How to Choose the Right Silk Chemise for an Alluring Look

June 19, 2018

Do you hate the way sweat messes up all your lovely clothes and leaves them stained? Everyone dislikes this! How can you put a stop to this? The best way is by wearing a chemise beneath your clothes. A chemise is a simple shirt or smock worn under clothes. It was adopted from the tunic that was worn by the Romans. Both men and women in Europe in the middle ages wore it. Men wore it beneath their trousers while women wore it as a shirt beneath their dresses and blouses.

In the modern world, chemises can be worn under garments that not only keep you clean but also add to the comfort that you deserve. They can be worn by themselves as everyday nightwear or for a special occasion. Chemises are popularly called slips these days. It is a light or flimsy piece of garment that is available at all retail or branded stores. They are made of different materials, styles, designs, and colors. Brands and individual designers churn out amazing designs in chemises, which are exclusive and make the wearer feel like the most special person on earth. There are numerous international brands available today giving customers a wide selection of choices.

Chemises can be made from several materials including cotton, silk, and other fabric. When you go shopping for chemises, you will have a hard time deciding what to buy or you might even go on a buying spree just because there are so many options! Therefore, you should have a friend with you that should always help you decide what to wear. This will help you buy only the garment that you need, and you will not regret buying any piece for your closet.

When shopping for lingerie, there are so many things to look out for! There’s, of course, the technical standpoint—does it fit correctly, are the fabrics high quality, is the construction solid—but going beyond that is the appeal of the garment, which is so important to lingerie. That is where beautiful lace and silk lingerie, special embellishments, unique design, and construction come into the picture.

You should ask yourself the following questions before shopping for chemises. Since silk lingerie is the best type of lingerie you can find out there, I will focus on silk chemises.

Does It Flatter Your Body Shape?

One of the first things a woman should look at before buying chemises is their body shape and size. Before embarking on buying that right chemise, make sure to measure your body size to be certain on your measurements. You can check the undergarment you are currently wearing if measuring proves tricky for you or ask a sales associate for assistance.

Measurements will help you find your size perfectly and therefore avoid buying a too little or too large chemise. Remember that a chemise is not supposed to be that tight though so consider buying one that will give room for your body to “breathe.”

Choose the Right Color For Your Skin Tone

I know that some colors such as pink and red are the most loved colors by women. However, when buying a piece of silk lingerie, you should go for a color that compliments your skin tone. Color is a very sensitive feature when it comes to choosing any garment and a chemise should be no different. Finding the right color for your chemise shows that you take pride in what you wear. It’s all about finding the perfect style and color for the occasion.

Everybody and everybody is different. But everyone deserves to feel sexy, glamorous and special. That’s what you should feel with every piece of lingerie. You should feel celebrated every time you slip into any clothing, but especially lingerie. And it can be hard to do so online. Clothing looks one way in the picture but doesn’t fit you quite right. Or you’re just not sure what style would look great on you. That’s why we put together this handy guide.

Follow this guide and you will feel confident an alluring in your new chemise

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