Things to do in Macau and Shanghai

March 26, 2020

Macau is one of the fantastic places in Asia, and people from all around the world came here to see fascinating things. In the field of arts, science, and trade, this cultural location facilitates the people who came here from the west and east. There are more than 20 historical locations that we recommend our readers to go and must-visit in Macau.

St. Paul’s church is the heart of Macau, and most of the people came here for Largo do Senado.

On the other hand, Shanghai is a beautiful city in China. The atmosphere of the shanghai is fresh, and that is why it is worth to visit.

1: Macau Historic Centre

This is the center through which Europe is connected with Asia. Many Europeans and Asians do trading with each other for a long time, and still, it is a place to understand cultural things.

2: Venetian Macao Casino

Venetian is the biggest casino in the World, and there are more than 800 casino tables. Moreover, here you will see a couple of table slots for playing different table games. More than 1 million square feet area and the best place for entertainment and various events.

Venetian Macau has 3000 amazing hotels, and of course, Macau hotels are only famous at this place.

3: Guia Hill

Guia Hill is a famous fort and known for the magnificent view of the city and sea from there. It was built in 1865. There is a hiking place that is attached to the Guia hill. It contains barracks and a water cistern. The Hill area is dedicated to the Lady of Guia and the storage area along with the commander’s house.

Here are the few things to do in Shanghai

1: Enjoy green spaces at Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan is the most surviving garden in the Shangai. People came here from different areas to enjoy the parks and do a lot of fun. The city has beautiful scenery and colorful bridges all the time. You should know little about garden history because this Yuyuan garden is crowded and you can even enjoy it here all day.

2: Bird’s-eye view the city from the Shanghai Tower

It is the second tallest building in the World, and Bird’s-eye view is still considered the largest building in the country. At the top of Bird’s-eye, you can view the full city of shanghai, and it gives a mind-blowing natural look. There is another tower, which is the Oriental Pearl TV Towel, but most of the tourists recommend Shangai tower because Bird’s eye is the most massive tower.

3: Stroll around in a Watertown

From the central of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is the one hour distance; therefore, most tourists recommend this place because it is nearest to luxury shanghai hotels. But this is not the only reason to visit this place. The place is full of architectures, canals, and lighten bridges. Stroll around in a Watertown is the place for those tourists who want to see modern shanghai.

Final Words on Macau and Shangai

Both places are beautiful and located in different places. Shanghai is famous for the most significant building and lighting. Macau has famous casinos and hill areas. If you ever visit these areas, don’t forget to see these fascinating places.

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