Khamma Ghani: Top Things To Do While In Jaipur

May 17, 2017

Khamma Ghani! People will tell you all the stories of how it talks of forgiveness (Khamma = Kshama), but sadly those are made up stories. However, the true origin of Khamma Ghani is debated and thus, we leave that to the historians. Meanwhile, let us talk about tour de Jaipur, the heart of Rajasthan, and discuss the must-see locations of this wonderful, rich in legacy, and colourful city.

Having spent time during the peak of summer months, I would not suggest that you visit the city when the mercury is rising high. But hey, who can stop a person on a holiday mode. So, if you are planning to visit the city anytime soon, check on hotel indexing websites in the likes of Yatra, Expedia,, etc. to strike the best deals on hotels in Jaipur. I also recommend searching online for the best Rajasthan Tour Packages, in order to have the perfect trip!

To help you find the best time in Jaipur, below are the list of top things you should do while in the city:

Light And Sound Show At Jaipur Palace

You might have seen a few light and sound shows in the past, but you would not want to miss this one. Very well shot and voiced by Legend of Legends Amitabh Bachchan, this show tells you about the fascinating and exciting history of Jaipur. The show starts at 7PM, so be on time. The show is designed to give you an idea about the royal family of Jaipur and is the perfect evening activity. 

Jantar Mantar

There are so many observatories in the world, but only a few can compete with Jantar Mantar in popularity. It brings science (astronomy), religion, and art close. In fact, the Jantar Mantar of Delhi is a sister site and there are total of five structures and others are in Varanasi, Ujjain, and Mathura. However, the grandeur of the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is unmatched and it also houses the largest sundial of the world. For the history buffs, Maharaja Jai Singh built all five Jantar Mantar circa 1720.

Amer Fort

Or rather drive to Amer Fort, because no matter what the location of your Jaipur best hotels is, this will be in driving distance. Sitting majestically on a hill, overlooking the Maota lake, this is a Rajputana styled fortress. The climb to the fort is further delightful if done on an elephant’s back, giving you the right elevation for perfect aerial shots.

The fortress is built with red sandstones and white marbles and there are four major sections. There are many local tourist guides who will explain most of the things rather accurately. You simply would fail to take your eyes off the paintings, carvings, mirrors, and murals that the walls of the fortresses boast of.

Rajmandir Cinema

How did it come to a cinema in the city of the royals? But, trust me when I say, this is not just another cinema, this is heritage. The theater has seen the premier of many Hindi films over the decades and the look from inside is magnificent as well. The walls are adorned with testimonials of stars. The hall is always jam-packed, so make sure you book tickets in advance. If you are in love with Hindi films and the history of the same, this place is a must visit. One of the few single screen true, blue “cinema hall” standing tall against the onslaught of multiplexes.

People might say, I did not mention Jal Mahal, which was an intentional omission, because this list reflected my personal choice and preference. I have nothing against Jal Mahal and I recommend it too. Maybe in another blog, I will guide you to it. Till then, Khamma Ghani amigos!

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