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I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.


It Has Never Been Easier To Reinvent Your Look

Every now and then, it feels like it is time to reinvent yourself. It might be every few years or maybe you feel the urge much more frequently. It does not take much to get bored of your current style and consider going for something different. Maybe you want to start a new chapter of your life or you are just fed up with what you have been doing? A new look does not have to be a dramatic makeover or a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. There are lots of ways you can reinvent your style and it does not have to take a lot of time or cost too much money!

Think About What Your Style Should Say

Before you start reinventing yourself, you should think about what you want your style to say. What you wear will have people perceiving you in different ways. You might decide you do not care about that, but it can be important to consider for reasons such as your career. Your style can say any number of things, from “I am fun-loving and confident” to “I am professional and determined.” Of course, you can also want your look to say different things at different times, depending on the context. You should consider these things when you want to reinvent your style.

Get Your New Look For Less

If you want to try something new, you could end up spending a lot. What if you buy a whole new wardrobe, get your hair styled, and even buy some new makeup? A few new things could be a good idea, but you do not want to spend too much. Before you start shopping, make sure you have some discount codes, like a Saks Off 5th coupon to make your new look more affordable. If you are getting a new wardrobe, choose your pieces carefully, so you can make the most of each one. Create a capsule wardrobe, thus you can combine the same few pieces in a number of different outfits.

Choose Easy Ways To Get A New Look

Reinventing your new look does not have to take a lot of effort. A few small and easy touches could help you look completely different. Even doing something like parting your hair on a different side or wearing a new lipstick could have a huge impact on your style. You do not have to go to a lot of effort to try a new style. Do something a little different with your hair or makeup, or get a couple of new items of clothing.

Reinvent Your Look Without Buying Anything

If you do not want to spend any money, you can still find a new look for yourself. Simply by looking at the clothes you already own, you could come up with a new style. You just need to think of new ways to wear the things you have been wearing. Try looking for inspiration from fashion blogs, magazines, and TV shows to help you come up with new ideas.

You can reinvent your style in several different ways with big and small choices. A new look could help you feel different too!

Gresso Miami

Giveaway: Gresso Miami Nocturne Collection

If you have been following My Beautiful Adventures since the very beginning, then you would know my love for butterflies. For almost a decade, there were butterflies in some way, shape, or form on this blog. When I decided to rebrand after my son was born, the butterflies sadly disappeared, as they did not fit the new image I wanted to achieve. However, my adoration for them will remain forever!

That is why I am obsessed with the new Gresso Miami Nocturne Collection. The 7/7+ iPhone collection is the perfect accessory for your beloved smart phone (it also fits the 6/6+ as well). My favorite is the black snap-on case. Dark and mysterious, the Nocturne Collection stands out from others with a 3D butterfly embellishment. Crafted from eco-leather in a distinctive reverse stamping technique, the secure snap-in feature and protective lip will shield your iPhone from daily wear and tear.

Gresso Miami is an international brand that launched its Miami headquarters in 2014. The fashion accessories arm of the Gresso family of companies, Gresso Miami specializes in creating runway-inspired collections made specifically for our modern, tech-infused lifestyles. They firmly believe that mobile devices are an integral part of our identity, thus our fashion accessories should not only protect the device, but also reflect our own unique style.

I could not agree more, which is why I am giving away two cases from the Flutter Collection below! They are slightly different than mine, in that they feature bright purple butterflies contrasting with a deep ebony background, however everything else is the same. One is a snap-on case and the other is a case/wallet.

Entering is simple, just head over to this Instagram photo and do the following:

  1. Like the photo
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  4. Either tag a friend that you think would like to win ones of these cases or leave me a comment (extra points if it is about butterflies)
DSLR Camera

What To Buy For The Wanderlust Friends?

We all have that one friend in our circle who is a true wanderlust and their thought of “simple living and high thinking” is always a motivation. They live life on the edge and know to appreciate the smallest things of life. When you have such a wanderlust friend, you should never worry for the vacation plans as s/he excels in that planning. But when the time comes to celebrate their special moments like birthday or anniversary, what to gift them may be a confusing question to answer for you. Have a look below and get gift delivery in UAE to please your wanderlust friend:

Mini Coffee Maker

This is a savior for sure. You would hardly find a wanderlust who is not addicted to tea or coffee. This mini coffee maker is easy to carry and takes less space in the backpack. You just have to put in hot water, coffee, and cream and a steaming cup of coffee would break the tiredness. While someone is traveling, remaining alert is very necessary and coffee helps with that beautifully.

DSLR Camera

They know how well a DSLR camera can be put to use. Instead of clicking selfies, they are more obsessed with the city, village, town, monument, architecture, animals, nature, etc. This is best invention of science and technology. Capturing moments and memories with a few clicks is something that remains with you forever. This is another quality of all wanderlust people — they love to capture as many photographs as possible so that they have stories for life.

Portable Water Purifier Bottle

Wanderlust people may end up anywhere, literally. There are places where pure water is still a dream. Those remote places of Central America, Africa, or a large part of Asia, may not be well equipped with pure and clean water. This portable water purifier bottles makes work easier. One just need to pour water in it and the mouth or cap contains a special UV bulb that filters water.

