Ten Stylish Side Part Hairstyles For Women In 2017

May 6, 2017

Hairstyles have certainly evolved throughout the past few years. Long side part hairstyles were introduced because of it. This trend can be seen amongst celebrities with slight variations, but they all look fabulous. In this article, I will be sharing ten of the trendiest long side part hairstyles for women that are gaining popularity in 2017.

1) Side Part Updo

This hairstyle comes with many different variations. You can also wear it in a variety of ways. It can be styled elegantly if you want to have a polished look or you can make yourself look simple with this hairstyle. The techniques used would differ from one hairdresser to another, but if you like to give it a go on your own, plenty of YouTube videos are available for you to check out.

2) Side Part Braid

This is another trendy hairstyle, which comes with various styling options. The braid can be done in many different ways. You can have this styled on the side with an ornament or flowers, that would look perfect for a beach wedding.

3) Side Part Curls

This hairstyle delivers a very classic look that matches perfectly well with the red carpet. This is effortless glamour at its best and it does not require any time at all. Even if you have slightly shorter hair you could still pull off this look. In case you are interested in growing your hair, studies have shown that taking Zinc supplement improves hair growth!

4) Boho Chic Side Bun

This is similar to Audrey Hepburn’s classic bun, with a little chic added to it. This is a wonderful hairstyle for all the regal brides and looks absolutely stunning on most people.

5) Side Swept Fringe

This is a very simple, yet elegant look offered through long side hairstyles. This can be worn as a done-up or left as it is, making it a very versatile hairstyle. The side fringe is perfect for someone with a big forehead and can look really nice.

6) Pony Tail And Side Swept Fringe

A very playful hairstyle that looks good on most women. This is ideal for a night out or a glamours after party. The look can be styled to suit your face and the ponytail can be either sleek or messy depending on the occasion.

7) Messy Side Bun

This is another cute looking hairstyle available for the ladies to try. It is a perfect prom and bridesmaid’s hairstyle that has a modern flair to it.

8) Side Fringe With Messy Layers

If you have finer hair then this is the perfect look to go ahead with. The layers add volume and the side fringe will give your face a definition.

9) Side Part High Ponytail

This is another fascinating side part hairstyle, which is spotted on the red carpet. When paired with a bright colored lip, it looks daring. You can mess the ponytail up to add more depth or keep it sleek for a more formal look.

10) Side Part Half Do

This is a very simple hairstyle that Kate Middleton chose for her wedding day. The side part adds elegance and the half do gives the face a softer look.

Thus, ladies which is your favorite side part hairstyle out of these ten popular options? Do not forget to share your opinion with us by commenting below!




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