Eight Countries To Visit For Beach Holidays

August 14, 2018
Looking for a relaxing beach getaway combined with a sweet car rental deal? Guess what? It is your lucky day! These holiday car rental deals from EasyRentCars offer you a chance to explore some of the most beautiful paradises in the world. Plan your next relaxation retreat to one of...

Are you looking to get rid of unwanted hair? Here are 5 amazing benefits of laser hair removal

June 8, 2018
The beauty and grooming industry has consistently come up with new ways of improving people’s appearance. Recently, laser technology has been found to be an effective hair removal method that produces smooth skin and long-lasting results. According to WebMD.com, laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic...

Money Making Ideas You Have Not Thought Of

June 5, 2018
I i’s often hard to make ends meet, and many of us wish we could earn a little extra cash. Perhaps this includes you, too. There are plenty of good money-making ideas out there, but what about the ones you havve never heard of? Unique money-making ideas do exist. In...

Top Three Passport Stamps From Around The World

Easter Island Stamp
May 15, 2018
Your passport is your ticket for easy travel both domestically and internationally. Begin your passport application with plenty of time before your dates of intended travel, if you do not yet have one. Passports have long made experiencing new cultures an exciting reality and the more you travel, the more...

CURRENTLY | 05.01.18

May 1, 2018
Watching | American Idol and The Handmade's Tail So, I was loooving the diverse cast of American Idol this year, until this past Sunday when my two favorite singers were voted out.  It is interesting that one was transgender and the other was an immigrant. They clearly had the best...