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I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

What It Means To Care For Your Mental Health

Your mental health and wellbeing are what allow you to live a happy life. The thoughts that take up your mind affect everything you do, from how you perform at work, the activities you pursue in your spare time, your relationship with loved ones, and so on. 

It is paramount that you care for your mental health, and there are a number of steps you can follow in order to achieve this. 

Something as simple as talking to friends and family members can have an effect on you, in addition to your ability to pursue personal happiness. Moreover, you must learn how to maintain a glass-half-full mentality and get the necessary medical help when it is needed.

Talk to friends and family members 

How often do you rely on your friends and family members when you are feeling stressed? Your loved ones want the best for you, and they are always there to support you.

You can even become better friends with someone by talking about what troubles both of you. It will create a deeper connection between you and you can help one another through problems by offering the best possible advice.

For instance, after a long day at work that was stressful for you, would you not want to talk about what happened in order to get rid of the negative thoughts? 

Pursue personal happiness

Everyone has a different definition when it comes to being happy and you need to learn what this means for you. Whether it is work related or something that is a result of your hobby, you need to engage in the activities that bring joy to your life. Your mood, then, will instantly shift for the better.

Focus on positivity 

Focusing on positive thoughts and, thus overcoming the negative ones, is no easy endeavor. It requires you to take control of your thought process, and it thustakes practice. Still, you can start by noticing when the negative ones are taking up too much time.

Get medical help

Depending on the severity of your condition, it would be worthwhile to get the appropriate medical help. You can start by speaking to your family doctor and finding out whether or not you will need to take any prescription medicine for a while.

Then, there is the matter of getting intensive treatment at a facility that specializes in mental health disorders, such as The Recovery Village. In places such as these, you will have a team of doctors there to help and support you to feel better. Once you get back on track, it will be up to you to maintain good habits that allow you to think positively and be happy.

There is never any shame in admitting that you are plagued with a mental health disorder. People all over the world face these types of problems and everyone learns to deal with it in their own way. That being said, the habits you maintain and pursue, will largely influence your ability to cope with anxiety, depression, among the countless other health problems. Even learning how to meditate can assist you, in addition to every other factor that has already been mentioned. 

Dealing With Head Lice Removal: What Parents Need To Know

If you have a school-going child, you are probably worried about them contracting head lice. Unfortunately, once a child starts going to school and interacting with other kids, the risk of getting lice becomes imminent. If one or more kids at school have head lice, they can spread the pesky creatures to other children. 

As a parent, you may not have much control over who your child hangs out with when they are not at home. However, this does not mean that you should sit back and watch them get exposed to lice. 

This post will provide insight into how lice can be contracted, how to detect them, head lice removal tips, and measures you can take to protect your school-going children from them.

How Children Contract Head Lice

Head lice are small bugs that are the size of sesame seeds and they feed on small amounts of blood from the scalp. As they feed, they lay eggs and multiply in the hair. Lice can survive up to one or two days without blood. They tend to affect mostly kids in pre-school, elementary, and middle school. Each year, millions of children in the United States get lice. However, even teenagers and adults can get lice as well.

Unlike what many people believe, head lice do not result from hygiene issues. In fact, they thrive in dry, clean and non-greasy hair. Most children’s hair meets these requirements — they are often washed, dried, and cleaned on a regular (even daily) basis. The dry, non-greasy scalp creates a suitable environment for lice to grow. If one child at school has them, they can pass the lice or eggs to other kids during play time. 

Lice can survive outside their normal environment (the hair) for around 48 hours. They cannot fly or jump, and are usually transmitted through hair-to-hair contact. Therefore, as kids play, exchange hats and touch each other’s hair, the lice can be transferred one person to another.

Signs that Your Child Has Lice 

How do you know that your child has lice? The most obvious sign is when they keep on scratching their head even after getting a wash. Lice cause the scalp to feel itchy and uncomfortable. If your child is scratching their head, inspect the hair by running a comb through small sections. If you notice small brown insects the size of sesame seeds, your child has lice. You may want to check the rest of your kids just to be sure that they have not contracted the lice as well. 

Child-Friendly Lice Treatment Options

If your child has lice, you need to treat them immediately. Failure to provide immediate treatments causes them to multiply, and this increases the risk of them passing on the insects to other people. There are numerous lice treatment shampoos on the market today. Always look for treatments that are 100% natural, non-toxic, and free of any dangerous pesticides.

