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I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

Little Washington Waterfront Boardwalk

Little Washington, North Carolina: Day 2 (Part 2)

In my opinion, the main attraction in Little Washington, North Carolina is its historic and gorgeous waterfront. Just steps away from downtown, the long boardwalk on the Pamlico River is the perfect way to see boats from near and far, watch wildlife play, interact with locals and visitors, and experience the fun of the water. Or you can just sit and ponder life with a breathtaking view in front of you!

As previously mentioned the waterfront is the jewel in Little Washington’s crown. It serves as one of the main gathering spots and it certainly takes on a life of its own during the large annual festivals like the Summer Festival and Smoke on the Water.

There is also a small park on the waterfront for family enjoyment. My son, of course, had to test it out for himself for a while.

Is this not the prettiest setting for a swing?

Then it was time for some much needing refueling. .

Treehouse Hotel

The World’s Best Tree House Hotels

Recently, treehouse hotels have become very popular to stay in while traveling!

You will find building designs and ideas that range from functional to luxury, sustainable to unique, and affordable to expensive. Some of the properties are built on or hung from trees, however some are even grown from the trees or built directly into a tree. How incredible would it be to come back from your trip and be able to tell people that you slept in a treehouse? The following is a look at some of the best tree house hotels in the world.

The Beach Rock Tree House

This extraordinary treehouse hotel was designed by Japanese architect Kobayahsi Takashi. Believe it or not, it was created with the sole purpose for communication with outer space. How cool is that? You can find it nestled in the treetops of Okinawa. This “plexiglass portal to the universe” is an extremely popular attraction at Japan’s rustic Beach Rock Resort.

The Mirror Cube

The Mirror Cube in Sweden might possibly be the most minimal treehouse in the world. It is a fascinating hide-out amongst the trees that is camouflaged by mirrored walls, which reflect their beautiful surroundings. The base consists of an aluminum frame around the tree trunk and the walls are covered with reflective glass. To prevent birds from flying into the walls they have been covered with an infrared film.

The Aviary

Located on over twenty acres of gorgeous parkland, this two-story treehouse in the Berkshire Mountains is the ultimate in luxury. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, it features a limestone bathroom with an antique soaking tub, circular stairs leading to the second-floor sleeping quarters, and a Bang & Olufsen entertainment system. It does not get much better than that!

The HemLoft

This secret treehouse is literally hidden in the woods. A former software developer built his egg-shaped structure, which is called the HemLoft, outside of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Talk about a true a labor of love, this property was crafted with tons of free materials claimed from Craigslist ads.

The High-Tech Hideaway

This one-of-a-kind treehouse was built by Blue Forest, in response to their client’s desire to create a James Bond-style hideaway. Located on a stunning private estate in Athens, Greece, this treehouse is the epitome of first-class and has been designed to accommodate some fantastic high-tech gadgetry. It includes a state-of-the-art biometric security system, featuring fingerprint locks and a CCTV system. The interior is equipped with every comfort like a kitchenette, bathroom, and an entertainment area equipped with a plasma screen television, game consoles, and digital photo frames.

Female Travel

Top Tips For Female Travelers

If you are a travel addict, it is likely that you read pretty widely around the topic. Maybe you discuss it in person with friends and family? Perhaps you follow a few blogs or YouTube channels? You may also already be aware of the information you can get from tourist boards and other websites. So, could there really be any travel tips that you have not heard of? Check out some of these below that are considered some of the top tips for female travelers:


Travel is mostly about excitement and exhilaration. However, a lot of having a great time means taking care of the boring stuff too or “worst case scenarios”. Most of us will be happy and healthy for the duration of our trip, but occasionally things can go wrong and we can become sick. At this point, there is nothing worse than trying to research information and locations. By definition, you are not well enough! Take some of the pressure off and sensibly prepare for the worst well ahead of time. Noting down some addresses of local doctors and dentists who speak your native language is always wise. Even in the event that you have internet connection, negotiating foreign languages can be difficult. Start before you go. Use websites, travel forums, blogs, and more to get a good idea of what is on offer. Even if you are staying local in the United States, be sure to make use of sites like 24hourly for all day and night dental care. That way you will see what is available in the area. The chances are that you will be completely well for the duration of your trip, although you will have taken a lot of the stress out of finding a health professional beforehand.


Many people actually admit to living out of their suitcases while they are away. It may sound cramped and inconvenient, and it is, if it is not intentional. But with a bit of strategic packing and logic, it can be a wise move. Many of the items that go missing on our holiday do so in an unfamiliar hotel room or cabin. They can be lost while unpacking or forgotten when repacking. This can be especially true when we are traveling with children. Living out of your suitcase has the advantage of everything being just where you left it. It also saves time on the day you leave, so that you can get an all-important few extra minutes of sleep! If you are planning to try this tip, think carefully. Pack your bag in reverse order, meaning that the clothes you are likely to need last will go in first. The outfit that you want to wear first will be on top. Make use of every nook and cranny and do not feel too guilty about removing the largest items from the suitcase. Shoes and coats, for example, can still be stored nearby. However, the suitcase and outfits themselves can be your own ready-made drawers with the advantage of not having to repack.


