Stevia is not only sweeter than sugar, but its superlative qualities support better health

June 15, 2018

Stevia is better than sugar, and you should not have any doubts about it.  The natural sweetener Stevia comes from a plant Stevia rebaudiana, grown extensively in Paraguay and Brazil. The natural sweetener has been in use for almost 500 years, and currently, the popularity of Stevia is rising rapidly. The reason behind the popularity is the urge of people seeking alternatives to refined sugar that is loaded with calories and serious health effects.  Some of the best Stevia products available in the market offer the benefits of a healthier sweetener that is sweeter than sugar. Stevia is not only sweeter than sugar but also better in many other respects.

Sweeter than sugar

The Stevia leaves are 40 times as sweet as sugar and the Stevia products available in powder form and as drops can be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Bear this in mind when buying Stevia products to work out the equivalent quantity of sugar that you consume. The shelf life of Stevia products is five years on an average, and it provides a good return on money.

Calorie-free sweetener

Stevia will not make you fat – it is for sure because Stevia does not contain any calorie that is abundant in sugar.  Sugar contains Sucrose, which is the source of calorie and you will never find any grade of sugar with low sucrose. Even if it happens, you have to sacrifice sweetness. With Stevia, you win on both counts. Neither you have to sacrifice sweetness nor have you to fear about gaining weight, as you are not consuming any calorie. However, it will be a mistake to consider Stevia as a product that helps to lose it because it does not burn away fat.

Stevia is non-addictive

Sugar is addictive, but Stevia is not. Moreover, Stevia is different from other artificial sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame because although these are low in calorie by virtue of its low glycemic index, it does not help to keep cravings for sweet and sugary items under control. Moreover, artificial sweeteners can have negative side effects that do not happen with Stevia. Stevia helps to keep cravings for sweet items completely under control, and you would never become addicted to it. Stevia is an approved sweetener in Japan and enjoys a large market share to the tune of 40%.

Good for your teeth

Sugar is responsible for dental plaque and cavities because of the formation of an adhesive layer on the teeth that contains bacteria. Polyols are sugar alcohols that you would find in toothpaste and chewing gums that help to fight the bacteria in the adhesive layer. However, polyols are high in glycemic index and calories that invite a host of health problems. Using Stevia would provide all the excellent benefits of polyols but without the downsides.

Steviosides are a type of glycoside present in Stevia that can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Look for Stevia that contains rebaudioside A, another glycoside that leaves a sweeter taste after consuming the natural sugar substitute.

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