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I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

Praia da Langinha Beach 

Discover The Best Of Cape Verde Islands By Cruise

Discovering the the best of Cape Verde islands by cruise is the easiest and most convenient way to get up close and personal with the best features of these gorgeous islands. Boutique cruising allows you to totally get to grips with the charm of the archipelago situated off the western coast of Africa. The cluster of islands is found in the Atlantic ocean and boasts diverse natural beauty along with an alluring mix of culture and opens us a whole world of activities and experiences that will enhance your cruise holiday even further. And with an all-year pleasant climate, island cruising around Cape Verde is ideal, even in November!

Monte Gordo Cape Verde

Discover The Landscapes

The archipelago is known for its immensely varied landscapes. Cape Verde Islands have been gifted with wild, natural beauty in great abundance and diversity which is, in itself, a stand alone reason to visit. From the verdant hills and mountain ranges, to deep jungles, to volcanic terrains and deserted beaches; there is so much to explore, to see, to witness, that it is worth considering a Cape Verde cruise holiday with island excursions that will let you immerse into the specific beauties of each. The most unmissable are the volcanoes of Fogo and Monte Gordo, the Faja and Paul Valleys, and the jungle path of San Antao. These places will send you on a journey back in time, to when people were closer to nature, admired it and revered it on a daily basis. There are some incredible beaches to visit as well, and as diverse as the archipelago is above ground level, it is equally so below the sea’s surface. The underwater world of Cape Verde has a rich biodiversity full of colorful species that will definitely not disappoint. For diving enthusiasts, the Buracona Cave and the Santo Antao shipwreck are simply breathtaking spots, while if you prefer snorkeling do not miss the opportunity to get a glimpse of turtles, dolphins, and a shark or two! The sea temperature ranges from 23 – 27 degrees Celsius all year round, offering ideal conditions for sea activities.

Discover The Culture

The islands of the Cape Verde archipelago are a spellbinding blend of African and Portuguese heritage, and so are an exotic mix between African and European cultural influences that make Cape Verde so extraordinary. Cape Verdeans are a highly musical people and their national music, Morna, also has some Brazilian influences and is also played on the street by locals. On Praia Island, visit the “House of Culture” dedicated to the national artist Ildo Lobo. Cape Verdean history too is very interesting, as the islands used to be a hub for slave trade in the past. So, it is exceptionally poignant to visit now, bearing in mind how grateful we should all be for our freedoms today. In Praia, check out the landmark lighthouse with its fantastic views and also visit the Cidade Velha, the old Portuguese capital city with its old royal fortress (UNESCO World Heritage site), as well as the Museum of Maritime History that houses many shipwreck findings. In the city of Sao Filipe, on the island of Fogo, you will discover a town steeped in colonial charm while in Mindelo, on San Vicente island, you will be able to get a taste of the local nightlife, along with browsing the many galleries and restaurants and music venues.

Lighthouse Praia

How To Run A Successful Business From Home

Are you tired of the demanding 9 to 5? Maybe you simply want to become your own boss, so you can spend more time with your partner and children. With a little research, planning, determination, and effort, you could soon create a profitable, rewarding small company. Find out how to run a successful business from the comfort of your own home:

Brainstorm A Business Idea

The first thing you must do is start brainstorming the best ideas for your new business. If you want a new company to be a roaring success, we recommend playing to your strengths. For this reason, you must launch a business that utilizes your talents and experience. For example, craft lovers could launch their own home décor or gift basket business. While those from a technology background could launch a technical support service or computer repair company.

Identify Your Business Funding

You often need to spend money to make money, which is why it’s essential to identify how you will fund a new company. If you do not have savings to get started, you could take out a small business loan, apply for a credit card, seek an investor, or ask a loved one for financial help. However, you must ensure you can keep up with any loan repayments.

Adhere To Business Licensing Requirements

Even home-based companies must adhere to business licensing requirements in their state and city. You must apply for a business license, before you launch your new enterprise. What is more, depending on the business type, you may require additional permits or licensing. For example, you will need a food preparation license if you plan to either prepare or sell food from your home.

Create A Strong Online Presence

Once you have decided on a business idea, you must create a strong online presence if you want to compete with your competitors and connect with customers. Do you have limited marketing knowledge? We recommend visiting, which is a full-service agency which can embark on various digital marketing projects, such as a professional web design, engaging social media campaign, search engine optimization, and more. As a result, you can quickly build a professional brand that will allow your business to compete with its industry rivals.

