Where To Buy Synthetic Urine For Passing A Drug Test

April 26, 2018

This happens a lot more than people care to admit, thus there is something called synthetic urine, and it can be used to fake a drug test. If you are here, then you are taking a drug test, and you are probably not sure you will pass it. Before I can tell you where to buy synthetic urine for passing a drug test, it is best that you know how it works.

Does It Really Work?

Well, there is no black and white answer to this question. Some people use synthetic urine successfully, and it works just fine, and to some, it does not. There are various reasons behind this, one of them being, it all depends on the brand you purchase, as these brands do not have similar properties. It is best to go with a brand which proved successful to most people.

One of the best brands out there is Subsolution. You want a quality brand with the highest chance of having all the necessary contents of real urine. However, there is always going to be changes and advancements in urinal tests, which mean that even with the best brand you might still fail, this is a chance we all have to carry with us. So yes, synthetic urine does work, but not always.

Here is a little bit of information on where to buy synthetic urine for passing a drug test, plus some of the reputable brands to look out for:


Personally, I would suggest you go with this brand. It is high in quality, has many reviews online, and resembles real urine in every aspect on overall, which means it is harder to prove that it is fake. It also comes with a heating powder that heats it faster than other brands. You can find it online here. It is best to consider where you buy your synthetic urine to avoid counterfeits. Online retailers like Amazon do not have any possible way of sifting out copycats, buy from the manufactures website if possible.

Quick Fix

Another good synthetic urine brand is Quick Fix. It has been used for a while now and is pretty well-known. It comes with a heater like most brands, which takes longer to heat it (about thirty minutes). There are a couple of downsides to this brand though, and there is a fair chance you may end up with a counterfeit and screw up your drug test. It also does not have much of a urine smell. I am not saying the smell of urine is also part of a drug test, but it is better to look and smell the part too. Well, if you want to try your chances with Quick Fix, then you can get it online from their website at quickfixurine.com at a much lower price from a 3rd party retailer.


Purine comes in a powdered form, and it is also very reliable, probably better than Quick Fix. It comes with a heater and a temperature strip. You can purchase it online here testclear.com

Always remember, that the normal urine temperature ranges between 90°F and 99°F. Therefore, your fake urine kit should, of course, come with a temperature strip and instructions on how to prepare and use it.

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