Sleeping Bag

If they have traveled for trekking, sleeping bag is of the utmost importance. You never know when the temperature dips drastically and sleeping well is very important when s/he is out for an adventurous expedition. Thus, sleeping bags would give them enough warmth to sleep well.

Hoodie Pillow

Sleep provides us energy to go ahead with our set of activities. Catching a short nap or a prolonged one would be enjoyable in an airplane with this hoodie pillow. Just wrapping around the neck, they can sleep well without any hassle.

Beauty And Care Products In Travel Pouch Bag

This is also important just like all the others. A basket consisting of essential oils, cream, moisturizers, shampoo, soaps, and perfumes would always be admired. Just know their skin type and pack these things in a small travel pouch bag, so that they can easily reach out to these things in times of need.


Wanderlust people often have a great liking for books that talk about travel, mystery, adventure, and thrills. Select some form the online stores to buy gifts online in UAE to surprise that special friend who would adore your present for sure!

Three Ways Moms Can Earn A Master’s Degree From Home

Being a mom is the greatest thing ever! If you are lucky enough to stay at home to raise your children, then you are part of a small group of moms out there. Many moms and dads have to work while their children are growing up and that is never an ideal situation. Even for stay-at-home moms, the thought of getting back to the working world is likely to creep back into your mind as your children get a little older. Here we are going to talk about three ways that moms can earn a master’s degree from home:

Decide On A Career Choice

This might seem like a simple thing, but deciding on what career you are going to work towards is not that easy. Whether you are thinking about a masters degree in civil engineering or thinking about getting your degree in nutrition, researching the two will help you decide. Try not to feel like you are trapped once you decide, as you can always change things later on or after you get one degree. Enrolling in an online school has made things much easier for stay at home moms to earn a degree, while being home with the family at the same time.

Stay Focused On Goals

If you already have the idea that you want to go back to school to earn your online civil engineering masters degree before your children are old enough to be in school themselves, then the odds are good you have a goal in mind. That goal is one that will take planning and as long as you can stay focused on your goal and the end result of your hard work, you will accomplish that goal. There are many parts to just “staying focused” and one of them is getting help from your husband and friends.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Going back to school can be very empowering. With that powerful sense of accomplishment, you are going to get the feeling that you can do everything on your own. That is not the case and if you have a support system that can help, you are going to do much better with less stress. Asking your husband to take the kids for a little while, so you can study is not a hard thing to ask for. If you have friends that are willing to help out, go ahead and take advantage of that once in a while.

Commit And Finish

Before you even get started, make sure that you have a great support group that knows about your commitment to the degree and what your plans are to accomplish that goal. If others around you are not aware of your plans, it might be harder to keep your focus and commitment.

Eyes on the prize is a phrase that gets tossed around a little here and there, but if you are willing to work hard and consistently, the prize will be waiting for you! This short list will hopefully be motivation for you to reach for that prize.


Does Medical Cannabis Improve Night Vision?

Image Credit: Pixabay

Having better night vision is something even the most regular of people would like to experience. Imagine driving on the highway and not having to strain your eyes so much to keep alert for a deer waiting to dart out in front of you. Or imagine getting up to go to the bathroom without having to turn on the light. In the grand scheme of things, maybe having better night vision is not such a necessary need for the average person, but for some people, it could make the difference between life or death. Consider soldiers and police officers on missions, where seeing whether or not someone has a gun could keep accidents from occurring. Or truck drivers who must drive at night all the time to make their runs. What about populations who depend on the night for being able to find food like poor fishermen in some countries? For these groups, having good night vision is important.

We know that marijuana can have some profound effects on our bodies, and now new research is suggesting that increased night vision could be an additional side benefit. Until now, there have been stories about being able to see in the dark, but scientific proof has not been available. Now a new study is shedding some light on this in the dark issue.

In the journal eLife, a study on night vision and cannabis use has been reported that could be helpful for those with eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa or for those whose lifestyles and careers require better night vision. Like most studies, it started with a simple observation. A Jamaican researcher from the University of the West Indies was surprised to see that fisherman, who were smoking a lot of cannabis and drank rum alongside it, were able to see in the dark when he could not even see his hand in front of his face. There were also stories of rural mountain dwellers who used marijuana regularly having the same ability.

The study was performed on tadpoles, specifically African tadpoles. Synthetic cannabinoid was placed in the eyes of the tadpoles and this made the retinal activity increase. There are many cannabinoids in marijuana, however only some are available as an extracted oil like cannabidiol from These oils have been used to treat numerous illnesses and diseases, and more recently, there has been some work with treating eye diseases.

The tadpoles’ eyes responded quicker to light, and the tadpoles responded better in darker conditions. The researcher, Lois Miraucourt from Montreal, showed that people might be able to see better with lower nighttime visibility, because the cannabis made the retina more sensitive to light. Basically, the cannabinoids increased the excitability of the cells. The tadpoles could both see better and flee prey better in the dark, making them behave much like the Jamaican fisherman. It will be exciting to see what the future research holds for the study of eye diseases and marijuana use!