Set Regular Business Hours

Running a home-based company allows your business to complement your lifestyle, not the other way around. We therefore recommend setting business hours, which can separate worktime from family life. Create a home office that allows you to close the door to focus on professional tasks, and do not embark with any activities across the home until the working day is done.

An Effective Accounting System

Invoices, store receipts and bank statements can quickly pile up. It is therefore essential to introduce an accounting system to help you stay on top of your finances. For instance, you could purchase a filing system for paper documents. You must also utilize a computer spreadsheet or program for recording business input and expenses.

What To Look For In A New Church

If you are like billions of other people around the world on a spiritual path or with a religious faith, you understand what a powerful impact it has on improving your mental and physical well-being. A devotional or faith-based life gives you a moral compass to navigate the complexities of this world.

However, besides the rewards of pursuing an inner life enriched with meditation, contemplation, or prayer, there is also tremendous satisfaction in belonging to a community of like-minded souls. This can be particularly comforting when the world feels a little too overwhelming, especially when things are not working out well for you in your personal life. A communal place of worship is a place where you can meet and share your thoughts and feelings with other people who understand where you are coming from.

If you belong to the Christian faith, then you understand how important it is to find a church family. Although the idea of finding a “good” church is highly subjective, there are a few guidelines that you can use to find a sacred venue where you feel right at home, a place where you can quickly make new friends and joyfully participate in community events.

How To Find A Good Church

When you move to a new place, one of the first things you should consider to nurture your inner world is to find a warm and welcoming church. For instance, if you happen to have moved to the Springfield, MO area, then you will find the James River Church a perfect spiritual home to experience inspiring and uplifting church services and meet new people who can help you get settled into your new environment.

Besides relocation, other reasons why you might decide to find a new church is because you feel your current church is not reflecting biblical principles as you would prefer or because you are new to the faith and looking for a sense of fellowship with kindred souls.

With that in mind, here are three questions to ask yourself to help you find the right church for you:

  1. “Is this where I am supposed to be?”

In an imperfect world, it is hard to find the perfect church home. You may find a local church in excellent condition, but intuitively feel that the sense of fellowship does not meet your family’s needs. Conversely, you may find a fixer-upper, where many of the people you meet after service are folks you feel you have known your whole life, although you have just met them. So, rather than focus on the outward appearance of things or rely too heavily on weighing the pros and cons, allow yourself to be led by the divine will, letting it direct you to where you need to be for your spiritual growth.

  1. “Is it built on a solid spiritual foundation?”

Jesus spoke about how a wise person builds his home upon a rock, while a foolish one will build it on the sand. The foundations of a powerful church are based on how accurately it reflects the views of scripture, how closely it focuses on Biblical teachings, and how faithfully it practices what it preaches. After only a few sermons and meeting others during the coffee break after services, you will get an intuitive impression about whether or not the church aligns with your values and beliefs.

  1. “Does it offer opportunities to serve?”

Assuming you have found a church that you like, one that is right for you, the final thing you have to consider is if you are right for the church? Is it a place that you feel you can serve according to your spiritual gifts? If you have the gift of perfect pitch, is there an opportunities to join the chorus? If you have a gift for clearly articulating the meaning of scriptural passages, is this a place where others can hear you out? If you have the gift of leadership, are there opportunities for you to participate in charitable projects? In short, is this a place where you can express yourself.

When seeking a church that is right for you, be willing to be patient. It may take time to get the answers to these three questions. When you are ready, you will have an epiphany about where you need to be and what you need to do.

Horse Racing Tour Enthusiasts — Get To Know It Well To Plan It Well

Horse racing and travel together offer a fantastic experience for the touring enthusiasts to explore new avenues to travel. It is ideal to get some real insights about horse racing to choose the best avenues to explore. The first thing is to be familiar with the horse racing terminology and the language of competition. Without this know-how, it may be difficult to determine whether it is worth the effort, time, and money you put into it. So, here let us try to explore horse racing in better details:

Racehorse Types

Experts at TVG Horse Racing state that there are three primary category of horses used for racing as:

  • Thoroughbreds
  • Standardbreds
  • Quarters

Each of these types of the horse race in different ways.

