The Rising Trend Of Room Escape Games

August 28, 2019

Setting some time apart for playful entertainment is certainly a healthy activity that helps human growth and development. This is why every school has games as part of their curriculum. As we become adults, time becomes scarce and there is barely any room left for recreation and games.

The nature of these games provides some kind of appeal for people of any age. As unbelievable as it may sound, millions of people go online looking for games each day. The number of games in demand does not change, but the popularity of genres, pretty much like clothing and music.

Escape games aim to test your problem solving and detective skills. There a number of categories within this game genre, situating the player in locked surroundings of some kind. Depending on the layout of the room, a different plan for escape is required. You are likely to find a number of objects lying around relevant to the game theme, and which provide clues to completing the game. Themes include a standard room, toy room, princess room, office, spa room, labs, class room, store room, garage, space ship, locked car, lift, and could be anything with four walls.

Thrill and Adventure for 24-hours challenge

Venue does not matter in the escape games. Spotting the right kind of clue is essential when you are locked in. The first step in your problem solving process is to observe the room carefully. Secondly, the player must click on every idle item left in the surrounding area, looking for clues. Certain objects will lock the clue inside by means of a puzzle, which the player will need to solve in order to obtain it. This 24 hour challenge improve many fundamental skills like analytical, reasoning and logic, which is not possible if we idly sit in front of television.

Escape Room Challenge 

Have you at any point burglarized a bank? Investigated an antiquated Mayan tomb? Been to Mars? Been canvassed in sludge? We speculated not… Now you can encounter all these sublime adventures at our riddle escape room directly in your own terrace in Cherry Hill, South Jersey! 

Our secret escape room encounters last from 45 minutes to an hour each and are extraordinary for adventurers all things considered. 

South Jersey kids and grown-ups alike love our family inviting riddles; helping the separated sludge plant begin running once more (and making your very own ooze) researching a tricky pooch snatcher and sparing his cordial canine exploited people, and safeguarding Rudolph the reindeer from a devious mythical person! 

Those looking for an especially testing puzzle escape room in South Jersey, will appreciate attempting to come back to earth after the Apollo 24 mission separates on Mars, breaking into a bank, getting away from a bolted Mayan tomb with a mystery trap, preventing a criminal from wrecking the metro (coming soon), and investigating the obscure (returning soon). 

The majority of our games at the Great Escape Room Challenge are totally protected. You will never really be secured an escape room and you may leave whenever. In any case, our clients never leave early! We endeavor to make each room a one of a kind encounter that you will never need to overlook. The rooms have a sense of security, yet practical and energizing. Will undoubtedly get your adrenaline running and you will be chatting with your companions for a very long time about “that time you broke into a bank and pulled off all the gold.” 


Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are part of the real game master network along with Rebecca Zamolo and PawZam Dogs channel. This Game Master adventure has us solve each clue in this escape room in real life. Rebecca and Matt’s adventure vlogs include 24 hour challenges overnight and giant DIY projects. Our videos are fun and family friendly content.    

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