Wear These Attractive Everyday Hairstyles For A New Look

April 10, 2017

Now that you have bought your new lace front wigs, are you looking for a way to wear more attractive hairstyles? You do not need to wait for an important event or occasion to please the people around you. You could make your every day life stylish by sporting a different look. However, human hair wigs could give you a more voluminous hair, ensuring that you could style your crown better than before.

There are hairstyles that could make you look more attractive and less boring even at work or when simply stopping by a store next to your neighborhood. To give you some ideas of the hairstyles to try, here are the following:

Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle has been on trend forever. With your new lace front wigs, you could copy this style perfectly. In a few minutes every morning, you could wear this hairstyle to work.

First, you need to add serum or gel onto your hair, preferably the one that is free from too many chemical compounds. Next, brush your hair’s top area backwards. Then, you either tie your hair or secure this section with bobby pins. Afterwards, you spray a straightening balm into the hair strands left for a sleek finish. Lastly, use your ironing tool to straighten your strands even more and add shine.

Retro Ponytail

Instead of wearing the common type of ponytail, which makes your look blatantly lifeless, you should reminisce this 60’s hairstyle. It could be complicated at first, but as you get used to it, you will only need a few minutes to finish.

First, you have to add a hair-shine product. Next, you may use a volumizing mousse or spray to make the top section of your hair fuller. Lastly, you pull your hair back following the common ponytail technique. The difference of this hairstyle is that it somehow makes your hair taller.

Loose Side Knot

This could be perfect for work, a lunch with a friend, or when shopping for food. It is very easy, but undeniably wearable even on the red carpet. You may also need a few minutes to finish this hairstyle.

First, you should make sure that your hair is damp. Apply a straightener or hair-shine solution. Afterwards, you smooth out your hair with a paddle brush. Alternatively, you could flatten out your hair using a blow dryer. Next, you need to pull your hair like making a ponytail, but by the side of your neck.

Let it loose and hang slightly near the nape your neck. Then, you twist it into a chignon. Hairspray and set of pins would be more helpful in securing this hairstyle.

Deep Side Hair Part

This does not require any tying or buns. It is a great option if you want to look prepared even if you only spent a few minutes in the bathroom or at your dressers. You need a pintail comb to create a deep part on your head’s left or right side. This depends on your preference. After creating the deep part, you may use a hairspray to keep the strands in place.

Wrap-Around Ponytail

Celebrities still love this look, and most likely, it will stay chic forever. It is a simple ponytail that is highlighted by a section of hair acting as a tier. This hairstyle is secured with a bobby pin. A volumizing spray or formula may also be useful in making your hairstyle look thicker.

Backcombed Bun

Apart from being your day-out hairstyle, it is also useful for an emergency date. First, you need to use a volumizing cream or spray to make your hair strands look thicker. Dry shampoo may help in creating in a matter of minutes the texture onto your crown, which is a plus to achieve the look perfectly. Next, you comb your hair backwards and gather your strands at the back. Tie your hair with an elastic band, preferably covered with fabric.

Next, you form a bun. Secure the twist using bobby pins. In order to hold the hairstyle in place, use hairspray.

Top Knot

This is a to-go hairstyle, especially if you are too lazy to add intricate details in your hairstyle. It simply involves loosely pulling all your hair upwards. You group all your hair at the top. Lastly, you either tie it or secure the hair with pins. The objective of the hairstyle is to make the end-result messy-looking or relaxed.

French Twist

This is the hairstyle that will never lose its elegance. It is even easier to create than it looks. First, you need to add a volumizing product to your strands. Gather your hair backwards, and create an elongated bun by rolling. Lastly, you keep the hair in place by using pins and hairspray.

Try the suggested hairstyles, which could work well even with your new lace wigs. The steps are very easy, giving you no reason to worry about hotfoot days!

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