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Why It Should Be Compulsory For The Youth To Learn CPR

CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is a technique that can be used to save lives in many different situations. It is not a technique that only trained doctors can use either. There are plenty of classes that will help anyone become CPR certified. These classes, however, are optional. If you were to make them compulsory for school age students, perhaps as part of a health class, then, potentially, many lives could be saved as CPR becomes common knowledge. In this article, we will look at the benefits of living in a world where children are raised with the skills to save lives:

What Is CPR?

Before we get into the benefits of knowing CPR, we should go over exactly what CPR is. CPR is employed when someone is not breathing and their heart is not beating. A whole litany of medical problems can cause this, some of the most commonly thought of being heart attacks and strokes. These problems can affect anyone, so CPR is not a niche skill, but rather one that can become useful to anyone, at any point in their life. While some jobs require people to learn this life saving skill such as emergency responders and teachers, a good majority of people still do not know this.

What Are The Benefits Of Knowing CPR?

The obvious benefit is the ability to aid in saving a life. This increases with the more people that know how to CPR and are certified since CPR can be tiring, it can prove extremely helpful to have the ability to switch off while performing this maneuver. Outside of the medical benefits, knowing CPR and being certified in it can be helpful in other ways. For example, when applying for a job, having a CPR certification to list as a special skill can go far in putting you above other applicants.

How Would We Make This Compulsory For Youth?

A big question would be how to make the youth of a generation learn CPR? Well, the answer is actually quite simple and we already do it with other skills. If we introduce CPR certification training to public schools, either as its own class or more practically as a part of the standard health classes. This would require that these classes be held to high, up-to-date ACLS standards. A starting point would be ACLS algorithms by United Medical Education.

If you think this idea is a little too much, consider the fact that we already do it with other skills that we believe school aged children should learn. To cite a specific example, many high schools now require driver’s education as a course to pass before a student can graduate. Using the same method with regards to CPR certification would help not only teach the students CPR, but prepare them with valuable life skills that they are likely to need within their lifetime whether it is to get a job or to save a life.

Atlanta, Georgia

Condominiums: A Dwelling And An Investment

Thinking Creatively

The city of Atlanta is one of the most diverse and economically profitable population centers in the world. It has been called a city in the trees, as it is one of the few large metropolitan centers with an abundance of foliage. The climate is fairly reasonable, with mild winters and summers that are not too hot. It is also a center for the arts.

In recent years, Atlanta’s economy has been on an upward swing. This is especially true in regards to entertainment and film, which are currently experiencing a steep incline. It has been called the Hollywood of the South by The Washington Times. As a result, there is quite an influx of financially secure industry professionals.

There is also a lot of transit between Atlanta and places like Hollywood and New York. This has culminated in a statistically significant, affluent, circulating population. What this ultimately means is that real estate value is seeing a climb and opening up previously impossible living possibilities.

You can buy a condominium and live there perpetually or you can buy said property and lease it out through an agency to those in the transitory population making reservations. Think of it like a top-dollar hotel room and you get the idea. There are many agencies, which provide such temporary living arrangements to transitory affluent populations.

Essentially, it is like being a landlord for an individual unit. You can retain full use of it as you need and then rent it out through the rest of the year, making enough profit to incrementally pay for the property over time. Once initial establishment costs are covered, it will become a Passive Income Generator.

Taking Advantage Of An Economic Surge

But even should such subletting strategies not equal your initial investment in the property, the economic trends of Atlanta stipulate increased property value. That means property value increase regardless, meaning that just by sitting on such a condo, you stand to make money. Of course, one of the chief things to make this possible is the condo you choose.

You are going to want one (or several) that are located ideally and have been properly maintained. There is nothing wrong with older solutions, but newer ones have an additional value to them, which facilitates ease in rental and later sale in many cases. This will be more likely should you source a property that is centrally located near Atlanta’s heart.

According to Own Atlantic, their new condos in Atlanta are “Light, airy, and open. . .Atlantic residences offer effortless flexibility.” These are also located on the northern end of the city’s core. They are near everything without being too near, yet far enough removed to feature greater security.

There is a great deal of versatility in owning a condo. From personal use to property value increases and the potential for turning such a property into a means of regular income, a financially savvy individual stands to see exceptional return on investment.


When it comes to renovations, a newer condo will have all the modern amenities that are in style and should represent ease in the addition of desired features. You will not have to deal with natural forces like mold and other signs of degradation and the neighborhood surrounding such a structure has a level of security unseen in older buildings.

As Atlanta expands, opportunities like this will still exist, but likely not with so much abundance. Atlanta has been on a profitable economic march for long enough that the city is starting to develop a new reputation. The time is ripe. Buying a condominium here could offer a great deal of opportunity!

