Five Ways To Look Good In Jeans

September 2, 2019

A good pair of jeans is something that can never go out of fashion. But with the ever-evolving, fast fashion trends this versatile pair of clothing requires quite an effort to stand out of the crowd. Whether you are going for a casual street style or aiming to look like someone out of Vogue Magazine – here are some tips that you can follow to add the wow factor by looking good in something as basic as jeans!

Selecting The Perfect Fit

No one can pull off an ill-fitting pair of jeans – no matter how aesthetically appealing and toned their physique is. Wearing jeans of improper size can exacerbate your look. Ditch the practice of buying jeans from different stores based on a specific size – especially, since all stores do not share a uniform parameter of measurement. Avoid jeans that give a sloppy and baggy appearance, jeans that do not fit well at the inseam or jeans with oddly fitting pockets, especially on the buttocks.

Thus, do not be hasty about purchasing the best fitting pair of women’s pants– you need not have an athletic body to find the perfect fit either. Finally, consider options that do not require you to wear a belt for the jeans to clench properly at your waist. Moreover, well-fitted jeans do not constrict blood flow or movement. 

Choose The Pair Of Jeans According To Your Body Type

This one is a game-changer. You can go wrong with the most expensive pair of jeans if you are unaware of what cuts and embellishments work best for your body type. Butt lifting jeans are getting quite popular these days. But the same pair of jeans can look flattering on a girl but a complete faux pas on another.

Hence simple hacks like going overboard with fancy pockets as well as details like studs and embroidery can add emphasis to an already big butt; hence women with pear-shaped figures should avoid them. Skinny jeans should almost always be worn by petite women or girls with an apple-shaped figure. But the safest option for any body type is boot cut and flare jeans for the variable fitting at the waist and the thigh accommodates most body types.

On the other hand, men can choose from these basic jeans styles: skinny, relaxed, loose, regular slim fit. With the skinny fit being an absolute no-no for a man of any physique. And the loose and relaxed styles can cater to men of a bulkier physique. Or men with wider pelvic girdles. Young boys with a perfectly toned body tend to look best in slim-fitting jeans.

Pick The Fabric That You Are Most Comfortable In

Undoubtedly, one must be comfortable in their pair of jeans to exude the confidence that comes with dressing up well. Thus, picking a fabric according to the occasion is crucial. The best part is that one need not be an expert to figure out which fabric works best for them. Simply check the label for “light,” “medium” or “heavy” jeans. Although the former works best in warmer seasons, jeans made from heavier fabrics are more accommodating to your curves; but they aren’t as comfortable until they soften after multiple washes. Thus durability is an added perk. Checkout the best jeans for apple shape.

Next, when it comes to selecting a comfortable pair of jeans, elasticity plays a key role. A quick measure of determining the stretchiness of the fabric is by going through the materials that were made into making it. Pure cotton jeans are not stretchable, but they last longer and provide with the perfect fit after each wash. Whereas, jeans containing even 2% addition of Lycra, Spandex, Polyurethane or any similar material are very comfortable, but tend to become baggy over time. Nonetheless, they are great for everyday wear!

Denim Washes And Finishes The Accentuate Your Figure

Believe it or not, but the wash of your jeans plays an integral part in defining your look. With dark wash jeans, one can look taller, slimmer and more toned. Whereas ripped, distressed jeans with lighter washes can make you look sturdier. But carefully placed washes – like once in the middle of the leg can give an illusion of a longer stature. Similarly, washes that highlight the thighs and buttocks should be avoided by heavy-set women since they then become more prominent. Hence, if you are a stout woman, then pairs of jeans with darker washes that are faded in the legs’ area are a perfect choice for creating a slimming effect!

Jeans Styles For A More Flattering Butt And Toned Legs

You need not sweat in the gym for hours to create an illusion of a perfectly toned body – a carefully curated pair of jeans can easily help you through. The renowned, Who What Wear fashion editor Katherine Power published an article on selecting the styles and cuts that will suit them best. She used a scale that consisted of the straight yoke, deep yoke, upward arc, softv-shape, and inverted yoke; these styles in ascending order accentuated the butt. With the straight yoke creating a mild impression of by loosely hugging the butt-cheeks whereas the inverted yoke made the shape of buttocks most prominent. Skinnier women preferred the latter.

For toned legs; high rise waists make the legs look longer, straight-legged jeans work best for women with mediocre heights and apple-shaped figures; while super skinny jeans or flared jeans add appreciable curves to petite women and make them look taller.

Bottom Line

It may seem like something as simple as buying jeans can be quite a challenging task. But these simple tidbits cannot only upgrade your closet – but can also add more confidence to your style!


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