Joaquín’s First Trip To An Aquarium (Part 1)

SEA LIFE Aquarium Charlotte-Concord
September 20, 2015
Lucas and I love aquariums. Whenever we travel to a new destination -- if they have an aquarium -- we try our very best to visit. Our favorite is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, where I once had the unforgettable opportunity to dive with whale sharks. We also really enjoyed the Shedd Aquarium in...

Giveaway: Kids World Map Clock

Kids World Map Clock
September 15, 2015
Before I write another word, let me premise this post by saying that this is my favorite giveaway in the history of My Beautiful Adventures! A lot of love and energy went into creating the perfect nursery for my son Joaquín. Since I am a perfectionist, I thought it was complete by the...

My Dream Photo Shoot With Padàlily (Part 2)

September 9, 2015
I know every Mom thinks her baby is the cutest in the world, so I am just going to admit it... I think Joaquín is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. His eyes sparkle with love and curiosity, he radiates a joy that draws people to...

How To Travel With An Infant/Small Baby

September 9, 2015
One of my favorite people that I have "met" through the blogosphere is Nadine. I put met in quotations, simply because our friendship has only been online and we have not had the opportunity to meet in real life yet. However, I know we will one day and it will...

Review: May Designs Notebook

September 6, 2015
Last week, I won a May Designs notebook giveaway via Emily Ros'e [EM]POWERED blog. My first intention when I began to create my free notebook was to make something for myself. However, two things jumped out at me and I knew this notebook was not meant for me, it was meant for...