Royal Holiday Vacations Cancun Your Next Tropical Vacation Destination

March 11, 2020

Cancún is one of the most famous Caribbean coast resort bands, located on the southeast of Mexico and northeast coast of the Peninsula. The city is known as the peaceful heaven of the Caribbean Sea, hosting several world-class resorts, hotels, eateries, night clubs, and underwater museums.

There are so many beautiful attractions in Cancun. The region brings thousands of travelers from all around Europe and the world every year, especially during summertime. While you are making a plan of Royal Holiday Vacations Cancun, make sure you add top attractions and fun spots on your list.

What is Cancun known for?

Cancun is home to countless marvelous bodies of water and sandy beaches, which provides great joy to those who love spending time near shores, snorkeling in deep water, exploring underwater species, and swimming in the sunlight. Beaches make Cancun a perfect summer vocational spot for families who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern style city life.

Discover Fascinating Serene Beaches

There are many serene beaches though, the gorgeous ones with clear water are Puerto Murilo, Playa Tortugas, Playa Del Carmen, Playa Forum, and Akumal. These famous beaches are safe for families who look for a Tropical escape during holidays and vacations. Beautiful Palm trees and landscapes surround these vast bodies of water, making Cancun a perfect paradise of peace and nature.

Do not forget to Explore the Underwater Museum

Another most noticeable attraction in Cancun is an underwater museum of Mexico, which is known for its unusual display of marine art. This museum is situated in waters of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, hosting over 500 creative sculptures, coral reefs, and artwork. Travelers are given transportation to the underwater museum of Cancun so they can enjoy diving, scuba diving, and underwater statues. There are tons of ferry services that provide a guided tour from Puerto Juarez to Gran Puerto Cancún. For kids and non-swimming enthusiasm, this museum also offered glass boat tours.

There are great underwater sightings that are highly enjoyable during boat tours, original figurines, fauna, growth of unique coral reefs, and original artwork.

Located on the southern tips of Cancun’s hotel zone is Punta Nizuc underwater museum, which is two to four deep with a display of 33 water sculptures. It is the best spot for underwater snorkelers who love to explore life-like features of underwater.

Breathtaking Natural Scenery

For travelers who only want to spend quality time with their family can significantly benefit from the tropical environment of Isla Contoy, a magnificent paradise known for bird nesting and its natural tall palm trees. This park is peaceful; at times, only 200 travelers are allowed in this area, which guarantees a great traveling experience. This island is also famous for allowing fishing to tourists and travelers. All sorts of natural elements are found to exist on this island; this is a safe heaven of loggerhead and leather head turtles. Besides, most beautiful tropical birds nest on these islands, frigate birds, double-crested cormorant, and brown pelican are few to make mention of.

Fun is at its Peak at Venture Park

Ventura Park Cancun is another famous travel destination for water and pleasant land; it features excellent restaurants, fun-sliders for fun, and a swimming pool. According to travelers, they enjoy the taste of foods served in this park. After the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, most travelers feel concerned about their health when they choose a vocational spot. If you are looking for best deals and discounted holidays package, you should consider going through latest deals under the category of royal holiday vacations Cancun or call on Royal Holiday Vacations contact number 1855 30 ROYAL (76925) or visit

Safe Travel Destination: Free from Coronavirus Danger

Fortunately, Cancun is the safest city in Mexico that does not have any health concern and outbreaks news related to Coronavirus and it is possibly due to its tropical environment. God’s miracles work mysteriously in some places. Cancun seems to be the most secure city in Mexico free of outbreaks, infections, and contagious diseases. Issues like Coronavirus, dengue, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C are not there. A probable reason is that this city is blessed with fresh trees, natural deep-blue water, and vast landscapes. It is the ultimate heaven of God, completely safe and secure.

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