Reasons Why You Will Adore Costa Rica

March 25, 2019

Have you considered taking a vacation in Costa Rica before? If not then it is a destination which I would urge you to put at the top of your travel list. I have just returned from an amazing two week vacation there and thanks to the guys at Costa Rica Rios tours I had an exceptional experience, check out their site for more information. To inspire you to book that trip to Costa Rica, here are six of the best reasons why I think that you will love it: 


If you love natural landscapes and scenery then this is the place to find it and this is a country which is truly blessed with beauty. From the rainforests to the woodlands, the ocean to the beaches, nature lovers will not be disappointed. 


More and more people are becoming conscious of the negative impact which tourism can often have and this is why the approach that the nation has is really a breath of fresh air. Eco-tourism is prominent all over the country and they have a great ethos around this, which helps to protect what they have got. For a more responsible experience, Costa Rica is the destination to choose. 


Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, bike riding, whitewater rafting, rappelling, canyoneering, swimming, fishing, and climbing, you name it and Costa Rica has it on offer. We love a splash of adventure with our vacations and this is just what you’ll find throughout the country, in abundance. 


The country knows just how appealing the adventures and eco-tourism is here and this is why they are equipped with all of the required infrastructure to make your trip run smoothly. Transport links from the capital of San Jose are plentiful and despite the remote locations of many points of interest, getting there is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem. 


Throughout the country there is a huge range of accommodation options to suit every need and budget. Here you can relax in an eco-lodge, a plush hotel or even camp out under the stars on a beach-side camp ground. 

Pura Vida

When you are in Costa Rica you will hear a lot of people refer to ‘pura vida’, which directly translates as ‘pure life’. This is more than a saying here in the country and for most, it is very much a way of life. This explains perfectly the attitudes here, the idea that they have it all because what more does one need than natural beauty, a smile on your face, adventures to find and people to spend time with. My biggest takeaway from Costa Rica was this saying and everything that it represents and I am sure that it will be yours too. 

I really cannot recommend Costa Rica enough and I have no doubt that you will be exactly the same after your trip. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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