The Ten Craziest Winter Sports You Have Never Heard Of

March 21, 2018

It has been a few weeks now since the end of the Winter Olympics and you may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms or looking for your next icebound fix. If champions sliding down narrow tunnels on nothing more than a tin tray are your thing or you have wondered at the skill and artistry of those snowboarding experts, here are some more winter sports you might like to try on snow and ice if you have the nerve:

Wok Racing

Did you not know that your wok was not just for cooking? In places like Austria and Germany, they have found it makes the perfect sled. While trying to control your route downhill can be challenging and you will reach speeds of 100kph, you will not find a cheaper and better way to get a quick thrill. In other parts of the world, they swap the wok for a shovel, which can be a little easier to steer, but no less dangerous.

Kayak Racing

If sitting astride your wok seems a little too perilous, you will get a bit more protection by jumping in a kayak. This is popular in countries such as Poland and the US and, though you only get up to speeds of 60kph, there is a lot of fun to be had. In Austria they are more prone to jump on their snowboard, but often combine it with a hefty kite to drag them along.


Something that sounds a lot more fun than risking your life is combining skiing with a helpful husky. While going cross country is hard on the body, in Alaska and Scandinavia, they hop on their skis and then hook up to a dog or horse to help pull them along.

Ice Cross

If you are lucky enough to visit an area where the lakes and rivers freeze over, then you might like to try going cross country on your ice skates. This began in the US, but has spread to regions like Finland and even Northern Ireland. It has its own events too, the most famous of which is Red Bull’s Crashed Ice.

For those looking to have fun with snow and ice, there are a whole list of strange and wonderful sports and activities that you can take part in. You can see the full list of sports on Crystal Ski’s website.


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