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January 7, 2020

Stuffed rotis are called parathas in India. They are mainly originated in Punjab but slowly they became popular in the whole India. Parathas are mainly stuffed rotis. Parathas or stuffed rotis are very tasty and people of any age would love to eat these. They are easily available in any road-side dhaba or restaurants. They are easily available in any road-side dhaba or restaurants and these layered flatbread are filled with the most delicious Indian spices and ingredients.

Stuffed rotis are very heavy and filling that’s 3-4 parathas will be enough for an adult whereas a single or two parathas will be perfect for children or teenagers.

 Filling the roti with the stuffing without having to break it is a big challenge Though the process is a bit lengthy and the complicated taste is worth the effort. When everybody will eat it and they will only have nice things to say to you. 

The name of the parathas is quite interesting. The nomenclature is done based upon the fillings. Suppose if the filling is made with aloo/potato then the name of the paratha will be aloo paratha. Just like that if the filling is made with methi then the name of the paratha will be methi paratha and so on. 

Now without any further talking lets jump on to our paratha recipes. 

Potato Paratha

Potato paratha is maybe the most popular paratha of them all. As you can guess by the name aloo paratha is made out of Potatoes that is widely known as aloo in India. Aloo ‘ are quite filling so you can have aloo paratha in either breakfast or lunch or both if you want. People of all ages extremely loves to eat aloo parathas. In Punjab, the people there eat aloo paratha with some mango pickle or a glass full of lassi.

You can also do the same or if you want to have something alongside you can make chicken or any side dish of your choice. If you are tired of handling your child’s tantrums regarding what to pack in their lunch box you must pack aloo parathas in their lunch box as we assure your child will love it and you will never be disappointed. Now let’s see how to make the famous aloo paratha at your home. 

To make the dough you will need whole wheat flour better known as atta in India, salt, oil and water. Making the dough is very easy you just have to mix the ingredients accordingly and knead them until it forms a soft and spongy dough. To make the potato or aloo stuffing you will have to peel the potatoes and let them boil in the pressure cooker until they become soft. After the boiling is done Smashed the potatoes with the help of a smasher and add some salt, garam masala, roasted masala, red chilli powder and dry herbs on the process smash them together very well you can add a hint of aam-tel (mango pickle oil) if you want. Then it’s time to cook the potato stuffing.

 To cook it add some butter or oil on a heating pan and cook it on medium flame until light brown. Then put the filling into the dough and give a round shape with your hands. To do the rest of the steps you can use a roti maker as they make rotis and parathas very easily. Rotimatic has some cool and amazing roti makers with exciting features in case you want to check out. After your paratha is ready to serve you can apply some butter in both the sides of the paratha. 

Paneer Paratha

Paneer paratha is one of the most popular parathas in India after aloo paratha. It is again very popular among people in Punjab but people around India loves to eat Paneer paratha as well. The process is very similar to aloo paratha but the only difference here is that you have to mix paneer along with boiled potatoes. So without any further ado let’s jump into the recipe of paneer paratha. This recipe can be best made in Rotimatic Roti maker which can make very tasty Parathas for you

Don’t put the paneer into the refrigerator as it will harden the surface. Pick the softest paneer you can find then cut them into pieces and smash with the potatoes just like aloo paratha. After the stuffing is ready it is time to cook the mixture. Cook it for some time in medium heat until fragrant. When the mixture is ready to make small balls out of the kneaded dough you just made. Then take a little amount of the mixture and put it into the dough. Put some oil in both the lids of the roti maker and put the ball between them and wait for a few seconds for the paratha to be ready. 

After the paratha is ready to eat serve it with some butter applied on both of the sides to make it even more tastier. As we have said there are several dishes that you can make with a roti maker. Please check some best rotimatic reviews on the web for a better idea about this advanced Robotic Roti Maker.


People of all ages love to eat stuffed-rotis or parathas as they are so very much delicious you might end up licking your fingers. It is recommended to take or ear stuffed roti or parathas at breakfast or lunch and not in dinner. Because dinner is supposed to be the lightest meal of the day and parathas are very heavy and filling. Do try these parathas at home and enjoy the taste of homemade parathas. 

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