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Giveaway: Canvas On The Cheap

Canvas on the Cheap
June 5, 2018
When we moved a couple of months ago, we increased our home size by almost 1,000 square feet. Somehow, we managed to make the furniture we had work perfectly in our new space. In fact, we gave away quite a bit of it during the moving process. However, what we...

Use These Remodeling Tips to Raise The Value of Your Home

June 4, 2018
People remodel their houses for all sorts of reasons. For some, their houses have either become too small, or they do not adequately meet their current needs. Some people just want to upgrade their homes and make them more modern. Others do so because their houses are literally falling apart...

Are HVAC Service Contracts Worth The Money?

May 26, 2018
Instead of having to schedule maintenance and repairs for one’s heating and cooling units, many people choose to arrange an HVAC maintenance contract with a company that is licensed and qualified to uphold their end of the deal. There are many such companies that exist to keep your heating or...

DIY An Outdoor Entertainment Space This Summer

Outdoor Entertainment Space
May 23, 2018
Summer time is the best time to get outside and enjoy your home’s outdoor space. An outdoor entertainment space can be perfect for patio parties, cookouts, and warm, peaceful summer evenings spent chatting with friends over a bottle of wine. Even when you are not entertaining, you and your family...

Four Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Property In Florida

Florida Real Estate
May 23, 2018
Thanks to its endless miles of tropical beaches, its unmatched biodiversity, and its friendly and gracious people, Florida is an undeniably beautiful state. There are dozens of reasons to want to live in Florida, from the proximity of major attractions like Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center to...