Trekking With Kids: 6 Essential Safety Tips for a Fun Adventure

November 7, 2019

Trekking is a great physical activity that you can do whether you’re by yourself or with a group of people. And when done right, it can be a safe activity for you and your kids.

Not only will this be a time for you and your kids to bond, but it also promotes an active lifestyle for your kids. But although going on a trekking getaway is a fun activity, you should always make sure that it’s safe for everyone involved.

On that note, here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind before you pack up and go to that trekking trip with your kids:

1. Bring first aid kit

Wanting your kids to have fun is something that you want in their life, especially while you’re trekking with them. However, you should always be careful so as not to endanger anyone or get into an accident while you’re doing any sort of physical activity or while on a trek.

That said, make sure that you bring a first aid kit with you. There are plenty of portable first aid kits available and you can buy them in some pharmacies as well.

If not, you can always pack your own. Make sure that you have antibacterial salves, some bandages, any medicine for allergies, tape for wounds, gauze, tweezers, cotton, and ibuprofen.

2. Provide kids with the proper gear

If you plan on inviting your kids for a trek, then make sure that they’re properly equipped to deal with anything that they may encounter on a trek.

Make sure that they get sturdy hiking boots and have them bring their own hiking bags. Aside from that, well-fitting trekking poles are a must. That way, that they can keep their balance while hiking.

It’s not enough to give them the proper gear for trekking. You should also make sure that you discuss and train them on how to use the gear properly.

Ideally, you should bring them with you when you shop for their gear so that you know it fits them well too.

3. Familiarize the area

To be extra safe before any hiking trip, make sure that you check out the area first. That way, you know what it is to expect and what sights to see.

It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the area since you will serve as your kids’ trekking guide. If you really want them to enjoy, then going to cool sights is definitely something to plan for.

Aside from that, familiarizing yourself with the area also means that you know the sort of wildlife that you might encounter while you’re there.

4. Bring a map of the area

Familiarizing yourself with the area isn’t enough. To be extra, extra safe, you should bring navigational tools with you like a map and a compass.

Grabbing a trail map will help avoid you and your kids getting lost. Aside from that, the map of the area might highlight areas of interest like beautiful natural sights to behold so you can get there easier.

A map can also lead you to where you want to go and it will make your kids feel like they’re on a real adventure when you’re holding them as you walk along.

5. Prepare for weather changes

When preparing for a trekking trip with your kids, make sure that you thoroughly research the weather of the area you’re going to be trekking in.

If there is a big chance of rainfall, then make sure that you pack any extras that you might need. This includes extra gear and clothes that you can use for the trek.

Preparing for the rain will help make sure that your kids face the challenge of trekking in the rain without being too stressed out by it because of the lack of preparations.

6. Teach children what to do if they get lost

Nobody wants to go through the panic of losing their child, especially in the wilderness. However, you should prepare your kids for this outcome nonetheless.

Training them and ingraining this in their minds will not only make them more prepared but it will reduce your anxiety and worry during the trip.

Of course, it’s best that this won’t ever happen. But if it does, it’s good to know that your kids know what to do just in case.


Getting your kids to bond with you through activities that you both will enjoy will build a strong family connection. At the same time, it will also be able to build important life skills for your kids that will serve them well in the future.

Just make sure that you do it as safe as possible so that you enjoy the activity without being compromised physically.

Having these safety precautions beforehand will ensure that your kids end up enjoying an activity that you love. At the same time, trekking will make them physically active and will improve their health overall.

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