Celebrating National Lighthouse Day With SeaPak

Morris Island Lighthouse
August 4, 2016
If you have been following My Beautiful Adventures, then you would know just how passionate I am about the ocean. Thus, I was elated when SeaPak reached out to me about joining them in support of their partnership with the United States Lighthouse Society by promoting the importance of lighthouse education...

How to Help Your Child Stay Safe Online

July 29, 2016
Openly and regularly talking to your child about the potential dangers of going online is the best way to make sure that they stay safe when browsing the web. You might find it helpful to gather the family in order to have a discussion in order to set boundaries for...

Jumping For Joy With Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Trampoline Grand Opening In Charlotte, North Carolina
July 17, 2016
Recently, I was invited to the Grand Opening of the Charlotte, North Carolina Springfree Trampoline store. I hope some of my readers were able to make it to the event, as it sure was a lot of fun! Over a hundred people showed up to the event. Everyone I spoke...

Springfree Trampoline Grand Opening In Charlotte, North Carolina

Springfree Trampoline Grand Opening In Charlotte, North Carolina
July 13, 2016
Greetings to all of my followers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. I am proud to announce that on this Saturday, July 16th, from 12-5PM you will find me the Springfree Trampoline Grand Opening. Please come join us for an interactive Day of Play! The internationally-recognized trampoline manufacturer, Springfree Trampoline,...

A Year And A Half With Joaquín

Joaquín Alejandro Ledesma
July 8, 2016
For some reason, Joaquín turning a year and a half old seems like such a huge milestone to me! The newborn and baby days are gone now and he is deeply into the toddler stage. I am not going to lie, I both love and hate this age. It is...