed the post my love! XO

  4. Loved your post and photographs. What a beautiful place. Your words are so true. If you can find what you are truly passionate about early in life, it will be an exciting ride! Travel has always inspired me…and food of course!

    • I had never really done it before in fact the times where I was forced to be away from technology I was miserable. I LOVED it this time though and I’m definitely going to make sure that I do it at least once a year from now on.

  5. Andi, thank you so much for your lovely comment, and that you enjoy Buenos Aires!
    You have a beautiful place here,My Beautiful Adventures is a lovely place to visit, your pictures ar gorgeous, and your comments very inspiring , thanks for share, dear!
    Big hugs!

  6. Awww, Andi you are a true inspiration:-) Your photos are gorgeous! I would say food, baking, traveling, and spending time with my husband and animals ALL excite me! Sending love and hugs your way!!!

  7. Oh Andi, these shots are so WONDERFUL! Absolutely drenched with color and life and warmth – I love it. :-) Travel definitely fills my heart with joy, as does meeting kindred-spirits along the way. :-)

  8. I could totally hear you saying all of this – you’re just so positive, and you’re one of the people who really does make me believe that if you throw yourself into something and believe in what you’re doing, you can make anything happen.

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  10. You look so pretty and happy!! I love your outlook on life. It IS exciting, isn’t it?

    Thanks for reminding me :-)

    Seriously can’t get enough of your blog! Go on another vacation – I want more pics :)

  11. Congratulations for your wedding! You choose the perfect place for the honeymoon, simply stunning and quite relaxing too, I’m kind of jealous now :)

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