  1. The quarter horses race in straight sprints and the total race length may be typically less than 600 yards. You can see them almost flying out of the opening gate and bolt to finish lines. It is more of a flat-out sprint without many strategies to apply. The horse which clears the gate in a straight and clean manner does well. Quarter races may be free for all, as speed is everything when they break out from the gate.
  2. Thoroughbred horses perform flat out racing. The horses run across the track for a specific distance and speed counts. The typical race course ranges from about 4.5 2 furlongs to approximately 1.75 miles. You can also see longer tracks in Australian, European, or Japanese races. It is not just speed, but there are some specific strategies used. Some horses compete to be in the front while some others like to come from the very back of the pack and running down others.
  3. Racing tracks are usually at least a mile in length. There is a gated truck running in front of horses which initially starts slowly at pace or trot. The truck has gates on each side of the vehicle, which perpendicularly moves. In the race, horses accelerate towards the gate until it swings away from the animal. The truck finally accelerates out of the track and the race goes on.

Quarters and Thoroughbreds are usually ridden by jockeys using saddles at the animal’s back. In Standardbreds, the horses are driven by a utilizing a cart, which is known as silkie. Standardbred horse racing is also called Harness Racing.

Qualifying For Races

It is also essential to know the qualifying criterion for each race. Every participating horse needs to meet specific requirements as per the race rules. Majority of the races across the globe are classified into two categories:

  1. Graded Stakes Races, in which there is a unique Graded Stakes Committee, which defines the races for a year.
  2. Non-Graded Stakes, on the other hand, are defined either weekly or monthly based on the tracks. The prize for the Graded Stakes Races is always higher than this category.

The information discussed above is an excellent point to start and you can gain a lot more insights on global horse racing scenario by exploring the internet resources. Knowing is a better way that will surely help you to plan your racing trips accordingly.

Four Unexpected Ways You Can Improve Your Health

Have you ever wondered why there are so many options for improving your health? There are so many, because some methods work for some, but not for others. Finding the health tricks and methods that work for you is essential. This could mean that instead of going to the gym, you walk to work. It could mean that you eat a vegan diet. It could mean a lot of things and successful health habits depend on the person who has applied them, but here are some unexpected lifestyle changes that can benefit everyone:

  1. Wear Sunscreen

The sun is the biggest culprit when it comes to premature skin aging. The damage is evident on everyone, young and old; however, the problems will only become visible as you age. For beautiful, younger looking skin as you age, wear sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect your skin and can even help reduce the signs of aging by keeping your skin away from harmful UV light while your skin rejuvenates. Opt for SPF 30 in your sunscreen or even your moisturizer and reapply it every few hours.

Tip: SPF counts over thirty only add one or two percent increase in coverage. They also cost a lot more, meaning that you are better off choosing SPF 30 for all your products.

  1. Cut Out Toxic People From Your Life

You need to cut out the toxic people in your life. These people do nothing except create stress or even make you act like a person you do not recognize. These toxic people are the ones who do not care about you and only what you can do for them. If the toxic person in your life is your spouse, you need to search for a “divorce lawyer near me” and cut them out of your life. It is a bold move that should not be taken lightly, but life is short.

  1. Do Not Look At Electronics Before Bed

Deep sleep has so many benefits. The best and most obvious one is the natural energy boost that you get the next day. When you do not sleep deeply, you can feel exhausted, achy, or worse when you wake up. To help you sleep deeper on a regular basis, turn off all electronics before bed. The blue light from the screens will interrupt your circadian rhythm, meaning your body wakes up just as you try to go to sleep. Read a book, meditate, or do another hobby before bed to enjoy the best sleep.

  1. Have Plants Indoors

When you live in the city clean air can be hard to come by. Instead of living with polluted, stale air, create a home of plants that purifies and cleans the air in your apartment. They will look great and you will breathe easier and even sleep better.

The health habits you ascribe to are very personal, but they should always be open to improvement. Wearing sunscreen does not have to be another step in your morning routine if you use it as an alternative to moisturizer. Getting a better sleep can be found by helping your body’s natural cycle thrive and with cleaner, purer air. Cutting out toxic people from your life might be the biggest step, but it is one that is needed for you to grow and be happier. Together, these unexpected lifestyle tips can help you live a happier, healthier life!