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I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

Five Tips Necessary To Plan Your Engagement Session

Once you are engaged to the one you love, you have to create a plan for an engagement session. It might seem like a lot of work, but it is not as tasking as it sounds. This is the reason why we decided to ease you out a whole lot by giving you tips that would come in handy when you want to plan your engagement session. At this point, my advice; take a deep breath, relax, and keep reading this post to find out all you need to know.

Pick Out the Right Attire

As long as you do not plan to be naked for your sessions, you have to take your time out to pick the appropriate attire for the entire session.

In case you are wondering what kind of attire you need, just pick out some complementary colors so that the outfits match.

It is also important that whatever you choose to wear must be something you feel comfortable, good, and confident to wear.

Since you are allowed to explore and dream a bit, try as much as possible to avoid what you wear on a regular day. Are you asking why?

Well, the answer is it is a special day prior to the main special day which is your wedding.

Your Hair and Makeup Should Be In Place

Having your makeup and hair properly done is something that you cannot compromise, because you have to look really good in your pictures.

For the bride-to-be, whether you choose to do your makeup or employ the services of a professional, it is important to ensure that you take your makeup bag along with you in case you need to touch up.

In addition, you can make your makeup heavier than the usual since it is an unusual event.

Spice It Up With Adventure

A little adventure here and there would not hurt to embark on during your engagement session. The idea behind an engagement session is to bring your dreams alive for a short period of time.

Thus, adding some adventure to the capture would not be a bad idea.

Trust Your Photographer

I know sometimes you feel like the session is not for you, because you do not think you are photogenic.

All you need to know at this point is that particular punch line is far too common. Just try and relax because the whole process might seem awkward initially.

Afterward, you will be free. At the point where you are free, it indicates that you trust your photographer to give you the best shots and you will get just that.

Feel Free To Be Yourself

Once you are in front of the camera, it is best to be yourself and enjoy every moment. In other words, just play you; after all, it is your day.

Thus, it is safe to throw caution to the wind at this point.

Bottom Line

The best way of ensuring that your engagement session goes perfectly well is to keep these tips close to you while you are planning your special day.

You will be glad you did!

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

A visit to the dentist is not only about medical treatments, filling cavities, and pulling out teeth. Cosmetic treatments or aesthetic treatments are fast gaining popularity, as a means of improving physical appearance. Dental cosmetic treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, whiten, reshape, and repair broken teeth or mend gaps between teeth. Cosmetic treatments include bridges, crowns, implants, veneers, tooth-coloured fillings and tooth whitening.

Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is important to understand what that treatment entails and the benefits and risks associated with the same. You should also find out the complete costs involved in any treatment and also the maintenance that will be required for your specific treatment.

Various Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

  1. Dental Bonding: Bonding can help improve the appearance of your teeth if they have space between them, they are broken, chipped, stained, or cracked. In this procedure, the dentist will use a composite material to fill cavities and to protect the exposed root of the tooth. This procedure generally does not take long and can be completed in one sitting. It is done by applying an etching solution followed by a coating of tooth-coloured materials. This is an inexpensive procedure that can help to get rid of tooth decay, chipped, and crooked teeth.
  2. Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is perhaps the most common cosmetic dental procedure. Over a period of time, teeth can become stained or discoloured, especially for people who consume a lot of tea and coffee and for smokers. After cleaning your teeth and removing all the plaque etc. the dentist will bleach your teeth. This process gives a shiny look to your teeth. However, you need to remember that is not a cleaning procedure and is just a superficial procedure to whiten your teeth. You need to maintain regular oral hygiene by brushing and flossing. Also, if you continue with the same habits, your teeth will become stained again.
  3. Dental Veneers: Veneers are another way of fixing unsightly teeth that are stained, broken chipped, or have gaps between them. Veneers are custom-made shells made mostly of porcelain and sometimes plastic. They cover the front sides of the teeth and last longer than dental bonding and also provide a superior finish. The doctor will take an impression of your tooth, then buff it and then finally cement the veneer in place. The entire procedure will take around 2 visits to the dentist.
  4. Dental Crown: A dental crown or cap is used to cover a tooth which may be broken or cracked or crooked. These dental crowns can help restore normal shape and appearance. Crowns can be made from resin, metal, metal fused to porcelain, or ceramic. However, getting a crown put is an expensive procedure and doctors only recommend these if they are sure that other options won’t give a result that is as good. Getting a dental crown takes around 2 sittings. These crowns can last for a long time if you take good care of them, as suggested by your dentist.

