Effective Lawn Mowing Tips and Techniques

June 26, 2019

Types of Lawn Mowers:

Mowing the lawn refers to the trimming of grass. It nourishes the grass to grow again in a healthier way, remove the dead leaves along with other unhealthy parts. Before knowing the lawn mowing tips, methods, and tricks on mowing lawn effectively, we will look at the types of mowers available. This will help us choose the best one according to our lawn needs. For example, if you choose to trim the grass on some large football field or golf field with a manual push mower, you will be working for days with not so effective results.

There are multiple types of mowers, but we will be discussing five of the most common ones. Starting with the Manual Reel Mower, it does not demand any oil, gasoline to run but it works by simply pushing it through the grass. It is best for tiny places or small lawns. Next up is Push Mower, this type of a mower has a motor and hence, require gas or oil to run. It is typically 2 inches wide and requires manpower to for rolling on the lawn. It is recommended to be used on the medium/ small lawn or 1/4-acre lawns.

Buildings or homes with lawns need to be maintained just a human with food, water, air, and some exercise. This is essential not only to maintain a good look at the structure but also because it contributes greatly to the environment. It benefits the people living in the surrounding but providing them with fresh air, water, and a beautiful environment to live in. It may sound unrealistic, but a small lawn can be a great contribution to the overall environment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a lawn. One of the basic steps in maintaining a lawn is by mowing regularly with certain essential lawn mowing tips in mind.

The third type of the mower is Self-propelled Mower, this type of mower is very much similar to push mower. However, they require no manpower, they can operate and move forward on their own. These two are best for regular lawns in houses and buildings and are referable for flat land lawns and areas rather than sloped or hilly lawns.

 Now the two mowers we will be discussing are best for the larger areas or bigger lawns. Ride-on lawn Mower is also called as tractors. They work similar to push mowers but are able to cut grass more quickly. Their size is twice the size of push mower and the person do not have to put in many efforts but can simply operate it while sitting down. The speed and wider size reduce the time by half and hence, makes them best for larger areas. Lastly, we have Zero-turn Tractor, this is similar to the ride-on lawnmowers. The major difference between these is that the ride-on lawn mower’s steering wheel is replaced with two levers for operating. It requires a bit of practice but once, learned it can be the best mower to use.

Lawn Mowing Tips:

After you have selected the right kind of mower, half of your work is completed. Further, we have the essential lawn mowing services tips that a person must keep in mind to have the best outcomes.

#1-Never mow a wet lawn: To mow a lawn in the early evening is the best option. In the day time, the grass is usually wet and is absorbing the moisture from due and fog. It is not recommended to trim when the grass is wet as it will result in uneven trimming, this will destroy the look of your lawn along with welcoming multiple disadvantages like pests. The wet clipping might also clog your mower and hence, result in ineffective mowing. So, to have smoother grass, you must wait until the grass is completely dry.

#2-Set your mower to high speed: The speed of cutting depends on the type of grass you have. However, setting the speed to highest can help in trimming the grass quickly and neatly as, even if the blades aren’t sharp enough, the high speed would not harm the lawn but uneven cutting. But, it is desirable to consult a gardener to know your grass type before setting the speed of your mower.

#3-Sharpen your mower blades: To ensure the trimming is smooth and won’t leave the grass with cuts and bruises, it is essential to have a sharp blade. Using dull blades will cause the grass to be weak and unable to circulate air, sunlight, and water. This will further affect the growth and will result in dead patches across the lawn. No one wants that for sure so, before mowing remember to check the blades.

#4-Leave the grass clippings on your lawn: Just like leaving the seed in the soil for nourishment, it is advisable to leave the grass clippings on the lawn. Not all, obviously but a little amount of it. It can provide benefits and nourishment to your soil and help the grass is growing. Also. Some mowers have bags to carry the clippings, so you can simply take out a little amount and spread it all around the lawn for unexpected and amazing results.

#5-Do, not over-mow your lawn: It is necessary to know how much to mow the lawn. People without knowing to trim the grass extremely, which would not only weaken your grass but might also kill it. Over-mowing can also welcome pests and other insects to your lawn. It is dependent on the type of grass you have but on average, you must only cut 1/3rd of the grass at a time. Also you need to know the best time to fertilize lawns.

Tips and Tricks:

Above mentioned are the detailed and essential lawn mowing tips and techniques one should follow when mowing the lawn. However, there are some tiny tips that you must keep in mind too. To maintain the safety of yourself, you must wear closed shoes and gloves before starting the work. Always push the mower in forwarding direction. Ensure that no pet or kids are roaming around while you are mowing the lawn to avoid all sorts of accidents. There are small clippings which might go in your eyes and cause major problems so, wear sunglasses or any other glasses for eye protection.

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