The secret to keeping your car beautiful and happy for decades is through auto clear coating

August 24, 2018

It is a memorable day when you take your brand new car for a spin around the block, and everyone stares in awe. It should remain memorable for all the right reasons, the smooth as butter ride, the fantastic cushion-like suspension, the fresh car smell and the sun glinting off the new paint on the bonnet. However, are you prepared to protect this memory? One flying piece of debris from the road or one scratch from the stray rock can dent your memory forever. Do you really want that?

Now, science and technology have made it possible to protect such happy memories and your brand new car from the unexpected scratch, chip, Headlight bulb damage and fade. Clear auto coats can preserve the actual color of your car and at the same time create a protective layer on top that prevents sharp objects from chipping the paint. Most clearcoat technologies also have the power to protect your ride from the UV-rays of the sun.

How to avoid the everyday challenges that arise from clear coating?

When the professionals apply a clear coat to your car, it should be invisible to the naked eye. There should be no yellowing, blistering or bubbling even in the hottest of the days. You should be able to park your car outside every day without worrying about the longevity of the vibrancy of the original color. Peeling is another common complaint from car owners, who have tried to save money on the application process and opted for local body shop services. Professionals have the complete understanding of the properties of the clear paint. They also have the correct training necessary for applying them carefully in your car. Visit to know more about the proper material and training needed for the process.

Why should you ignore the costs and go for protective paints?

You can obviously say that the best clear car paints are costly. Sometimes, they can be more expensive than the average second-hand car you can buy Best metal finder under $200 in the US. However, they can protect your new ride for years to come. Interestingly, experts claim that they have a “self—healing” trait that causes them to retain shape on any surface of your car. From the bumper to the spoiler, you can cover every feature of your car-body in the transparent protective coat to keep it new for almost a decade.

What is the science behind the magic of clear car coats?

Now, it is understandable if you want to know what comprises these clear coats and makes them so resilient to the forces of nature. If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars and commission service of professionals to put a new layer on your prized possession, it is only fair to ask what you are opting for. The latest cleat coat technologies use urethane as the base of the paint. Urethane has inherent waterproof and weatherproof properties that can extend the lifespan of the base object.

If you want to keep your car new and shiny after years of use and abuse, clear car coat is what you should go for. It is an investment that can keep your vehicle looking good even when it is vintage.

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