These are just some of the many cosmetic procedures you can get done to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. Some other Cosmetic dentistry treatments are dentures, Invisalign, braces, inlays and onlays, bridges, etc. Choose a cosmetic dentist who comes recommended and is experienced in this field. Make sure he is updated with all the latest techniques.

Getting Rid Of The Unwanted Body Hair Effectively And Safely

Humans have been trying to get rid of their hair ever since the ancient times. Women especially were expected to keep their body free of hair and meet the beauty standards set for them. They have to deal with embarrassing hair sites and locations like on their face, their back, and above their lips. Moreover, it is an absolute must to have no hair on their arms, legs, or armpits.

Women spend about seventy days of their life getting rid of those hairs and it is like a chore that never ends. It is the most cumbersome beauty task, but an important one. Would it not be great if you can get rid of the unwanted hair from your body efficiently and safely at home?

Thankfully, there are advanced technologies and methods available that make the most hated beauty task simple, easy, and effective. Now, there is no need to go to the expensive salons, fix appointments, and spend loads of money on hair removal.

The laser hair removal technique is one of the most popular and advanced technique. The technology has improved over the years, the costs of those laser machines have gone down, and the results are much more effective. The lasers use light to manipulate the melanin in the hair and damage the follicle. Once the hair follicle is damaged, the hair gets weaker and stops growing. One can expect some regrowth and some areas might need to be redone.

One has to be sure if the laser hair removal methodology is suitable for you and there is no one-size-fits-all standard here. The laser hair removal specialist will check the skins, the type of hair as the device may not be too effective for hair which is too light or too dark. One gets the best results with pale skin and dark hair. So, one needs to find the technique that works best for them. The skin tones are placed in different categories. As the paler skin absorb less light when compared to the darker skin, there should be more light available to get absorbed by the hair and get effective results. People with dark hair get the best results.

Earlier people had to visit a dermatologist’s clinic for body hair removal. Specialized equipment and expertise were required to get the right results. However, today, several laser hair removal products are safe and easy to use at home. One can buy those DIY kits remove hair just as effectively at home. You make great savings and avoid the hassle of going to a professional’s clinic. The devices are safe and give you effective and fast treatment without compromising on results. One can get noticeable results within months!

Now, there is no need to get frustrated about unwanted body hair or put up with complicated procedures or the higher costs of professional treatment. All you need to do is look for an FDA approved hair removal device and get the results you have always wanted.

Social Media

Using Instagram Comments To Perfect Your Interaction With Followers

Instagram is an extremely powerful tool that, if used correctly, can thrust your business into the spotlight and lead to a noticeable increase in attention for your company, its products and its services. This social media app is currently the point of reference for millions of people who access it several times a day as they look for general news, updates on their favored topics, and information about the lives of the public figures they are most interested in. With an estimated 800 million active users, and that number continues to grow at a rapid pace, it is the social media app for people to use and businesses are increasingly becoming aware of its capacity to be used for online marketing and interaction with established customers and potential ones. 

The benefits of Instagram, apart from the enormous potential client base, include the possibility to engage in genuine interaction on a one-to-one level with the millions of Instagram users. This interaction is priceless as it involves real communication with people who are interested in the content of your Instagram account or the products and services that your business offers. People appreciate being able to interact on this level with businesses and companies as the more traditional approaches to customer service, such as emails and helplines, can leave customers frustrated with the time it takes or disappointed with automated responses. Being able to post comments on businesses’ accounts for the world to see draws more attention to the matter and, with the interaction being there for all to see, it can serve to help companies improve their customer service in a very public way. It is a different approach to dealing with customers and one that all businesses and companies should be aware of and open to as it is certainly an important way to interact with customers at the moment and, as the influence of Instagram continues to increase, the importance of mastering its use does so as well.

The most common ways to interact with Instagram users are through likes and comments. Likes are an instant way of getting positive feedback from your followers. If you add content to your profile and someone who sees it wants to show their interest or appreciation, they will give it a like. It is a simple, rapid, and effective way to give positive feedback to fellow Instagram users. The importance of Instagram likes cannot be understated and it is something you will probably have heard before. Tailoring your content so that it can get likes is one important way to raise your Instagram profile. However, this article wishes to stress the importance of another form of Instagram interaction: comments.

Using comments to engage with users

Comments are another important way of interacting with your followers for many reasons. As with likes, you can see the comments that are left on your content and you will be informed of this by Instagram. Comments can be varied. Some may express their approval for the content you have added while others may be more interactive, such as asking for more information regarding the content. This is the perfect opportunity for any business using Instagram to hone their interacting skills as it involves genuine interaction with people interested in the product or service featured in the content. It is an opportunity to make a good impression as other Instagram users will undoubtedly be looking at how your business treats its followers and how open to dialogue and how willing to engage in it you are. It is also an indicator as to how helpful a business is and how far they are ready to go to assist their followers or customers in their queries. It cannot be underestimated how useful this is for businesses looking to attract new followers who can then be turned into new customers. As in the physical world, businesses can thrive or flounder on the reputation of their customer service. 

