How To Plan A Hiking Break

November 13, 2017

A hiking break is a great way to have a holiday that is full of positive energy. You will be working on your health, your endurance, your knowledge of nature, and your relationships; all the while you will be feeling the relaxation of a holiday miles away from all your everyday concerns. Choose to have an experience you will never forget!

Choose Your Trail

There are thousands of different trails for you to choose from. You have the whole country to look at, but i i’s best to choose somewhere where you are likely to see something new or have an experience you would not have otherwise had. If you choose somewhere like the Bryce Canyon or the nearby Zion National Park, then there will be many things for you to look out for.

There are hoodoos in Bryce, for example, which are geological structures, which protrude from the ground. They are more numerous there than anywhere else in the world. Once you have seen the hoodoo forests, there is also a natural amphitheatre in the area. You should also spot the wildlife on the Zion trails; there are various species of eagles and hawks, there are ravens, and there are deer, elk, and American bison. If you choose the right path, you can increase the chances that you will see something memorable.

Choose Your Season

Hiking is not just a summer activity, although if you are an inexperienced hiker or you have young children, then you should not choose a winter hike that is too challenging. Bear in mind the slopes and altitudes, and the likelihood of snowfall in the region. Most national parks with frequented trails will have a website that contains much of this information, so you can check it out beforehand. For example, Zion National Park has a “Current Conditions” section on its website. You will have very different experiences in different seasons, so make sure you have planned your trip accordingly.

Choose Your Equipment

Bear in mind that the season will affect the equipment you need to bring. If you are going in winter, then you need to bring waterproof boots, a good quality coat, gloves, and some extra safety equipment — some survival blankets and a flare gun would not go amiss. In the summer, you need to focus on getting lightweight gear and clothes that let your skin breathe. You will need sunglasses and your safety equipment should contain sunscreen, after sun, and treatment for insect bites. Whatever the season, make sure you have a map, a compass, and a whistle (even if you are a confident hiker).

Choose Your Hotel

It is great to hike; the best part of it is that you will be out there facing the extremes, but this only increases the need for a cosy place to sleep. Check for the right Zion National Park hotel for you on the Bumbleberry website and you will be able to fully charge your batteries ready for each day of experiences. Choose somewhere close to the high climbs and dense forests, where you can get straight out into the wild as soon as you wake up.

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