Maria & Jon’s Wedding (Part 2)

April 24, 2011
My dream wedding would have been to marry on a beach and since that is not going to happen (though I am crazy in love with where I am getting married), I was happy to live vicariously through Maria and Jon's oceanside nuptials at the Hilton Key Largo Resort! More...

Maria & Jon’s Wedding (Part 1)

April 22, 2011
Almost six years ago on the exact same day two soul mates entered my life.  If I had not met one, I would not have met the other.  Talk about winning the synchronistic jackpot! The story begins with me in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was my first time in South...

Spring Awakening

March 30, 2011
I have some exciting news!  Recently, I was generously gifted a Canon 30D, my first DSLR camera.  As winter transitioned into spring around me, I set out with my new favorite possession to shoot a nearby cherry blossom tree that had just bloomed.  Many years ago I was fortunate enough...