How to Spring Clean Your House

May 23, 2020

The spring season has already set in, and many people who are planning summer night barbeques would think of deep cleaning their houses. Spring cleaning is an essential activity for those who are living in colder regions. Winters would not let your home breathe properly, and the stuffed house would have become a disaster.

Cleaning your house sounds an effortless task, but spring cleaning is way too different than the conventional daily cleaning. It would be best if you made your mind before you set up for giving your house a thorough cleaning session. You should spend some time finding out a few great tips to make your spring cleaning fantastic. Read more regarding home décor, travel, and lifestyle.

Making your house a home is not that easy; you need to spend time to put in some energies for managing. Here, I will discuss a few steps that you must follow for a satisfying deep cleaning of your sweet home.

1. Make a Checklist

Whatever you do, just be sure that you are not going to waste your energy. Writing down your tasks in a checklist will help you in managing your chore quite efficiently. A day or two before starting the deep spring cleaning of your home, you must sit down with your family members and discuss your plan with them.

2. Clear the Clutter

Before you start, you need to be relaxed; otherwise, you will not execute your plan properly. If you would begin cleaning without setting aside the clutter, such as clothes and decoration pieces. You must clean the drawers first, for that purpose, take out a few small boxes, in one of them you must put the useless stuff so that you might not throw away some great stuff.

3. Make the Ceilings Clean First

If you will not clean the ceilings first, there is a high chance that you will increase your workload. Being a wise and responsible person, you must start with the ceilings. For effective cleaning, you can get a vacuum cleaner with a hose or a simple dampen cloth attached with a long stick.

Do not try to be in a rush and take off all the web cobs and dirt. While you set your foot for cleaning, you must cover all your electronics with some clothes or newspapers to minimize the dirt accumulation in speakers and pinholes.

4.The Basic Cleaning

Once you are done with the ceiling, it is time to clean the furniture, most people prefer detergents, but as it is the spring cleaning, the focus will be making your home more nature friendly. You may take some vinegar and baking soda instead of detergent and clean all your cushions, curtains, and sheets.

Once you have cleaned the cushions and curtains, try to put them in the sunshine for almost 6 hours. This activity is quite a ritual now, and it has been one of the most effective ways of cleaning out germs and fungus.

5. Let the Floor Shine

You need a mop and a good detergent now. If you can move your furniture, then washing your stone floor is not a hard nut to crack. However, if you want it to be a nature-friendly chore, then simple cleaning with a wet mop would be enough. Moping alone is not sufficient sometimes, as there would be a lot of dirt on the floors, thus brushing aside the dust and dirt before mopping would help.

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