Guide for Hiring a Contractor for the Installation of Ducted Heating

January 2, 2018

Ducted heating is gaining more popularity across the globe. This is because of the advancements in this technology. As a matter of fact, this system has been found to be more efficient than the conventional heating methods. All in all, before you consider its installation, it is important to understand that how well the system has been installed will determine how efficient it will be. With that in mind, this post takes a look the process of hiring a good installer for the heating system.

Essential paperwork

With a simple Google search, you will find dozens of installers in your area. The one point you need to understand is that not all installers are good in what they do. That is why you need to study up on the paperwork that a good contractor should have. There are three main things you need to look at:

  • Licensing

Depending on where your home is, the contractor may be required to have a license. Having a license means that the contractor has satisfied the basic requirements in the installation of heating and cooling systems. Even where a license may not be a requirement, it is good to go with installers who are licensed. They are more credible.

  • Bonding

This is the second most important thing you need to look for. The contract license surety bond is required for precaution against any unfair dealings and any kind of financial insurance. It is essential in case something goes wrong. This is a prerequisite for getting a license.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance

The last thing you want is to be liable for accidents that result during the installation of ducted heating in your home. The workers’ compensation insurance shifts the liability from you in case the workers get injured while working on your property.

These are the main pieces of paperwork you need to ask a contractor for prior to hiring. You also need to ask for the contractor for the paperwork that proves he works for the company you contacted for the installation of your heating and cooling system.

The contract

Having the relevant paperwork is not enough. The next thing you need to consider prior to hiring a contractor is the terms and conditions in the contract. Before any work starts, the contractor will require that you sign a contract. The contract gives the details of the things he will do and will not do while working for you. Make sure that you go through every clause and don’t sign the contract unless you agree with the terms. It is also good to ensure that you take the time negotiate on some of the terms. If you don’t agree on something, ask the contractor to change it. In addition to that, everything you agree on with the contractor must also be included in the contract.

The installation of a heating and cooling system does not come cheap. Never take shortcuts. Make sure that you hire the best person for the job and use high quality materials. It hurts to have to pay extra to fix problems created during the initial installation.

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