The SVAKOM Elva: Giving You the Control You Crave.

July 9, 2019

Want to take charge of your sexual experience? Want to get the best out of sex toy use? If so, look no further. Because we have the answers you need.

For a toy to be worth its use, it needs to pass a “quality checklist.” And the SVAKOM Elva does that flawlessly.

What’s the SVAKOM Elva?

It’s a remote vibrating egg and it’s one of a kind.

It’s got many features that a vibrating bullet normally lacks. Mainly, it’ll put you in the driver’s seat of your orgasm.

For more information, consult our checklist below. We’ll describe its 4 features that allow you maximum control. After that, we’ll refer you to a location where you can get that toy!

First – It’s Remote Controlled.

This is a remote control vibrating egg.

A remote is something you need in any sex toy. It makes “private use” easier if you don’t have a partner. And if you do have a partner, then control by remote is easier than “pulling the toy out” to swap options.

It’s a feature you need in any sex toy – whether it be a vibrating bullet or not.

How the Remote Works.

It’s nothing complex. The remote is designed with 3 simple buttons. They let you toggle between different modes and rhythms.

All you need to do is “learn how to swap.” The instructions are quite simple, and you can switch modes with ease!

Speaking of modes…

Second – Customization.

Look at the average sex toy. You’ll always find that its options are bland.

Good toys offer up to 5 vibration options. You can change intensities, but you’re stuck with a stable rhythm.

And the best will give you 7 options – if you’re lucky.

But the SVAKOM Elva is different. It gives you up to 26 different vibration frequencies. This remote control vibrating egg lets you enjoy it like a live intercourse experience.

Third – Easy Maintenance.

What use is a sex toy if it’s difficult to clean and dry? In fact, what use is a sex if it “gets ruined” by cleaning agents?

If anything, this makes for a sad experience. Because now, your toys have a lower lifespan. And you can’t enjoy them as much.

Fortunately, the SVAKOM Elva is different. This vibrating egg is easy to maintain!

The Details.

This vibrating egg is made of body safe silicone. This is a rubbery compound that doesn’t retain water for long. It’s also unreactive to most cleaning agents and oils.

With silicone, you’re guaranteed a soft and long-lasting toy – that doesn’t get eroded when cleaned.

Add to that the insulation. The silicone lets you wash the toy, without worrying about water getting into the electrical components. You can properly rinse and dry the ELVA, without ruining the battery or wires!

And speaking of the battery…

Fourth – Rechargeable & Lasts Long.

Nothing feels worse than using remote control bullets – only to have their batteries die.

And no, using a corded sex toy is not an option. That doesn’t give you control over the experience. And the use becomes highly uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the Elva solves this issue.

The toy lasts for 2 ½ hours of constant use. And it does so with a low recharge time of 1 ½ hours! This is a toy that you can use for multiple sessions in a row. And you’ll never worry about the battery dying!

It’s perfect for forgetful rechargers who just want to enjoy the toy, and immediately!

Time to Get Your Toy.

This toy offers a lot, and it’s all for $89.

That’s a fraction of what you’d pay for competing models. It’s a bargain and a high value sex toy all in one!

Be sure to visit the SVAKOM website, and get your toy now!

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