Why We Should Teach Our Kids How To Shoot a Firearm

October 21, 2017

From generation to generation, some parents have taught their children how to shoot a firearm for many purposes. This can range from hunting game to self-defense. Making sure your child is ready and at an appropriate age is important as they must be mature enough to know what can happen if a firearm is used and that is it not a toy. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why we you might possibly want to teach your children how to shoot a firearm. This article does not promote guns, rather gun safety and gun control:

Education And Safety

Teach your child the rules of using a firearm. For example, they should never point it at any person and they should never treat it as a toy. Talk about guns and what they do, and let them ask questions, leaving no mystery or wonder about guns.

Your child should always point the gun at a downward angle, in a direction of safety, and handle it effectively. They must be taught that you treat firearms with respect and with safety, as accidents happen. Your kid can practice with BB guns or paintball guns to learn how to be safe and to learn how to handle an actual gun.

If your child is given education about guns and how to safely use them, they are less likely to pick up a gun and misuse it or cause a death. If they are growing up in a house with parents that are willing to talk openly about gun safety and proper use, a child is less driven to be careless with them.

One thing a child should always assume when they see a firearm is that it is probably loaded, it is dangerous, and they should be with an adult if they are going to pick it up or use it in any way.

Confidence Builder

Children can actually build confidence by learning how to use a firearm. This is due to the fact that they are learning a bigger responsibility and if they can do well at hitting targets, they can enter competitions for marksmen, etc. This in turns, builds them up, because they have found something they are good at.

Not only that, but they can learn how to hunt for their own food. Using accessories such as a rangefinder can be helpful when you need accuracy in your shot. Being able to use such accessories will help them provide food for their families, which only makes them feel good inside. In other words, your child will act mature around firearms when they have confidence in using them.

Awareness Of Situations

While you may have taught your child to never point a gun at someone, you also have to make them aware of not pointing it at someone unintentionally. By this we mean, they need to know where they are, who is around them, and what those people are doing, and how to handle themselves while holding a firearm.

One important key to remember is that if your child has anyone, within 180 degrees of them, they should never fire off a firearm or point it anywhere. It really should not be loaded either. So, in the end, learning about a firearm will teach your child to be aware of who and what is around them.

This can be helpful in the real world, because they will be aware of what is happening around them at school or at any functions they go to.

Building Bonds

Building camaraderie in life is always important, as everyone can use something that brings them together, as well as have a hobby. A parent teaching their child to shoot will bond you to them, so the situation must be taken very seriously. A parent will need to coach their child, teach them how to hold the firearm, and be there when the trigger is pulled. It is really necessary that someone, such as a parent or other family member, teaches the child to shoot, so they can make sure the child acts responsibly and learns the pertinent information needed when using a firearm.

Learning Discipline

Shooting firearms can not only teach your child how to be responsible and be informed about guns and safety, but they will learn a lot of discipline from it. It can be said that many people could pick up a gun and destroy something or someone. When your child learns how to properly use a firearm, they will learn other things that come with that.

By this we mean that they will learn how to have total control of the firearm, they will learn how to control their breathing, use accessories to get their sight accurate, as well as their positioning, and then finally pull the trigger. Using a firearm is not about pointing and shooting. There is a lot to know before you starting shooting just anywhere.


Your child should know how to respect a firearm and how to treat it. It is not something that they should just tote around carelessly. They should know how to safely store guns and to have an adult with them when they do shoot. Your child should know the gravity of misusing firearms and how a loaded gun can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Instilling this information in them, while being age appropriate will help your child be successful in learning how to shoot and how to respect guns and make good choices around them.


We hope this article has been helpful, as to why your child should learn how to shoot a firearm. We now know they can learn many things that they need as adults in life as far as discipline, respect, and being responsible. They will know how to make good decisions and act in mature ways by learning how to use them.

3 thoughts on “Why We Should Teach Our Kids How To Shoot a Firearm

  1. Cat Gaa

    Andi, I know you have sponsored content as a way to provide for your family, but have you considered the message this sends? As someone who has written about how much guns upset you and how you’re angry at our POTUS, the inclusion of this article on your blog is confusing but far more startling.

    1. Andi Perullo de Ledesma Post author

      I try to allow guest posts from many different view points on my blog. I first said no to this post, but once I was promised that they would include, “This article does not promote guns, rather gun safety and gun control.” Then I was a little more comfortable. Unfortunately, there are more guns in the US than people. So, since I don’t see guns being taken away any time soon, I do think gun safety and gun control is our only option at the moment. Having said that, my opinion is and will always be that we need to abolish the 2nd amendment and take away every single gun and make them illegal. This was a guest post though, not my post. If I had written a post about guns it would have looked a lot different. I know my readers know that. But I also know a lot of my readers have guns in their home sadly and I hope that this post might knock some sense into them? That was the message I was hoping to send if that makes sense? I am extremely sorry that you were confused and startled, I feel awful for that. I spent hours and hours debating whether or not to post this and ended up posting it with the hope that maybe it might inspire parents who are gun owners to do the right thing.

      1. Andi Perullo de Ledesma Post author

        One last thing… I have seen MANY popular bloggers advertise NRA ads within their posts. I would NEVER EVER do that, no matter how much they paid me. I also have openly talked about the election, my politics, my beliefs, etc., whereas so many bloggers stay silent. Silence is just as evil in my opinion.


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