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I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

Have The Perfect Night In With Online Bingo

If you are a mother, you might be used to a really hectic schedule revolving mostly around the household chores and taking care of your kids. At times, you really wish you could take some time off, forget all your worries for a moment, and spend a quite evening alone or with your friends, right?

So, where do go for a bit of entertainment? Nowhere! You can have all the entertainment you need in the comfort of own home and earn a few quick bucks too. All you need to is find a cozy spot in the house to pull out your laptop then grab a light snack like popcorn or chips and your good to go!

Just log on to your favorite online bingo site and get lost in the variety of games and prizes. You would not even realize how time flies by. That is how engaging the games are! What is all the more exciting about the experience is the thrill of winning prizes. You will never know when you can win an unexpected prize. It all depends on your luck!

You can indulge in some witty conversations with other players online and make some new friends. This provides for the perfect stress-buster too! The online bingo community is surely just the place for you and there are plenty of ways of being part of this community.

On GameVillage Bingo, you can interact with other players and chat hosts in their forum or can even meet them face to face in player meets. These player meets are held every once in a while across the UK where players and chat hosts come together to have a good time.

Thus, take a break and play bingo! It is fun to let Daddy do all the work for a change, while you play some fun games and have a night off.

Four Religious Spots To Visit In Taiwan

The Republic of China, or more commonly known as Taiwan, is a sovereign state in East Asia. Located on a very strategic small island, Taiwan was often visited by a lot of people from around the world, resulting in a very rich and diverse culture that is a hybrid blend of various sources. You can see an amazing mix of Chinese, Japanese, traditional Confucian, and Western values in Taiwan. Just like most places around the world, religion is also somewhat influenced by the culture in which it resides. If you would like to visit Taiwan, one of the interesting things to see is their religious sites. Here are some recommendations for you to see:

Taiwan Confucian Temple

The Taiwan Confucian Temple is a Confucian temple located on Namen Road in Tainan, directly on the right side of the National Academy. Completed in 1665, Taiwan Confucian Temple is one of the oldest temples in Taiwan, featuring Chinese architecture and heritage. There are ancient Confucian ceremonies conducted there regularly, which you could witness complete with its ritual implements and musical instruments. The ceremony is something amazing to see and if you do not know much about the Confucian religion, here is a great place to learn.

Taipei Grand Mosque

The Taipei Grand Mosque is the largest and most famous mosque in Taiwan. It is also the most important Islamic structure in Taiwan with recognition from the Taipei City government. The Taipei Grand Mosque was built in 1947 and rebuilt in 1960 following the Civil War between Taiwan and China. The design of the Taipei Grand Mosque is a mix of Arab and Roman architecture, with a total area of 2747 square meters. While the activities held there are not different from what is performed by Muslims around the world, Taipei Grand Mosque is a place to see even if only for the sheer size and beauty.

Fo Guang San Buddha Memorial Center

The Fo Guang San Buddha Memorial Center is a huge Mahayana Buddhist temple featuring a grand Buddha image and houses one of the tooth relics of Gautama Buddha. It is also an educational and cultural place, making the Buddha Memorial Center a great place to learn about Mahayana Buddhism. It is located in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City, Dashu District if you wish to see the grandeur of a Buddhist temple or pay respect to Buddha’s tooth relic.

Luce Memorial Chapel

The Luce Memorial Chapel is a Christian chapel located on the Campus of Tunghai University in Taichung. The building was finished in 1963 and has a very unique architectural design. The base is hexagonal with a tent-like cone wrapping it, rising four warped leaves up to 19.2 meters high. It is one of those unique buildings you just have to see and even experience a mass if you are of Christian faith. The overall energy of of Luce Memorial Chapel is serene and it will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

These are some of the interesting places of religion to see in Taiwan. Are you interested to visit and see them for yourself? If you do, you could start planning your vacation right now. Begin by reserving your hotel room and booking your flights. It is really easy to do now with online booking sites like Traveloka. For example, you could directly see how there are several flights from Jakarta to Taipei, with different times and airlines. If you would like one from Garuda Indonesia, you could directly do an online booking right there. Easy, huh? Thus, do not wait any longer, book your vacation now!