What to do with Instagram comments

The important thing about comments is to respond to them. People are taking their time to reach out to you and it’s important for you, as a business, to respond and make a good impression. You want Instagram users to feel that they can get in touch with you and that they will be listened to if they do so. As such, you need to take the time yourself to respond to those who make the effort to get in touch while also making the comments genuine and related to the person in question. Don’t copy and paste automated responses, this leaves a bad impression and people won’t be encouraged to post comments if they think they are going to get an automated response.

Instagram comments give you and your business the chance to demonstrate how well you interact with your followers and customers so it is important to get them and deal with them in a way that leaves the user satisfied. When you are starting out, you might not get many comments so one way to solve this is to buy them. is one site that lets you buy Instagram comments. These comments come from real Instagram users and can be used to show off your business’ customer service skills. Once Instagram users see how you interact with other real users, they will be encouraged to post comments of their own and your reputation for dealing with followers will improve. Interaction with comments is an important way for you and your business to increase your profile and develop your relationship with your followers.

Save money while traveling

Seven Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Traveling makes a person happy. It helps to explore the world the way you want. Meeting new people, tasting new taste buds, exploring the beauty of nature, getting to know the varied culture each country/community follow, all this is just the regular thing if you are a random backpacker. The most important factor lies in planning the travel and enjoying it in the most inexpensive way. There are many factors to consider before you start planning for any travel. No matter where you travel, how long you travel, all that matter is how much you make your trip effective by spending less.

Well, there is no point in traveling around the world and ending up broke. You should be smart enough to save money while you explore different places. There are many ways to save money compiled by various people who travel like the nomads. Keeping them aside, here are seven ways to save money while you keep exploring new places:

Choose offseason

Well, when you plan for a trip, it is good if you choose the offseason for things will be much cheaper including the flight tickets, room cost, etc. You can escape from a large crowd and the unavailability crisis as well.

Be flexible with your plans

You must be well planned before you start off with the journey, but things might not favour you always. So, you should be flexible with your plans. Certain situations can arise that you cannot control, and you need to adjust to deal with it. Either you be flexible with the location or be flexible with the timing. Do not go for both! The trip will get spoiled.

Compromise on elite facilities

You are off to explore new places and you are bound to spend money on food, accommodation, etc apart from the travel expense for tickets and another mode of transportation. Compromise on your stay and choose for a local room or a dormitory, which you think is safe enough for you to take some rest. Likewise, you can save money. Do not spend too much on rooms. You can also try for online booking of rooms. A lot of discounts are options are available for you and even you can spend money also for only the duration you use the rooms. You can make hotel reservations in prior if you find good deals online.

Be a thrifty diner

When you visit any new place, you are more likely to explore not just the beauty of the place, but the food as well. You got to know that the authentic taste of a place can be tasted not from the best restaurants of that place but from the local vendors. They make the best local taste and they are cheap enough. If the motto of your trip was not exploring the cuisine, you can very well depend on those yummy local taste and enjoy the trip with money in your pocket.

Prefer the cheapest transportation

Local trains, buses, carpooling, etc are the best ways to explore new places at the cheapest rates. You will meet local people and will know the place better including the cheapest place to stay, for food, etc. This way your wallet does not become lighter very soon.

You can check for discounted train or bus tickets for travelers like the ones you get by using Oyster cards at London during the non-peak hours. You can also enjoy discounts if you buy 10 tickets together in Paris. These are some of the tips in which you can save money on your transportation.

Bargain while you go shopping

One is more likely to spend too much on shopping especially when you visit new places. Become the savvy shopper and show your bargaining skills to save your pocket. Those traditional shops might find your interest but do not fall for them as they could be pricey and you end up spending more than what had expected.

Instead, go street shopping. You will get all the crafted products at a much lesser price. Do a research for the best items you can buy only from that place at cheap rates. This will help you buy the right products without spending much.

Enjoy any free entertainment

Theatre plays, street shows, concert at open parks, free seminars, talks — you will find any of these happening anytime during your visit to any foreign country. They should be of free entry and you can watch out for the traditional culture and music and lot more of the place you visit. The weekends will have these hosted and they are a real crowd puller. You can enjoy the large crowd, as well as enjoy a perfect entertainment.

These are some of the known best ways to save your pocket when you are on the go. A much higher planning on the budget too helps you saves your pocket.