How To Create A Versatile Wardrobe

March 12, 2019
Creating a versatile wardrobe means you can dress for every occasion and type of weather using different combinations of just a few items. You may not believe it, but only 20-30 high-quality pieces are enough to dress you for a whole year! It is often called a capsule wardrobe and, although it takes...

Sportswear as Everyday Fashion

March 8, 2019
Over the years, athleisure has become one of the most popular clothing trends that isn’t showing any signs of dying down. While wearing your leggings outside of the gym used to be considered a social faux pas, right now it’s one of the most fashionable garments you can put on....

What To Consider When Buying A New iPhone Case

iPhone Case
March 7, 2019
Phone cases are an important accessory that can elevate your style. It makes a huge difference when you find a case that not only protects your phone, but also matches your personality.  There are many factors that come into play when buying a new case. We have compiled a list...

Review: Reliefband

March 6, 2019
The day after I found out I was pregnant with Joaquín the morning sickness -- or all day sickness in my case -- kicked in. Every day it seemed to get worse and worse. I kept telling myself it would pass after the first trimester, however I was one of...

The Vibrant Story Of Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

March 6, 2019
When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively announced the news of their secret wedding, all eyes were on Lively’s dazzling engagement ring.  For it was unique just like their chemistry, an oval cut light pink diamond weighing roughly 12 carats and valued at $2 million! The stunning ring is made in art...