Seven Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

May 23, 2017

Making mistakes in wedding planning is really hard to avoid, as there are so many things to do to make a perfect wedding happen. If you want to avoid making mistakes in your wedding, you should know about the following seven common wedding planning mistakes:

  1. Making A Plan Without Knowing The Budget

This is a very bad mistake, as things are hard to change when you have already planned for it. However, when you do not have enough money to make things happen as planned, you are going to make a mess of it. So, before making a list of things that you want to include in your wedding, take your time and decide how much money you can spend for the wedding.

  1. No Contingency Plan For Rain

Rain can be one of the biggest spoilers of your wedding if you want an outdoor wedding. Thus, if you do not have an alternative plan for rain, you are going to have major regrets. Having rented tents and umbrellas is a good way to manage the situation.

  1. Trying To Buy Everything

Many people do not know the things that they can rent instead of buying for their weeding. And there are others who simply do not dig into the renting things and make things difficult for themselves. These days, wedding furniture rentals have become quite popular. You can even find antique rentals online to arrange a grand wedding.

  1. Planning For A Very Long Party

People often make wedding parties too long and many unexpected things happen. It gets difficult to deliver the best service to the guests. That is why you must decide the ideal length of the party.

  1. Not Hiring Professionals For Photography

These days, assigning one of the friends and family members to do the photography is a bad idea, as professional photographers know the best way to capture the best moments of your wedding. People who do not hire professionals really regret this after the wedding.

  1. Trying To Please Everyone

It is impossible to please everyone who comes to a wedding. There will always be haters who will criticize things that most people generally love. So, instead of trying to please everyone, try to identify the important guests and please them. If you think too much about what other people will think of something, it will take your joy out of your wedding planning.

  1. Doing Everything Possible To Follow Certain Traditions

Many people are too superstitious and make a mess of things by trying to go beyond their limitations to follow those traditions. As a result, they forget about other important aspects of the wedding.

If you are planning your wedding, make sure you keep all these mistakes in your mind and avoid them to plan a perfect wedding! A beautiful place to be married is in Sydney, Australia. While I was traveling there once, I thought to myself that Sydney wedding venues with harbour view would be the ultimate wedding location. I could not think of a more romantic spot!

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