Tips for Creating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

May 11, 2020

If you’re spending some of your COVID-19 lockdown time decluttering and redesigning your home, it’s worth adding more pizazz to a guest bedroom. You might have more family members than usual staying with you right now due to the pandemic, or perhaps you’re counting down to the time when restrictions lift, and you can have family or friends to visit again. 

Alternatively, perhaps you’re planning to sell your home in the coming months, and need to set up a guest bedroom to make the property more appealing to buyers. No matter your circumstances, there are tips you can follow to create a welcoming, comfortable space.

Keep Things Simple

You may have one particular guest in mind when you’re designing your guest room, but usually, there will be a variety of people staying with you. As such, it’s wise to keep the room simple to suit numerous tastes. Avoid overwhelming those used to plainer décor by choosing neutral color schemes and simple furniture pieces. 

Also, try to keep the bedroom reasonably uncluttered. It might be tempting to use the space as a storage area for your out-of-season clothes, collection of dolls, or your family’s sports gear, but remember that less is more. Guests feel more comfortable and less like they’re in the way if the bedroom they occupy appears as a dedicated zone for them. Try to limit items in the room to useful things for your guests, and if you do need to store items in the closet or drawers, at least keep some space clear for other people’s belongings. 

Invest in a Quality Mattress and Bedding

To help your guests have a good night’s rest each night, invest in a quality mattress and bedding. Avoid placing a worn-out old mattress on the bed that you wouldn’t want to sleep on yourself. You don’t want guests to have to try to avoid painful springs or deal with dodgy cushioning or a hard-as-a-rock mattress. Note, though, that you can also boost the comfort of a less plush bed by adding a soft, foam mattress topper. These give extra cushioning and suit all body and sleep types. 

As for bedding, there’s nothing quite like making people feel at home (or like they’re staying in a luxury hotel!) than beautiful bedding. Rather than using your old, spare sheets in the guest room, buy some new bedding with high thread counts. Choose products made from natural fabrics that breathe well and are soft to touch. 

It’s kind, too, to provide your guests with some extra blankets or an electric blanket to keep them warm during colder times of the year, especially if they’ve traveled from somewhere chillier than your location. Add in a selection of pillows so people can also choose the type that suits them, or use more than one to prop themselves up when reading in bed. 

Provide Storage Space

An excellent host provides storage space for their guests, to allow people to unpack during their stay. You want to keep enough floor space or area inside a closet or on top of drawers where people can stow their bulky suitcase and other luggage away. 

Ensure guests have somewhere to hang their clothes and give them a good supply of coat hangers to help keep wrinkles at bay in their items. You might also like to install a simple hook on the wall or add a coat rack where people can hang up their bulky coat, robe, purse, or laptop bag. 

Include Handy Items

Another way to make guests feel at home and have a great stay is to collect a variety of helpful things they might need while in your abode. For example, pop some towels on the bed and consider providing a robe, slippers, and useful toiletries (like a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, moisturizer, and razor) for people to use. 

Go the extra mile by adding in some spare chargers for phones or other tech gear, a desk to work on, a quality lamp, a full-length mirror, and some information about the local neighborhood, including a map. Plus, you could also type up a guide to things such as your home’s Wi-Fi login and the name and number/website of your favorite restaurants or take away joints. 

If you’re someone who loves to play host and who prides themselves on giving people a memorable stay, you know that creating the ultimate guest bedroom is a big part of this endeavor. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be well on your way to getting a reputation as the best host in town.

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