What Kind Of Rings Match Your Theme Wedding?

May 23, 2020

Throughout history, we have seen people celebrate their engagement and wedding day in a special way. With upcoming trends from destination weddings to backyard weddings — we have seen it all! However, many people are getting more and more creative in making their special day more special, with a themed wedding. The themes differ from person to person and come in a huge variety like nature, Hollywood, fandom, and more! Let’s take a look at what ring matches with your themed wedding as Moissanite Rings NYC have a perfect ring for every theme:

  1. Hollywood-themed

It would be an understatement to say that our dreams revolve around the glamorous Hollywood world— it’s so much more! Be it our favorite movies or celebrities, we have all secretly wanted to experience their lifestyle, even if it’s just for a day! So why not make your wedding day grand and glamourous with a Hollywood-themed wedding? That’s what convinces every couple to choose this theme and it is definitely a great choice! To match your Hollywood-themed wedding, we would suggest you to go for an eternity band or a channel setting with one or more diamonds. With more diamonds— or any gemstones for that matter, you automatically stand out and let your ring speak for itself with its shine and sparkle – what else could be more “Hollywood-style” than that?

  1. Nature-themed

We are seeing a lot of people turn into environmentalists or just nature-loving people nowadays. If you’re a couple that loves being in nature or have always been travel enthusiasts, you will surely want your wedding to reflect your common interest! This is also for couples who want a subtly-themed wedding without doing something extravagant. Yes, we are talking about nature-themed weddings! The décor can include so much, from all greens to the prettiest of flora. And as for the rings, we would suggest you check out antique/vintage ones as they have intricate designs of flowers and leaves. Many modern rings like moissanite halo engagement rings also have nature in their designs, which make the rings look elegant and delicate— just like your wedding’s theme!

  1. Fandom-themed

Talking about glamour and Hollywood, we are sure that series have no less of an impact on people. The series fandom is so huge that a lot of people connect over it. It’s impressive how many people connect on Harry Potter books and series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and also people who are into similar music genres, like One Direction and EST. Couples today usually have a favorite series or other similar interests to relate to and obsess over! And that’s why; many consider it a good idea to make it their wedding theme. When it comes to wedding rings in a fandom-themed wedding, there is a large variety to look at, if you’re creative enough! You can either go for an exact replica of rings from the series or something relating to it. The best way to find such a ring is to keep searching in advance/contact official sites or get a personalized one made especially for you!

Few Final Words

To conclude, we now know that the themes and ring styles are in a large number to choose from. To make things easy, we would suggest you to take your sweet time and select a theme and a ring that truly reflects who you are and your bond with your special someone, as you would have the wedding ring with you forever!

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