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Celebrating New Year’s Eve In Barbados

Barbados New Year's Eve
April 25, 2019
If you know me personally, then you know that New Year's Eve is my favorite day of the year. I have had the good fortune of celebrating the holiday in some pretty extraordinary cities all over the world, including destinations like New York City, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Madrid, London,...

Things To Do In Kauai: Five Interesting Kauai Activities

April 25, 2019
Kauai is a wonderful island that is bedecked with a lot of fascinating things to keep the body fit, the mind healthy, and the eye entertained. There are waterfalls, rivers, jungle vegetation, and more. The island is so rich that there is something fun for everyone, residents as well as tourists....

Four Ways Portsmouth Works For Family Getaways

April 24, 2019
London might have some of the best attractions in the world, but let us be honest, it can cost a fortune to visit. When you make it a family trip the costs just are not affordable for most. It means that you sometimes need to think outside the box and...

How To Satisfy Your Water Fi On Your Vacation

Charter a boat in a beautiful ocean.
April 23, 2019
If you have a need for lots of water on your vacation here are some great ideas to get you on the water in the best ways possible.  Charter a Private Sailboat One type of vacation that not enough people go on every year is one on a luxury sailboat....

Top Five Cities To Visit In Europe

Paris, France
April 23, 2019
You think you know the world? Think again. This planet is a mix of cultural charms and natural wonders; paths to cross and lessons to learn; limitless kindness and harsh realities. We travel because we like to hear stories and to be awestruck by incredible sceneries. The best continent, home...