Commercial VS Residential: Which Cleaning Services Chicago To Choose?

When you are searching for cleaning services on Google, you will get search results which contain the details of both commercial cleaners, as well as residential cleaners. It is up to you to choose a service provider based on your need. You cannot hire a commercial cleaner for your home or a residential cleaner for your office. Plus, you need to understand the main points of difference, so as to make the perfect choice.

The prime point of difference between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services is the fact that one service provider serves private homes, whereas the other services commercial properties, mainly office buildings. There are certain commercial service providers as well, who provide home cleaning offers, but the choice is completely reliant upon you. If you think that after new construction, you need some heavy lifting and thorough cleaning, then commercial is the way to go. For simple spring cleaning, residential service providers should be good enough.

We will now look at the points of difference between commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services Chicago. So read on to find out more:

Commercial Cleaning

  • They usually send executives after the day’s work has been completed
  • They clean all kinds of floor surfaces: wood, tile, ceramic, linoleum, laminate, etc
  • They carry vacuum cleaners to vacuum carpets and floor rugs
  • They replace all the air freshener cartridges around the office as and when necessary
  • They clean each and every washroom located in any part of the office space
  • They clean glass doors and windows
  • They mop ceramic, tile, linoleum, laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring
  • They make sure to empty all trash receptacles all around the building
  • They clean the cafeteria, smoking areas, and the break room
  • They dust every piece of furniture in the building, such as file cabinets, desks, venetian blinds, etc
  • They clean all the ceiling fans and even change the filters of the air conditioning

Residential Cleaning

  • They load the dishwasher and wash all dishes
  • They wash all clothes using the washer and the dryer
  • They mop and sweep all non carpeted floors
  • They make the beds and change the linen
  • They change bedding sets every 30 days
  • They water all the plants around the house
  • They dust all wooden furniture, such as, book cases, end tables, etc
  • They clean all the ceiling fans around the house and ensure that they remain dust free
  • They scrub the bathroom floors, tub, and shower
  • They clean all mirrors and glass surfaces around the house
  • They pick up clutter and hang up clothing

Now coming to the prime difference, both types of service providers offer expert cleaning solutions, but only commercial cleaning services Chicago will offer you a variety of services. Thus, if you are planning on spending money on cleaning services, then go for such service providers only. Commercial cleaners are not only efficient, they are also quite affordable due to the wide array of services they provide.

Importance Of Traditional Family Values

There is hardly anything more important and vital to every child than family. Girls and boys require careful and loving parents who will share their love, knowledge, and experience with them. Moreover, family is paramount to grownups too. One can live and work alone, but it is impossible to become a self-sufficient person without family. Even if you prefer being “free”, you will want to have your own children who will continue your lineage. There are several kinds of families. One can define traditional and non-traditional families. Nowadays the popularity of the latter is increasing rapidly. However, it is hard to say what type of family is better to children. Some people defend the importance of traditional families. Others criticize them severely. I will try to analyze both kinds of families from the most objective side.

What is a traditional family? The explanation is very simple. A traditional family is the family that consists of two parents (mother and father) and their children. Moreover, traditional families are always broadened by grandparents who take important part in the process of children’s bringing up. Traditional family is associated with the dominating role of father in its life. A father is believed to be the provider and supporter of the entire family. He makes money and does his best for the good of his wife and his children. In such families, the role of a woman is always traditional and stereotypical. She has to care about her children and fulfil her domestic duties. Of course, this model of family life existed more than fifty years ago. Centuries ago, women did not have solid civil rights and they could not find a good job and make their living like men did. With the run of time, women have begun building their careers and making good money, although still their role in a family is diminished. In many countries this model remains as the single acceptable one.

