What is the Instagram Stories Viewers Order and how it counts the Instagram story views?

June 3, 2019

Instagram stories are all about vibrant images and glitzy videos. Have you ever thought that what the Instagram stories viewers order is and how it counts the Instagram story views? Now it is easy to find out who viewed your stories because Instagram has revealed how its algorithm works. But what order the viewer’s list is organized by Instagram. It is a much-debated topic that what the stories viewer order is. A lot of people think that it is based on the recent story views while some say that it is organized on the number of visits. For instance, if David just viewed your story then Instagram showed him on the top and in the second case if John viewed your story four to five times you see him on the top. Let’s talk about it and see what the truth behind it is.

What is the Instagram Stories Viewers Order?

The social media experts tried to unveil this truth and did some test in order to find out the story viewers order. Some people also did an experiment and share their experience on Reddit on the subreddit Instagram. According to the results, the viewer list is based on the how many times a user views your Instagram stories that means the profile you see at the top of the Instagram viewer list is the profile of this person who views your Instagram stories the most. You can view that who view your story by opening your story and then swipe up to your screen. You will see all the people who view your story. The number of Instagram views on the story is the number of people who see the story. While the viewer list depicts who visited you and view your Instagram story.


Instagram tracks video views, and stories views. But only the business account user can see the Instagram view count either on video or Instagram story. The number of views determines the success of Instagram’ marketing campaign. But Instagram has its own criteria to count the Instagram story views. It is simple yet complex and it is the same for Instagram stories and videos. Do you curious how it works? When the post is shown to the user’s feed, how many times a user view this post, a view is counted. On Instagram, video and boomerang will be played automatically and the user can turn off the audio. While Instagram stories are played when a user taps on the story that he/she wants to view. Instagram will count one view when a user watches your video or Instagram stories for three or more than three seconds. But this rule doesn’t apply on the loop videos. Moreover, Instagram doesn’t credit the view count when you view the embedded posts. And you need to view the video or Instagram stories within the app and view from your tablet and mobile phone will count.

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