You can also visit a head lice treatment specialist that can perform professional removal procedures such as hot air treatments and nit combing. Going with a specialist providing lice removal services gives you a higher success rate, compared to the use of regular shampoos and other DIY treatments. Additionally, the expert will perform further routine checks and provide valuable tips on how to prevent a re-infestation.

How to Prevent Head Lice 

As aforementioned, most kids contract head lice from other children they interact with. Therefore, you can caution your child against sharing hats, combs, hair pins, or even touching another person’s hair. If a child at school has lice, check yours to make sure that they have not contracted these little insects. Additionally, wash their headgear, scarves, and clothes in water that is at least 130 degrees to kill any lice that may have been transferred.

Head lice can be a menace for most parents. The best way to be safe is to check your child’s hair regularly for lice and advise them against actions that could increase the risk of infestation. If there is a child who has untreated lice in school, you may want to keep your child at home until treatment has been sought by the concerned parent.

Little Items That Make A Big Difference To How Good You Look And Feel

Paying attention to the little details is important for your look. When you do that, you end up standing out from the crowd for all of the right reasons. Here is a list of those small items that can make a big difference to your overall look:

Treat yourself to some new hosiery

I am going to start with hosiery. Simply because these very important items are the ones most people forget to consider when putting together their outfits. As you can see here buying the right socks, tights, or stockings for you is not difficult. There is plenty of choice and these items of clothing are not at all expensive. 

So, there is no reason why you should not buy socks to match your new trousers or invest in a few pairs of 10 denier tights to finish off your new suit. Or, treat yourself to a pair of tummy shaping tights to wear with your best dress.

The right jewelry

Dressing up your outfits with some costume jewelry is a great way to add a touch of class. There is an amazing choice available. So, it is not hard to find something that you like. When looking for something suitable online try using search terms that include a genre, for example, hip-hop jewelry or steam-punk jewelry. When you do this, you will find that you uncover more unusual pieces. This makes it really easy for you to add more of a personal touch to your outfit.

The right handbag

It is always worth updating your handbag and spending a little extra when you do so. After all, this is the one item that you have with you all day, every day. When you go shopping for your handbag take the time to look around and find one that is versatile enough to fit in with as many of your outfits as possible.

Good quality footwear

Regardless of whether you choose to wear shoes, boots, or trainers always buy a good quality pair. They need to be comfortable and easy to keep clean.

A belt

If you like belts, be sure to buy a couple of new ones each time you change up your look.

Invest in some shape wear

You want your clothes to hand well. So, if you have a few bumps and bulges consider investing in and wearing some good quality shapewear.

Uncover new ways to wear what you already own

Finding new ways to wear your favorite clothes is another way to stand out from the crowd. Plus, it gives you a chance to wear the clothes you love more often. This short video provides you with five clever ideas to help you to do exactly that.

How to choose the right accessories for you

If you would like more advice about buying accessories, you can find it here. I wrote that article a couple of years ago, but the tips I share there are just as relevant today. 

How To Handle Difficult Teenage Behavior

As any parent who has gone through the teenage years with their child will tell you, dealing with teens is not easy. While true, that is not exactly helpful when you are right in the thick of it and dealing with disrespectful teenage behavior. The techniques you used on them when they were younger no longer seem to work and before you know it their behavior can feel out of control and you are left scrambling trying to get some order back in the household.

The good news is that there are productive, effective, and positive ways to deal with a disrespectful teen that will create a happier home life for all. Let us take a closer look:

Try to Be a Positive Role Model

One of the first things you will want to be aware of is your own actions. It is up to you to model positive and good behavior, so that your teen understands what sort of actions are acceptable. For example, if you are yelling at your teenager about them constantly raising their voice at you, it is important to pause and look at the irony of the situation. 

Getting on their case for behavior that you are guilty of yourself just does not make sense. You should model good behavior, rather than simply preaching about it.

Understand They are Dealing with a Lot of Emotions

As a teenager, there is no doubt that they are dealing with all kinds of emotions that can be confusing, scary, overwhelming, and exciting. With so much going on in their head, it can feel as though they are losing control sometimes and that they do not know if they are coming or going. This is where it is important to be supportive, show you are there for them and be willing to listen to them and allow them to vent. By letting them get their emotions off their chest, it can help them to feel more relaxed.

Do Not Stress the Small Stuff

While you do not want to let the big stuff go by without acknowledging it, it is not necessary to get worked up about everything. Small remarks, eye-rolling here and there, and mild jokes are not the end of the world. In fact, this is part of a teenager learning to think for themselves, be assertive and independent, which you want them to be. It is just a matter of them learning how to do so in a respectful manner.

