What Are The Different Types Of Spiritual Healing?

November 1, 2019

A spiritual malady is one of the major causes of many emotional, mental and physical illnesses. This happens because of our disconnection from the Divine, which is our life force. Our alienation from our life force leads to numerous illnesses in endless forms. The purpose of this healing is to reconnect with the Divine inner centre. This takes you back to wholeness. There are different approaches to this type of healing and not all are healthy for an individual. 

So, you should practice this type of healing with caution. There are many so-called spiritual healers using false ideas.

Let’s learn more about this healing and its types.

Spiritual Healing

It is a practice that restores, harmonizes and balances your soul. It endows you with a transcendental experience by reconnecting with your true nature.

Different Types of Spiritual Healing

Today, you can reap the benefits of different spiritual healing approaches. For example, a shamanic healer cures soul loss. Some healers balance the non-physical energy field of your body. Holistic healers unify your soul, mind, heart and body. These healing approaches are powerful and pretty beneficial. This is the reason why psychologists are also utilizing this healing in the transpersonal fields of psychology.

Following five types of spiritual healing:

  1. Physical healing for the body
  2. Soul healing for the soul
  3. Mental healing for the mind
  4. Emotional healing for the heart
  5. Holistic healing for body, soul, mind, and heart.

When it comes to choosing one of the types of this healing, you have to find the answer to the following questions:

  • What are your current main life struggles?
  • How many pressing issues do you have?

For example, you are suffering from depression and chronic pain. Find a healer for physical and mental approaches. Holistic healing will also help.

If a sense of grief is the only issue you have, find an emotional healing practitioner. Following are the approaches different types of spiritual healing utilize:

  • Chakra healing
  • Breathwork
  • Crystal/herbal remedies
  • Reiki
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and other traditional medicines
  • Meditation Techniques   
  • Visualization Techniques

Heal Your Soul

Many times we feel that something is missing from our life. It is something fundamental. Not all can express this absence of something vital. You might think that you are a lost soul or a missing soul. If you also feel so, you should start taking interest in this type of healing.

However, sometimes, your soul is not broken. There is something wrong but not with your soul. Maybe you have just lost touch with your soul. This makes you feel that you are living in a world with lack of joy that your soul brings.

So, you do not need to heal your soul. You need to find your soul. A practitioner with an understanding of the nature of the soul can do it for you. Or, you can also join spiritual healing courses online and learn different healing methods such as self-care and self-love practices, shadow work, inner child work, meditation and mindfulness, solitude and introspection, soul retrieval, and ecotherapy.   

So, join spiritual healing courses online now!

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