Moving to Germany with your family: private Health Insurance for Children

May 21, 2019

The question of insurance cover. Private or legal. What to choose, what is the right thing for me? For many people this is a rather boring and annoying topic. Who likes to deal with insurance in their free time? But the choice of the right insurance makes a lot of difference and needs to be thoroughly considered. After all, you should know which treatments are covered by the insurance you have contracted and which treatments you have to pay for yourself. It is also possible to pay a deductible. Especially when it comes to your children, you should be aware of the scope of your insurance cover. However, there are countless insurance providers. For non-experts it is hard to keep track of.

So what should you pay attention to, especially when it comes to your offspring?

Who may or must take out private insurance?

As you may know, not everyone is allowed to take out private insurance in Germany. Whether private health insurance is possible depends on your life situation. Specifically, this means that an employee may take out private health insurance from 60,750 gross annual salary in 2019. This value represents a limit which is called the annual work pay limit. This limit rises slightly every year.

In addition to employees who exceed the annual work pay limit, freelancers, self-employed persons, civil servants and prospective civil servants may also take out private insurance. There is even the possibility to take out private insurance in spite of an income below the annual work pay limit.

You have probably heard of the advantages of private insurance before. As a rule, patients with private health insurance are offered better treatment than patients with statutory health insurance. This circumstance is probably well-known.

Officials are also entitled to assistance, i.e. the employer bears a large proportion of the costs incurred. Employees can also look forward to a subsidy from their employer of up to 50%.

Especially in the field of specialised doctors, private patients have an enormous advantage over patients with statutory health insurance. Private patients receive an appointment much faster. In addition, many practices only accept patients with private insurance, as the treatment of private patients is more lucrative for doctors.

The amount of the costs for a possible private health insurance depends on the offered services as well as the age. You can use these elements or data to determine your own costs from a private health insurance comparison calculator.

Children in private health insurance

First of all, children can always become part of private health insurance. This works even if both parents are legally insured. However, unlike statutory health insurance, there is no free family insurance. Therefore, your child needs its own insurance cover, even if both parents are already privately insured. Sometimes you even have to insure your child privately. This depends on certain factors.

If you decide to insure your child privately, you must pay an insurance premium. However, it should be noted that the insurance premium is significantly lower than that for adults. This is because the health costs for children are significantly lower. In most cases, the insurance premium is less than EUR 150 without deductible.

So – private or statutory?

If you now think about insuring your child privately, you should definitely inform yourself in detail in advance. A suitable source for this would be the PKV children tariff ( PKV Kinder Tariff ) . Here you will find lots of information and comparisons on the subject of private health insurance for children.

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