Five Useful Tips For Feeding And Bathing Your Baby

July 3, 2017

Feeding and bathing babies are two of the main duties of new moms. Many make mistakes in these activities. If you are a new mom and want to take best care of your baby, follow the following five tips of feeding and bathing babies:

  1. Breastfeed For At Least 6 Months

Doctors recommend at least 6 months of breastfeeding babies. You normally do not have to feed your baby anything else in this period. Sometimes breastfeeding can be painful for moms. In case you get uncomfortable feeding your baby directly from your breast, you can have bottles for breastfeeding babies. You can store your milk in these bottles and feed your baby every time he or she gets hungry. This is particularly perfect for working moms. After the first 6 months, you can have one of the best baby food makers and make feeding your baby easy and simple.

  1. Feed Your Baby As Frequently As Your Baby Requires

Newborns need 8-12 feedings a day. Try to feed your baby every 2-3 hours. This way, your baby will not go hungry. Feeding the baby the right way is important. Not feeding your baby as many times as he or she requires can result in malnutrition. After the first week or so, you should easily understand the feeding pattern of your baby.

  1. Expect Variations In Eating Pattern

Do not get too worried when you see any change in your baby’s eating pattern. Changes in eating pattern is normal and your baby may take more food each time. Always respond to early sings of hunger than strictly following a feeding schedule.

  1. Consider Vitamin D Supplements

During the early days of your baby, breastfeeding alone might not supply enough vitamin D for your baby. While only breastfeeding can be enough for your baby, consulting your doctor about feeding your baby any vitamin D supplement can ensure full supply of vitamin D in your baby’s body. Vitamin D supplement can be given to your baby after first 6 months.

  1. Bath Your Baby Safely

Safely bathing your baby is the most important aspect of bathing. Make sure you never ever leave your baby unsupervised in a baby bath tab. If you bath your baby in your regular bathroom, just make sure the bathroom temperature is around 75 degrees, which is a safe temperature for your baby. Not leaving your baby in a tub when the water is still running is another way to avoid accidents. Just 2 to 4 inches of water in a baby bath tub should be enough for your baby. The water must never be more than 120 degrees F. Anything more than that can cause third-degree burns. Hold your baby gently with one hand all the time and bath with the other hand. Have enough soft baby washcloths to use after bath.

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