Tips To Never Miss Your Flight Again

September 7, 2017

Everyone has experienced that fear that they may miss a flight and often the fear can be real. It is not a nice feeling and not a nice way to start any trip, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to teach you everything I know about never missing a flight. I hope you enjoy it and I hope my tips help you on your mission to catch every flight that you book.

Stay At The Airport

One of the most interesting and surefire strategies of not missing your flight is definitely to stay at the airport. I do not mean to sleep in the airport itself, but practically next door at one of the great airport hotels. These are comfortable and a great way to take your time and never be stressed about missing a flight. It was truly a revelation for me to stay in one of the Gatwick airport hotels, because I had never done it before. I know that I will be using this tactic to enjoy a speedy trip to the airport in the future.

Ask Nicely

One of the best ways to speed things up if you are in a rush is to simply let people know that you need to get your flight. The nicer you are the more likely you are to be able to find some sympathetic people and this can really get you far. Honesty and politeness definitely help in these situations and being rude can definitely get people to look the other way and ignore you. Most of all, if you are on the other side of the fence and someone else is in a rush, be sure to return the favor!

Get Through Security

Patience, politeness, and calmness are also another great way to quickly get through security and cooperating makes things much easier than simply screaming that you need to get your flight. You can politely ask others if you can go through security first and remind staff that you really need to go, as your flight will leave shortly. It is also important to be prepared for what is to come with security and this may mean taking all metal items off before reaching the scanners. It is important to remember that you also play a part in getting to your flight on time, so being prepared when you are going through security. If you are really in a hurry you can put everything in your bag whilst in the line and simply take it and run once it has the all clear from airport security.

Run If You Have To

Running through the airport is one way to get around faster and definitely will help you to get your flight. Walking may simply not be enough, especially when you consider how big some airports are. Run if you have to, but be safe, and look out for other people if you are going to do it! Being in a rush does not mean you can be reckless, but hopefully it will not need to get to that point.

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