Why Physical Activity Is Important For Your Kids

November 17, 2019

Physical activity includes sports like football, baseball, basketball, or simple outdoor activities like walking, running, or hiking. WHO recommends at least 60 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. And they also mention that additional time will provide extra benefits (so your kids should not just meet the daily minimum and spend the rest of time sitting and doing nothing). 

It can be moderate activity like walking, jogging, or cycling. Or vigorous activity like running, swimming, or playing competitive sports. 

Physical Activity For Kids 

Kids these days are less likely to spend time outside. Parents are more concerned of their safety, plus they have all sorts of entertainment available at homes. Why go outside and play silly games when they can have all the fun with smart phones in hands. Kids are glued to gadgets like phone or television. 

This is causing many health issues. It includes mental and physical problems like obesity, depression, boredom, and the likes. Any activity, may it be moderate or vigorous, has its own advantages, like sports, running, or swimming, in which kids do not just sit, but move around and exert energy. 

Staying physically active is not just playing sports, however also asking your kids to do the chores themselves, like washing dishes, helping with cleaning, and trying to walk more than driving around. 

How To Convince Your Kids For Physical Activity?

It needs to start from you. When parents are spending all the time and doing everything from phones or laptops, the kids are bound to follow in the parents’ footsteps. It is important to set an example for kids than asking them to go out for sports or any other physical activity. 

Set a time for kids in which they spend some time staying physically active. It can be a sport or any activity which they find more exciting. Like swimming, running, cycling, skating, playing cricket, basketball, or even going to the park and playing games with friends like hide and seek, running race, and many more. 

If your kids are too addicted to gadgets, just minimize the time for it. It is better to make a routine for kids than changing the pattern every day. 

Healthy food also keeps the kids more physical active than junk food, try to prepare food at home and avoid processed food. Add more veggies and fruits in their diet.

How Will It Help Your kids? 

By staying physically active kids will be healthier both physically and mentally. Why? Because when kids indulge in sports and try to stay active, it can ultimately be beneficial for their growth. When the body moves, it keeps the heart healthy, bones strong. It keeps them away from psychological disorders like depression, anxiety and helps in anger management. It is also helpful in various ways like:

  • Improves mental health
  • Kids score well at school, because it refreshes the mind and body and kids work more efficiently
  • It changes mood and you feel good about yourself 
  • Good for self esteem and builds up confidence 
  • Better sleep pattern 
  • Good immunity 
  • It is good for the skin and hair, also because when the body stays active, the blood flows more efficiently and that is the natural way of getting rid of a lot of diseases and problems

It is really important for your kids to stay active. If you want a healthy, happy, and active kid just convince them to get up and start staying physically active. And try to walk and move more often than asking others to do their chores. Try to give your kids little responsibilities, which include more physical activities, like helping in the kitchen, setting the table before serving food. Parents usually spoil their kids in love by putting them in a very comfortable environment. They try to keep them at home in front of their eyes. 

It is better if parents go out with kids and convince them to take part in physical activities even if parents find it hectic in their routine.  

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