Does your credit card offer you travel rewards? There are many available that will help you gain points with airlines or hotels. Some of them are affiliated with these companies, while others are independent. For example, you can get a credit card from British Airways for points with their Executive Club. Or you could earn hotel points with the Marriott Rewards Premier Club. These cards are excellent for earning points as you spend. Plus, being a member of the rewards groups is a good idea too. If you travel a lot, maybe be business, points can add up quickly. Thus, spend a good deal of time looking for the best travel credit cards before you embark! Here is one article that I found especially helpful in choosing the best travel card for me.


Our travel time might be when we want to unwind and revitalize ourselves. So early mornings might not have much appeal. Except waking up early not only ensures that you do not miss out on the day and it also readjusts your body clock so you are less likely to feel sluggish and jetlagged. Many places are their most beautiful at dawn and you can also travel comfortably and safely through areas that would be a no-go at night. Rise with the sun and see everything more clearly!

The Different Competition Levels For Men’s Basketball Recruitment

With March Madness on the minds of college basketball players, coaches, and fans, many high school basketball players have visions of being seen by millions around the country on television while they compete to win their divisional games, and ultimately, the championship.

If you are a male and you currently play high school basketball, you may have dreams of taking your skills to the college level. If so, there are some important things that you need to know about the recruitment process for men’s basketball.

The first thing to understand is there are certain schools where every basketball player wants to live out his hoop dreams. These schools, in no particular order are: Duke, UCLA, UNC, or another elite university. Unfortunately, there are always more guys who are interested than slots available. However, all universities with basketball programs offer different levels of competition. Even with an Athletes USA scholarship in tow, you can have the chance to play at the next level and enter one of the several competition levels.

NCAA – Division I

The colleges and universities in Division I are considered the cream of the crop. This is where the best coaches and the best and probably biggest players are. It is typically not a problem for schools in this Division to recruit players for their basketball programs. Instead, these schools sometimes have a problem trying to convince the best and most talented high school players in the country to play for them instead of a competing school.

NCAA – Division II

Even at this level, the high school players who play for these universities are very talented. Although many of these players have the same level of talent and skill, they are usually physically smaller than their counterparts in Division I.

NAIA – Division I and II

The players in both Division I and Division II of the NAIA are comparable to players who are competing at the NCAA Division I level. However, some of the smaller schools in this division have players who are comparable to Division III players in the NCAA.

NCCAA – Division I and II

NCCAA stands for National Christian College Athletic Association. The players in this division are as varied as the schools, and their talents generally range from Division II to Division III talent in the NCAA.

NCAA – Division III

There are many of the smaller universities and colleges around the country that compete at this level in the NCAA. Although the players who are recruited for these schools are not eligible for scholarships, these players are talented. Just take some time during March Madness and watch a NCAA Division III game and you will see the level of talent for yourself. These players are eligible for other types of financial aid.

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities for male high school basketball players who want to play at the college level. It is best not to get too attached to one Division and accept any door of opportunity that is open to you.

Most Common Behavioral Addictions

Most people like to live their lives with a certain degree of control. This allows them to exercise proper judgment on their decisions and ensure that they do not go overboard in things. When you take away this balanced viewpoint, behavior and the decisions that people make from this unbalanced state, leads to a lot of chaos. For instance, drinking a glass or two of alcohol may be fine, but what happens when a person starts craving for alcohol every day, in large quantities — he or she becomes an alcoholic correct?

This excessiveness lies at the heart of any behavioral addiction:

What Is Behavioral Addiction?

While an alcoholic has liquor at the heart of their addiction, a behavior addict has an activity at the root of all problems. Such a person could get addicted to activities like:

  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Web surfing
  • Eating
  • Sexual addiction

Simply put, it is the addiction that causes a person to lose control and crave the ‘fix’ in larger quantities and with increasing frequency too. Thus, are there some behavioral addictions that are more common than others?

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is one of the most common addictions. Compulsive gambling causes problems such as:

  • Financial ruin
  • Violent acts such as homicide and suicide
  • Failure in social relationships
  • Loss of career opportunities

Porn And Sex Addiction

There is a close link to these two things and more often than not, sex addicts get addicted to watching more and more pornography as well. The only thing that such addicts can think about is the sexual act and they will go to any lengths to get their ‘fix’. Fidelity is not important to such an addict and in these days of sexually transmitted diseases, this kind of addiction takes on several layers of danger.

Digital Addiction

There are a growing number of digital detox centers, such is the seriousness of this type of addiction. Broadly speaking, this covers:

  • Social media.
  • Internet surfing
  • Video games

Such online behavior can actually cause changes in the brain. There are the other problems such as obesity and lifestyle diseases of various kinds, as well because a person can become sedentary.

Retail Addiction

When done in small doses shopping can become retail therapy. But when an individual becomes totally addicted to the need to buy new things ever so often then it is known as shopping addiction. There is also very real buyers remorse. After buying something, an addict can often go through very low phases, regretting the decision to purchase something and completely forgetting the gratification that they got when they bought the product in the first place.

Eating Disorders

Food is the next common addiction that a lot of people battle. Binge eating disorders, emotional eating, and even being dependent on specific foods are all signs of such addiction. It is not just a question of putting on weight with this kind of addiction — there is also the very real problem of people eating until they are sick and then feeling guilty about it and going through a cycle of purging too.