How To Check Fake Adidas Shoes

December 7, 2019

Adidas is well known for supplying the best shoes in the world, and when some company provides and delivers the best service its competitors try to create its copy.

Adidas since the last few years is facing this issue and consumers are complaining about the uncontrollable phenomenon.

In this article, I have mentioned some tips, which can be followed in order to get thee original Adidas shoes. You can skip some of them, but you must check the article while buying, even if you trust the vendors, because you never know when they have started to play tricks on some loyal customers.

In conventional shopping there is a very low risk of fake shoes, but when it comes to online shopping you never know. Here is a guide to know the difference between Adidas superstar fake vs real.

Each company has some features which are designed on purpose to keep their brand unique and different from others, such as Yeezy. Check here to find the best fake yeezys. Adidas also has these properties and you must make sure that you are already familiar with those products. If you are a new buyer, then you must contact the company or some regular buyers to know the main features of those shoes. Read about shoe rack ideas or shoe storage ideas here.

There is a risk altogether, but at the end of the day the only thing you can do is to check the online pictures. This can be one thing, but there are many other ways as well, which I will gradually discuss in this article.

1.    Check the pictures

If you are buying something online, then make sure that you have tried to check the texture of the product from as close as possible.

If you are buying the shoe from any other online vendors then go to the official site of Adidas and check the pictures, compare the pictures and you can easily understand the difference of the fake.

2.      The details

Adidas is known as a top-notch brand, so one must keep in main that if you figure out some of the messy outlooks, then it is not the original article.

You must skip that article at once, maybe in some cases, it is by mistake but if you find more than one article in a poor outlook then the vendor is selling some fake Adidas on purpose. You must take note of it and inform the company as soon as possible.

3.    Check the packaging

The packages of Adidas are way too different than the fake ones, the most prominent thing is the laces. If the laces are not placed separately then it is fake.

These are the small details which can be followed in order to get the best original Adidas shoes.

4.    Serial numbers

These serial numbers on Adidas products are a must. Before 2004 these serial numbers were on the sole of the shoe, now they supply their products with a tag, which has got the product information and the serial number on it.

You can ask the company for that serial number product, if the company has not got that the serial number then it means that the vendor was selling a fake article.

5.    Read the reviews

If you are going for online shopping, then you must make sure that the vendor is a trustworthy one. You can read reviews available on the Facebook page and the site.

You can contact the older consumers for getting some organic reviews about the service.

6.    Minor details

Now, the spelling details and the logo location are very important. Sometimes the illiterate consumers would not understand this and that is how the fraudster will take advantage of them.

So, you ought to make sure that you have read the right logo. Otherwise, there can be a high risk of getting fake shoes, named and labeled as Adidas.

7.    Check the stitches

The stitches of Adidas are always cross stitches. You must not ignore this fact otherwise you are not playing safe at all.

You can sake the company help center for providing you a set of characters which are the exclusive symbols of adidas.    

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