Traditional family influences children from all possible sides. To begin with, the child is surrounded by his or her parents and sometimes grandparents. Thus, he or she can see the specific model of behavior of every member. They are able to learn about their social roles. When they communicate with their mother, they learn about the female character and behavior. When they interact with their father, they get to know about the male features. In conclusion, the child lives with both genders and their socialization becomes more rapid. However, there is a disadvantage. Every family has its leader. In the majority of traditional families there is a male leader. Therefore, a child treats all women as dependent people who cannot rule and make important decisions, because they see their mother as a subordinate member of the family. This attitude is laid on other women. No wonder, many boys who are brought up in a traditional families are sexists. Traditional families are associated with the strict bringing up. On the one hand, it is a big plus whereas a child learns to obey the rules and follow the norm of life in our society. On the other hand, it is bad inasmuch as the child can possess poor self-esteem and confidence.

Non-traditional families are divided into several types. Many couples decide to have children and live together without being married. They live like a regular and common family, but they do not legalize their relations. This type of family differs from the traditional one with its instability. The second type is a single-parent family. More and more people decide to live alone and bring up their children without the participation of their partners. Most often, single-parent families are the results of substance abuse and partner’s harmful behavior. For instance, women choose to live peacefully alone than to bear their violent husband who can cause harm to her and her child’s life. Such families influence children specifically. For example, if a boy is brought up by his mother, he will not know about the basics of the male behavior and his social role. He does not have a father as the best example of male character. However, no one has the right to criticize this mother who has chosen to be alone. Peace and security of her child is more important than the harmful example of her drug addict husband.

The last kind of a non-traditional family is a single-sex family. Although a child has two mothers or fathers instead of a mother and a father, he is brought up in the same natural way. He receives the same level of love and care. The only disadvantage of such families is the lack of attention and communication with the representative of a male (in case of having two mothers) or female (in case of having two fathers) gender.

In conclusion, both traditional and non-traditional families have their strong and weak sides and no judgement should be made.

Source: Above mentioned essay is prepared by a freelance writer who works for academic paper writing company.

Adventure On The Coast

You are so excited! It has been decided that your next adventure will be somewhere along the coast. You have narrowed it down to either the Atlantic or Pacific Coast, but that is still a lot of coastline to choose from. Let us look at a few exciting adventures waiting for you:

Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Ocean is half the size of the Pacific; making its waters warmer. It also receives more fresh water through run-offs than any other ocean.

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wright Bay, is Ocean City, Maryland, a resort town featuring miles of beach and a wooden boardwalk lined with restaurants, shops, and the perfect Ocean City hotel waiting to accommodate you on your adventure.

North Carolina’s coastline produces the waves that surfers love. National Geographic named Wrightsville Beach one of the world’s 20 best surf towns.

For a deep sea adventure concerning treasure slip on your scuba gear and explore “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” on the coast of North Carolina where entire ships were lost in the night.

Maybe your adventure is waiting along the 300 miles of North Carolina coast offering fishing, hang gliding, sky diving, and kiteboarding?

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water and its name comes from the Latin word “paci-firus” which means peaceful.

Mission Beach is a community built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay in San Diego, California. The community boasts of ten things visitors must do on their adventure inclusive of walking on the beach.

Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are connected and is said to be the nicest beach in San Diego. Add great shopping, surfing, famous paddleboat cruises, great food, biking, and an ocean of many other attractions to add pizazz to your adventure.

The Pacific Coast Highway is known to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. Just the drive at a leisurely pace takes about ten hours to complete without any stops. The views of the coastline are breathtaking!

To add to your adventure, there are many places to stop and visit along the way. The Golden Gate Bridge is a great place to start. If you like museums and galleries, then San Jose should be your next stop along your coastal drive. Santa Cruz is a great stop for walking on the beach with a historical lighthouse and they are also known for the Big Dipper and a beautiful beach.

Monterey Bay will be your next stop leading you out to the Big Sur, which is a rural mountain community with a hipster flair. You will have crossed over the Bixby Bridge, which is the tallest single span concrete bridge in the world and one of the most photographed.

Malibu will be on your coastal route. It is made up of fifteen miles of state beaches. This coastal adventure could be spread out over a couple of weeks for an amazing scenic adventure along the pacific coast.

There is a lot of coastline, which means you will just have to plan more adventures!

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