Questions To Ask When Buying Grillz

April 14, 2018

Buying any form of jewelry has never been easy, as there are so many factors to consider to ensure that you get the best piece that matches your needs, tastes, and preferences. Perhaps, answering a few questions could be a great way to choose the best type of grillz you want. Usually, grillz come in different types, material, and styles, which calls for careful consideration when deciding which piece to get. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask as a guide to your decision making:

What Is The Difference Between Custom And Pre-Made Grillz Regarding Materials?

Most pre-made grillz are designed from stainless steel after which they are plated with gold. On the other hand, the custom-fitted grillz are designed from solid gold with no other material. Often, the solid ones are made for a specific individual from a molding kit. They are available as 14k white gold or the 10k white gold.

What Is The Lifespan Of Grillz?

Grillz differ in terms of the durability depending on various factors such as the material and type of design. Premade grillz are quite durable, because they are made using the ion plating process. The custom solid grillz are designed from sterling silver or solid gold and hence, are subject to tarnishing and fading. However, the good thing is that they are quite durable provided you take appropriate care of them. Avoid smoking and drinking while wearing your grillz. Keeping the grillz away from chemicals makes them last quite long.

How Do The Grillz Work?

Majority of the pre-made grillz are made in a simple manner featuring an easy to fit process that makes it easy to complete on your own. The fitting process is done only once. However, you will be able to wear and remove them at will; you do not need a mold or a dentist to help you wear your pre-made grillz.

You can also remove the custom-fitted grillz. Although, the challenge is that the process is not as easy since you will need to use a mold on your teeth. The grillz come with molding kits that help you in making an impression.

What To Expect From The Order Box?

The pre-made grillz come with a storage box, instructions, and fitting bars. Also, you can decide to buy additional storage boxes and molding bars for your grillz. On the other hand, the custom sets come with priority box, instructions, dental trays, and a molding putty. The instructions that come in the order box help you to learn how to handle the grillz.

Having a clear understanding of how to buy your grillz ensures that you can make the appropriate decision as far as which type of grillz to get for yourself is concerned as well as how to use them. Usually, taking enough time to understand the different types of grillz ensures that you choose the one that entirely matches your taste as well as style.

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