3 Beautiful Billionaire Gift Idea To Wish Your Friend

January 5, 2018

End the efforts of trawling around showrooms for gifts to attend theparty of a billionaire.

Undoubtedly, to overcome this hard time, you might have asked shop assistants. Still, you have no idea about what to gift. Don’t worry. You are at right place to expect a precise idea.

Some of the most regularly used items you can select for your billionaire friend among luxury gift for him/her are adiamond phone, gold earphones, most expensive phone, designer jewelry, ceramic apple watch, and luxury apple watch.

Here is 5 selected considerable gift idea that can assist in selecting the best one that meets your expectations. Also, contribute to reflect your individuality in the party. Now, unfold each idea one by one and get assisted.

#1. Luxury iPhone

It is the integration of precious metal – gold, platinum, and diamond that transform this into theluxury phone. Perhaps, it would be thebest option to selectunder your expectations.

A wide collection of theluxury phoneis sporting. Likewise, other smartphone and iPhone it flaunts over latest configuration like – 256 GB storage, 5.8 inch OLED screen along with accessories.

The things that turn it eligible for abillionaire is the coating of 18K Rose gold, 950 Platinum, and 24K Yellow gold in distinct strategy. Some pieces come crafted with 12.0 carats diamond and keep them sparkling. So, gold phone, Vertu phone, platinum phone, and gold iPad would be an opulent gift for both him and her.

On the ground of coating material type and implications, the price may range from US$ 7,495.00 to theUS $49,995.00.

#2. Luxury Earphones

The earphones with 950 platinum, 18K rose gold, and 24K yellow gold finishing will make the ultimate statement. In addition to thick layer coating, the diamond earphone will definitely catch your attention. If wrapped in the gift, I am sure it will freeze every eye.

The integrated charging case features gold or platinum coating. This turns the earphone into an adorable item to gift. Generally, its price may fall between $4,995.00 and $9,995.

#3. Luxury Watch

A watch is always a precise item to gift anyone regardless of age and gender. If you are going to accompany a billionaire’s party, a gold Apple watch or carbon fiber Apple watch is considerable.

The coating of Gold and Platinum along with carved diamond stone define a new dimension to opulent gift. To select the best opulent watch you may consider the things like – 24k or 18k coating, choice of watch straps, 1-4 rows of Diamonds and the Platinum, Solid Gold, Meteorite or Ceramic material.

Based on fabricating material, coating, and rows of diamond it cost price differs from one piece to another.

Final Words

Ultimately, you have got a list of three lovely opulent stuff to gift a billionaire. These are not least, but a plethora of items are there to choose. So, before buying a gift, better would be to analyze the authenticity and quality of the product available. You can consider Feld volk, Gold genie, Rose Gold iPhone, and an expensive engagement ring.

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