Buenos Aires

The Day My Husband Became A United States Citizen

United States Citizenship
December 7, 2015
I was not going to write about the day my husband became a United States citizen, as I had already blogged about the harrowing journey we had both gone through to get to this moment and I did not want to say anything more on the subject. However, I found the...

Family Photo Shoot

May 10, 2015
Every single mother I know had warned me that photo shoots with babies never go as planned. I, of course, decided not to listen to them, because Joaquín is always smiling and laughing. However, sure enough, the second our photographer turned the camera on him he began to cry and...

Review: Lauren Taylor Creates

April 9, 2015
I love how small the world is! A couple of weeks ago, a blog follower named Lauren Taylor, reached out to me to say that she was moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the same time she was moving there, my brother was visiting, thus I introduced them to each...

La Abuela’s Arrival

March 22, 2015
Most Americans take for granted the ease at which they can travel the world. Very few countries require a visa and those that do make it simple to obtain. I was one of those unaware Americans, until I met my Argentinean husband, Lucas. As if thousands of miles between us were not...

A Photographic Look At My Adventures In Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 16, 2014
Even though I have been to Buenos Aires, Argentina nearly twenty times now, I am still continuously discovering something new about it and I always leave wanting to return for more.  It has taken me nine years, but I finally realized that the Paris of the South is my "city...