Choosing The Perfect Location To Propose

May 19, 2016

Planning the perfect wedding proposal means that you need to take a lot of different things into consideration and ensure that they all perfectly fit together. When it comes to putting together a proposal of marriage, popping the question is not always just about uttering those four little words — it is also about where, how, and when you choose to do so. One of the most important parts of planning your wedding proposal is the location that you choose. Getting the location right could make your proposal even better, whilst choosing the wrong place to pop the question could be a disaster. Here is our guide on how to choose the perfect place to ask your significant other to marry you:

A Sentimental Location

A location which means something to the two of you is one of the best choices to make when choosing somewhere to pop the question. For example, going back to the first place that you ever had a meal together, the spot where you first met, or even the place where you shared your first kiss are all great ideas for a romantic and meaningful wedding proposal with plenty of thought. Along with your gorgeous diamond ring from, a location that means something to both of you and is important to your relationship is difficult to go wrong with.

A Dream Location

Jetting off to a dream location in order to propose is another idea that usually goes down well. Perhaps you and your significant other have always wanted to visit Paris or maybe you dream of exploring the beaches of Thailand. Either way, using a travel location that you both dream of visiting is a fantastic way to bring your relationship one step further into engagement. If you are planning on a budget, a weekend city break to a city that you have both wanted to visit could be a more plausible idea. Taking your hopeful bride-to-be to a location that she has always wanted to see can be a lovely touch which adds even more meaning and romance to your relationship.

Quiet Or Busy

When it comes to proposals, they can be huge, public affairs with everybody watching or a simple, intimate affair just between the two of you. When choosing which of these you are going to go with, it is a good idea to keep your significant other in mind and decide which you think they would prefer. If they tend to prefer not being the center of attention and are not a fan of having all eyes on them, a small, quiet proposal may be the best idea. But, if they enjoy grand gestures, proposing in a public place could be the best plan for you. Do not forget that many restaurants will be happy to help you along with your proposal, for example, looking after the ring for you or even hiding it in the food!

Choosing where to propose is more important than you may think. The location that you choose to pop the question can add more meaning and romance to your proposal.

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