Most Instagrammed Locations


The most Instagrammed locations in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and Macau are all in casino hubs. There is something amazing about casinos! Inside large ones, you can do everything from shopping and seeing a stage show to eating at some of the best restaurants in town. In these self-contained resorts, there is a surrealness that extends beyond gambling.
With the Vegas casinos actively pursuing 18- to 35-year-olds to help recoup the industry’s revenue cold streak, casinos have become the must-be place for millennials less interested in gaming and more into partying, the nightlife, and the social aspects of the Vegas experience.
We examined how casinos are portrayed in social media by looking at the most Instagrammed casinos in the world’s gambling hot spots: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and Macau. Find out which casinos are posted about the most, what time of day most posts occur, which casino’s posts get the most likes, and the top filters used for gambling-related photos:

The Benefits Of Traveling With Your Kids

When you have kids, particularly if they are on the younger side, you may find yourself debating whether or not to take them with you when you travel.

Undoubtedly, traveling with small children can be logistically difficult. You may find yourself bringing quite a bit more luggage than you would ordinarily, having to book a larger hotel room, and you have to deal with things such as car seats and booster seats when taking cabs and other forms of transportation.

While there can be struggles, there are also many more benefits to traveling with your children, and it brings excellent opportunities not just for you as a parent, but also for your kids. These are benefits that will likely last a lifetime.

The following are some of the top reasons you might consider taking your kids on your next trip, even if it is abroad:

Family Experiences

A big part of being a strong family is having shared experiences and what better experience to bring you together than seeing the world?

When your children get older, they will look back on the experiences of their lives and they will appreciate having that time with their family in a foreign place.

Even if you feel that your children are too young to really remember these experiences, they will know that they had that connection with you and the rest of the family.

Also, if you bring your kids along you are more likely to get the most out of your trips. Your kids will push you to stay active and try new things while you are away and avoid the temptation to lie by the pool all day and not experience everything that is around you.

Disconnecting From Technology

No matter how hard you try, it can be extremely tough to disconnect from technology when you are at home and in your typical environment. It is much easier when you are traveling, particularly when you are traveling internationally and might not even have the option to use your smartphone or watch TV.

Traveling gives you chances to have real conversations with your kids, without the pervasive distraction of the technology of our everyday lives.

Better Future Travelers

If you start traveling with your children when they are young, they will learn not just to appreciate the experience, but they will also be more comfortable continuing to travel as they get older. When you wait until your kids are much older to travel, they might be more anxious or apprehensive about the experience, but when you see kids who started traveling at an early age, they are practically experts before they reach their teen years.

Empathy And Cultural Exposure

Finally, traveling with your kids, even when they are still young, is a great way to open their eyes to new experiences, as well as people, cultures, and food.

That is more likely to help them grow into older kids and eventually adults that are compassionate, understanding, and have broad world views. Those kinds of experiences are invaluable and they can often only come from travel!


Six Fantastic Tips For Quick Yet Awesome Family Cruise Trips

You have seen enough featured articles on magazines about cruise trips and the equally awesome cruise ships and now you want your family to experience the action. Why hesitate? Cruise vacations can be affordable, you get to experience exclusive onboard treatment, a wealth of entertainment and activities, and best of all you get to travel to multiple destinations on a single trip!

Whether you are still deciding which cruise line to take, which location to go to, or which cruise travel insurance to apply for, here are some things to know about cruising with the entire family in tow:

Start With Careful Research

Planning is everything! Research your desired destination and complete options carefully before booking your vacation. Understand the pros and cons of each cruise line you are considering. This includes family activities, meal options, stateroom layout and size, childcare options, and most of all the price. Put into consideration the number of days at sea, shore excursions, and the ports of call. If you will travel with a toddler or baby, take note that not all cruise ships have bath tubs and kid’s clubs will vary in terms of age requirements.

Book The Right Room

Standard cruise ship cabins do not normally come with bathtubs, so if you have young children who need baths rather than showers, consider upgrading to a higher category suite or room, or a cabin designed for families. All ships feature spacious family staterooms that can accommodate three to five guests, plus most cabins like this include shower/tub combos. Some ships within the Princess Cruises, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean fleets also offer a few family category suites that are fitted with tubs and even balconies for extra breathing space.

Pack All The Essentials

Since you are traveling with the entire family, pack plenty of wipes, diapers, bottles of formula, and baby food, as most cruise ships do not carry these items and those that offer it oftentimes put a huge price tag on them. If you think you will require a playpen or crib, request one as soon as you book. While there is usually no cost when borrowing one, most ships do have a limited supply.

Create A Daily Plan

If you are traveling with kids old enough to explore the ship on their own, creating a daily itinerary and going over it before leaving your room will help everyone know where one another are throughout the day. Through this, you will know where they are planning to be if you want to check up on them or join them for an activity.

Consult A Cruise Expert

A good travel agent can help you make the entire cruise travel planning seamless. Find an agent that specializes in cruises, as they can find better deals than you, plus they may be able to get an onboard credit, as well as special amenities for your family. The agent can also help you if anything goes wrong.

Acquire Cruise Travel Insurance

While travel insurance can cover basic travel hitches, acquiring cruise insurance (an add-on) extends to include pre-paid, non-refundable, and unused portion of cruise activities and day excursions and the insurer will also provide a daily contribution to the additional expenses when a doctor deems it necessary for you to be confined to your cabin on your cruise for more than a day due to an injury or sickness.

This is it! Remember to consult a cruise expert or continue researching your desired cruise line if you need extra information. Have other tips that will help a common family looking for cruise travels? Let us know in the comments below!