Sometimes it can be helpful to take a moment and breathe, take a step back, and ask yourself if you are overreacting to a situation.

Point Out the Good Behavior

Rather than only pointing out the negative behaviour, make it a point to acknowledge their good behavior. You are helping them to see what is considered appropriate behavior and you are rewarding it.

It Is a Challenging Process

Raising a teen is no easy task. It is challenging and it can be frustrating, to say the least. It is important to try to keep a cool head, model the kind of behavior you want them to show, and remind yourself that the teenage years will not last forever!

Exploring Ohio’s Lake Erie

When you think of a vacation in Ohio, an island is likely the last idea that comes to most people’s mind. To many, Ohio is known for its famous Cedar Point Amusement Park, The NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers & LeBron James, and unfortunately the home of the Cleveland Browns Football team who went a perfect 0-16 last season. 

Despite your idea of what Ohio may have to offer, there actually are five inhabited islands in Ohio’s Lake Erie. South Bass Island is home to the village of Put-in-Bay, aptly nicknamed the Key West of the North. Over 1 million people visit this freshwater retreat every season according to the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau. From April to November the island is one of the area’s number one travel destinations.

You cannot drive there, but here are several ways to get to the island including a private plane or boat, or one of the island’s commercially operated ferry boat services. Once you have arrived, it is like a step back in time to a more carefree era. You will not find a single stoplight on the island and the only traffic you will run into are the hundreds of Put-in-Bay Golf Carts and bicycles that are used to get around the island by tourists and locals alike. Cars on the island are discouraged although if you are willing to pay the fee and wait in line, you can get one there.

The island is home to Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, the 3rd tallest Doric Column in the world. It commemorates the historic battle fought and won by Oliver Hazzard Perry against the British during the War of 1812. Today the 352-foot-tall column features an observation deck where visitors can ride an elevator to the top and enjoy stunning views. On a clear day you can see as far as Detroit, Toledo, and Cleveland. The remains of three soldiers are buried beneath the memorial to commemorate the everlasting peace along the United States longest unprotected border with Canada.

Put-in-Bay offers a wide variety of things to do. In fact, there are more things to do in this 2.5 mile by 5-mile island than most vacation destinations could hope to offer. Both adults and children will have no shortage of activities including two different cave tours, winery tours, jet ski and boat rentals, parasailing, fishing charters, a 9-hole golf course, a butterfly house, and more. An antique car parade averages over 200 vehicles and is the highlight of each Sunday afternoon and holiday. The island has been protected from over development by a well-organized Lake Erie Island Conservancy who managers five large parcels of land that host walking and nature trails.

An annual Boy Scout Camporee brings thousands of Boy Scouts who pitch tents on the monument grounds for a weekend on the island. Each September, hundreds of vintage road racing cars make their way to the island where the Put-in-Bay Airport is closed and converted into a thundering road race course for 2 days of competition. Into October, and the island is host to Ohio’s largest Halloween Party which signals the end of the season.

You will not find chain restaurants or run of the mill tourist shops here. Instead, shopping on the island is an experience of it’s very own. Numerous privately-owned shops and boutiques line the streets with unique wares and a personalized experience you could only have at Put-In-Bay. It is like a walk down main street in small town America 40 years ago. You will find our local hardware store, one bank, one gas station, and a local grocery. Ice cream parlors, soda shops, and homemade fudge are just a few of the items you will find downtown in one of the many restored Victorian structures from the 1800’s. 

The island offers a wide variety of dining experiences, many of which serve the local favorite, Lake Erie Perch, and Walleye. In the evening hours, over 30 liquor establishments serve up a wide variety of nightlife from country to dance and nationally known touring artists. 

There are several Put-in-Bay Hotels and resorts on the island offering modern accommodations. The Put-In-Bay Resort and Conference Center is the largest and is home to Put-in-Bays highly popular swim-up pool bar, The Blue Marlin Bar. Bed & Breakfasts are scattered throughout the island and a few rental homes are available, but downtown is the place to be and be seen.

In the winter months, the population shrinks from peaks of 30,000 people to around 600 people who brave the winter on the island. A few of those winter months, the only way on or off the island the small passenger planes, which service the remote island and provide milk, mail and other perishable products.

Very few places have as much bang for your buck as this tiny island in Ohio and its one that will not break the bank visiting. As a bonus, Cedar Point is just a short ferry ride away, but that is another story.