Peculiarities Of Divorce With And Without Children

November 15, 2018

The children are an extremely essential part of every family either divorcing or living happily ever after, so when you are having a divorce process, the children suffer from this procedure the most and your duty is to make this process as smooth as you can. The divorce process without children takes less time and money for the whole process then a divorce with children due to various factors and issues. Let us see these very factors of the divorce proceeding in general and realize, how to deal with the divorce getting minimal losses both moral and financial. The service that is responsible for the well-qualified preparation of the divorce documents in Texas has published a small revision and a so-called investigation of the items connected with the divorce case in general. Here they are specially for you:

Divorce with Children

  1. You should agree with your spouse on all of the child support questions. According to the divorce legislation of Texas, there are several items to follow in order if you want to get a divorce decree in the shorter period of time. The judge will consider the main issues of yours such as the tax rate of each parent, the annual and monthly income of both parents as well, questions concerning your accommodation, preferences of the child to live with this or that parent, etc. The process is not fast at all, because you need to cover all the questions appearing during the whole procedure of the divorce, so bear in mind that children will be fully involved in this situation, for sure, if they are not too little.
  2. You should prepare all the needed documents for the divorce process in advance. If you want to succeed in the current pitiful and power-consuming process, you need to pay your extreme attention exactly to the divorce documentation. All your divorce papers should be in order, every single tiny note should be ready for the total checking. If your divorce is a contested one, you will see that the judge will definitely ask you for all the details of your current marriage, so attentiveness is always a good choice in such a position.
  3. Speak with the children about the divorce and the nearest future without another spouse. You should tell the children that if you divorce with their other parent, you both still love them. Visitation of the children is an obligatory thing, and if you agree with your spouse about it, no problem will appear. Children in different ages react to the divorce in a various ways. They can be angry or rather indifferent, they can argue with you, and even run away from home to the friends or relatives. Remember that you are destroying a family, so the children will definitely be angry with you at first, however, if you explain to them what happened and why you decided to terminate your current marriage, they can understand you rather clearly. With the pace of time every wound gets smaller, so devote your free time to your children and remember about the better future ahead.

Divorce without Children

  1. In such a case, it is just easier for you to complete the marriage and never return to this situation. You should apply for the uncontested divorce, it means that all your misunderstandings with a spouse will not touch children, and the process will be faster than a procedure involving children in the process. In Texas, the uncontested divorce without children can take approximately 60 days, if all the cases are clear, and the court approves all your divorce papers, it can take less than 30 days, however, everything depends on the situation, and each case is rather special and different as well. Your county court can have a little bit other rules of the whole divorce proceeding, so be ready for the various changes.
  2. Divorce without children requires different divorce documents, so be ready to have a slight revision of all the papers and forms needed for this procedure, especially your county court and your case as well, and only after that preparation you will be ready to file for divorce. It is really interesting thing that spouses usually prepare documents for the divorce without children much longer than documents with children. Nobody knows, what influences such a tendency, although, it is a fact.
  3. During your divorce without children you should pay extreme attention to the property share and the issues regarding spousal support or the alimony as it is known in the court jargon. You should remember that property division in equal parts is very rare thing, so all the documents regarding the common and individual property are extremely needed. You should definitely think about your individual cases, because the court will investigate the truth from every corner, so be aware of every single detail you are dealing with.

To sum up everything said above in this article, the divorce process is a rather long and really unpredictable event in the life of every person. When you begin to terminate your marriage, you face different difficulties raising from all the sides. Your very task that is not easy enough is to prepare your divorce case from any unpleasant surprises and problems appearing during the process itself. Be sure in your decision and never go back with your thoughts, because if you have already understood that your marriage way was a wrong one, you had better improve it or even change it completely. For sure, for the children the divorce procedure will always be a strong and highly terrible event, however, nobody stands against your love towards them, and you need to do everything possible to explain them the truth. If you are ready to begin your life from zero, the fate will definitely send you a good spouse who will protect you from everything and love you and your children. Be sure that million of people divorce every day both in Texas and the whole USA, you are not alone in such a position, so be rather confident in your power to begin a completely new and good life. Divorce is not the end, it is a beginning of a new story.

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