Deciding On The Right Feeding Bottles For The Babies

June 19, 2018

Breast milk is great for a baby. It is always available, sterile, and you do not require nipples, bottles, and sterilizations associated with the feeding bottles. Breast milk, moreover, helps in losing weight as it uses the calories. But, there may be plenty of reasons for opting for a bottle feed. You may not get sufficient milk or you may be working and so you cannot attend your baby all the time. There can be varied reasons for using the feeding bottles, but whatever be the reason, if you use bottles then other people can take care of your baby’s feedings, be it grandparents or your husband.

You can find a wide range of feeding bottles that are sold in the market for the babies. You can find curved bottles, straight bottles, angle-necked bottles, breast-shaped bottles, and bottles opened at both the ends. These bottles are made up of numerous materials including plastic, glass, polypropylene, and polycarbonate. The feeding bottles may be colored, plain, opaque, of colorful designs, and of various sizes. You can purchase the reusable bottles, ready to use bottles, and the disposable bottles. As there are so many different varieties of feeding bottles available in the market, mothers often find it confusing which one to buy and also Minbie bottle where to buy?

Purchasing the feeding bottles

Buy a feeding bottle is a little puzzling and it is your baby who decides for it. If your baby is happy with the feeding bottle, then continue it, or else, you have to keep on trying until your baby is completely satisfied with the bottle. At times, the feeding bottles cause problems to the babies like they may suffer from colic or too much air. These problems may not be due to the formula but because of the new bottles. While purchasing the bottles, you may have noticed that most of the bottles are certified BPA free.

Bisphenol-A or BPA is a chemical that is found in the polycarbonate and the plastic bottles. This chemical leaches out when the bottles are sterilized, when hot milk is poured or when milk is heated in the bottles. It is highly toxic and related to early commencement of obesity, puberty, diabetes, aggression, hyperactivity, impaired memory and learning, breast cancer, impaired immunity system, prostate cancer, miscarriage, and sperm defects. So, before buying the bottles, you should be really concerned regarding the toxic chemical. A wide range of these BPA bottles is available, which you can buy. However, if you are not much concerned then you can opt for the glass bottles.

Changing the feeding bottles

Changing a feeding bottle can be both frustrating, as expensive. Different kinds of bottles of different shapes and sizes are available and you have to choose between them. For the breastfeeding babies, the tastes that are similar to the breast shape are good and silicon is softer than the latex. Some of the feeding bottles such as the Minbie bottles are designed to provide support to the breastfeeding motion and latch. These bottles are very helpful, to begin with. If you want to know Minbie Bottle where to buy then search online.

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