Accommodation Cost Guide in Malta – Various Types of Accommodation

June 27, 2018

Malta, blessed with a bountiful nature, alluring history, and rich culture, has become one of the top holiday destinations around the world on holidays, and even on regular days. Whether you are deciding to spend on for a Christmas Holiday trip, save for your summer escapade, or to just get away from the strains of work and the city life, a perfect accommodation experience and deal will ultimately make your trip worth spending on. Planning ahead is crucial as this will greatly affect your vacation experience, so here is an accommodation cost guide in Malta, specially tailored for your budget.


For those unaware, a maisonette is a type of apartment which has its own entryway separate from a primary entrance in a multi-storey block similar with flat-types of the dwelling. You can find a furnished Maltese stone maisonette in the heart of Valetta featuring wooden beams, and Maltese stone arches and balcony. It has a single double bedroom, a guest bathroom, a simple but cozy living room, a spacious country kitchen all complete with amenities and air-conditioning. All these plus a sight to see at €850. Comfortable and clean Maisonette types may range from €850 – 3,500.


Bungalows originated in South Asia in the Bengal region and were used to originally refer to an architecture of small, one-story houses with wide verandas. Today, bungalows different from country to country, but are usually low-rise dwellings with verandas.

In Malta, you can enjoy these cozy, holiday dwelling, complete with amenities like swimming pools and complimentary shower and changing room, BBQ spaces, and a spacious deck. Its interior has an open plan dining/kitchen/living area with views and access to the pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, generous storage space, and a laundry area. The offer does not end there as this property is fully furnished from its bedrooms, kitchen, and down to the overall system armed with CCTV, intercom, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning all for €2,800! Bungalow properties usually range from €2,500 – € 6,500, depending on the location, property size, rooms, and other features.


Townhouses are terraced types of dwellings and were originally owned by landlords who owned the main residence usually in the countryside (country houses). For €2,000 you can enjoy this well-designed and equipped townhouse in a quaint village. You will be welcomed with a spacious entrance hall leading to a stone staircase, and a courtyard garden. Enjoy the fully equipped kitchen, informal and formal dining rooms, a living room and a second with a log burner, and a study area, all well-lit by natural lighting. Its master bedroom is complete with en-suite facilities, and a double-door leading to a Juliette balcony.

If you are planning to stay in a townhouse, accommodations range from €750 – €10,000, all properties equipped with luxurious interior design, and up-to-date amenities.


Speaking of country houses, villas were originally country houses for upper-class ancient Romans. This type of holiday dwelling is usually preferred by larger numbers of vacationers, with prices ranging from €1,500 – € 20,000.  For €6,500, you can enjoy 3 double bedrooms, a master bedroom, a spacious living room – all fully furnished and equipped – and amazing views of the country and seas afar from its terrace. Want to know more about available accommodation spaces in Malta? More information at, visit now!



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